Walt Disney personally chose to have Mary Blair’s art bring optimism and joy to the New Tomorrowland of 1967. Yesterland takes another look.


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  • bhb007

    With what Tomorrowland has become, bringing the murals back would aesthetically not work. I had a passing thought that they could be removed, shipped to Florida, and rebuilt as a thematic bridge between Future World and World Showcase at EPCOT. Sadly, EPCOT’s current brand of “futurism” and cultural celebration isn’t much better.

  • eicarr

    The murals are BADLY needed at the bland DL hotels or Dull Downtown Disney. It would make for a more magical/historical/entertaining hike to back corners of the resorts.

  • braggfamily

    Does anyone know if any of Mary Blair’s work is available as Print-on-Demand at Disneyland?

  • WorldLover71

    These are better pictures than I have seen before. The murals are both beautiful works of art and it would be wonderful if they could be repaired and displayed again somewhere. However, that place should not be where they are. They never really fit the area and they certainly don’t now.

    • Werner Weiss

      The problem is that tile murals, once cemented in place, are permanent. Removing them means destroying them. It’s not like moving a canvas painting or bronze sculpture.

      • WorldLover71

        I feel quite certain that if Disney or an artistic conservation group really wanted to removed and relocate them they could find a way to do so. I live in New York saw how Disney took the New Amsterdam Theatre which was structurally unsound, far beyond dilapidated and ready for the wrecking ball and turned it into the most stunning theatre in the city. With enough will (and money) anything is possible.