The lovely Sarah Snitch returns with a brand new MiceChatter.  In this episode Sarah highlights the latest happening in the Disney universe including the return of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to the Disneyland Resort.  Sarah makes no secret that she thinks the redo of Thunder is amazing.  She also shares her thoughts and musings on the newest parade at Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom as they debut the Flights of Fantasy Parade.  Spectacular stuff here.

We also want to share our FULL video of Big Thunder Mountain (SPOILERS), during both the day and night:


  • disneydempster

    Loved your update Sarah, so much enthusiasm – keep em coming!

  • DisWedWay

    Sarah when will they put the rear drive wheels back on the Big Thunder trains? They look so funny with the fronts on and the backs missing and leaving a big open space which makes the train look like it is floating in the back.