Festival of Fantasy Parade Debuts at the Magic Kingdom

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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Published on March 14, 2014 at 2:00 am with 12 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • OperationsSupe

    Great update! Seven Dwarves Mine Train is starting to look really great with the foliage. I was a little bit confused at what they were doing to the castle, and is that big crane still there taking down the lights? That seems crazy if it is, which is why I’m just curious about what’s happening in general.

  • Petchaurus

    LOVE the parade. I realize that some of the floats are recycled from Tokyo but I think that is smart business. To add to that Tokyo has some of the best parades out of all Disney parks. THANK YOU Disney World. That has needed to happen for YEARS or maybe even a decade?

  • DisneySam

    Very sad to see the old swan boat landing go away. That was one of our favorite quiet spots in the park to just sit and relax in the shade. It was also be a shame if the rose garden went away as well. Another beautiful quiet spot and a good area to watch fireworks, in my opinion. I understand the reasoning behind the hub expansion due to the overwhelming crowds but it is a little bit sad to see the removal of things that remind me of the old Magic Kingdom that will only exist now in my memories.

  • Disneykin Kid

    Didn’t know that the parade floats were from Tokyo, but even if they are, it’s great to see a Tokyo quality parade in WDW! The bar is now raised. Not sure why the Mime has to be so big though, he looks strangely out of scale. People are saying that Big Thunder in Disneyland was worth the wait, I really hope that people will be able to say that about the Mine Train. Not expecting, but hoping…

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      Only 2 of the floats are from Tokyo – the lead float and the finale (the one Pinocchio rides on), which are from the former Jubilation! parade at Tokyo Disneyland. The floats got some cosmetic changes for Festival of Fantasy though.

      As for effects on the floats not working, Cory are you referencing the spinning on the lead float? I was told that was turned off on Media Day so the Frozen princesses would be for sure facing where the media was positioned. The spinning was working the day before (the day the parade first debuted) and since Media Day. I can kind of see why if it’s really windy, the fire effect from Maleficent Dragon would be turned off as it could be dangerous.

  • M69

    Me likey! (And not usually one for parades…) Your photo updates are so enticing that I look forward to getting to Orlando again one day. Thanks!

  • Edward Allen

    DisneySam – did you ever get to ride the Swan Boats themselves? Now that was a peaceful, soothing experience, one that the Park never should have eliminated. Nothing exciting but just……….pleasant and relaxing. I guess I am getting old when these types of attractions appeal to me more than the noisy new stuff. Sigh……………………

  • Disney Analyst

    I wonder if a major reason they glassed in Cosmic rays wasn’t only for large fully indoor seating, but because of Hub Construction it would have resulted in having to close all that outdoor space… SO better to enclose it then lose capacity for a year.

  • gusghost

    The parade looks excellent! The detail in the Maleficent float is stunning. And, I’m thrilled that the mirrored castle float has finally been laid to rest! 🙂

  • Jabroniville

    It blows my mind how many people there are in these parades. I always wondered- what do they do all day? Do they just work for the hours the parades are on? Do they go to other parts of the park when they’re done with the parades? Are the Face Characters the same ones that are regularly seen in the parks? It seems mind-blowing that this many people are arranged like that EVERY DAY.

  • QPerth

    great update and pictures Cory, thanks so much for bringing them to us! I really hope the Rose Garden gets to stay, it’s the small things after all.

    The parade looks good, but a bit of a fruit salad with such a mixture of styles and float designs. No real common aesthetic at all.

  • KCmike

    Parade looks good. Its about time WDW got a new and better daytime parade.