By and large, things are looking up at Walt Disney World. Prices may continue rising every year, but the crowds keep coming back. Disney COULD look at the crowd levels and decide to leave well enough alone (it’s what they get accused of often, anyway), but there are still a number of initiatives floating around. They are spending some money.

Certainly there’s AVATAR–The World of Pandora coming. I expect a Star Wars announcement too, though who knows when that will happen. Maybe in 2016 as Iger leaves? It’s the smaller stuff I was thinking of today.

Disney Springs is real and has real progress to show (unlike the Hyperion Wharf concept that preceded it). The shuffle of stores continues in DtD – CoOp is coming to the former Team Mickey store – and the parking garage has gone vertical. The crowds in this place after dark always stun me. I guess there really is a market for shopping and dining here, more than what I’d expect normally.


Although many major attractions haven’t been updated in a long time – victim of budgets with no wiggle room – the parks themselves keep adding stuff:

  • In DHS, a new preshow element includes a character from the new Muppet movie
  • In Epcot, Flower and Garden rolls out the usual topiaries and literally millions of dollars of fresh flowers and plants, plus the odd new (minor) exhibit or two this time.
  • In DAK, the Dug and Russell meet and greet received a new interactive kiosk (a high tech dog collar will translate your barks into English)
  • In MK, oodles of refurbishments means cleaner facilities – a good thing – and the new parade is dynamite.


If you think about it, the item in the above list that is hardest to get cynical about is the DAK addition. You COULD say that the Muppets one was done to increase movie sales, so the company has a vested interest. Ditto the fresh flowers; they have to do this to realize the bump in attendance and spending they get during the festival. Even the parade is possible to get cynical about, as Disney World should be debuting new parades like this every year, as Japan does, not even ten years.

But the dog collar serves no purposes beyond “plussing” an area. It doesn’t make money, it won’t get enough attention to be part of the marketing, but it adds some small, hard-to-measure value to the area. This is the sort of thing that makes Disney famous and I think it’s a good sign that the budget allowed for this. I could easily imagine WDW executives cutting this from the budget as it produces no revenue, yet here it is. Bravo.

And bravo to the parade, Festival of Fantasy. Despite continuing the tradition of names that are hollow of any real meaning, this parade is a good one. It’s a breath of fresh air in the daytime parade concept at the Magic Kingdom, as it doesn’t use any of the floats they’ve been relying on for a decade. These floats are new to the park!

Festival of Fantasy Parade 2014-03-10-6455

Not all of them are brand new, though. The princess float and Monstro float come from Jubilation, a parade in Japan. A couple of the props are recycled, too, such as Sebastian from SpectroMagic and Figaro/Cleo from Celebrate a Dream Come True.

But that’s of little consequence to the “larger” issues of the parade, all of which are positive. It’s got a catchy song. It’s high energy. There are a lot of moving parts and kinetics. The performers are clearly really excited to be there. The floats are immense and eye-catching, inventive and breathtaking. The colors of everything, from the floats to the memorable costumes, are vivid to the point of brilliance.

And did we mention the enormous steampunk fire-breathing dragon float? Every adjective in that description is needed to give you a true picture of its impressiveness. It’s big. It’s decorated in a highly stylized and fun (somehow retro-future looking) steampunk style. It breathes fire (wind permitting). And it’s a dragon! What’s not to love?

So yes, while WDW continues to have its challenges, it also takes strides in the right direction frequently, and it DOES freshen itself. A true picture of the resort requires an understanding of BOTH of these realities. Many of the rides are stale, most of the prices are too high, and some of the upkeep falls short of previous Disney standards. But there is frequently change afoot, and much of the change is positive, even if they don’t yet overshadow the shortcomings.

Ultimate Orlando Clicks

The I-Drive Live construction zone (including the Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel) is zipping along, then we stop at CityWalk to see the new Starbucks and Coldstone Creamery shops. At the Magic Kingdom, the new dock for the ferry is nearing completion, and walls have gone up around the moats. In Downtown Disney, the old piers are gone and a new walkway is being built, as are several buildings and a new Food Truck court. We also look at the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at DtD.

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  • jcruise86

    Thank you, Kevin! Great update!

    I think the silver turret-topping cones on Cinderella’s castle turrets are ugly. I’d prefer blue or gold.

    Disney’s steam punk, fire-breathing parade dragon is a bold challenge to the incoming fire breathing dragon at Diagon Alley. Doesn’t Disneyland Paris still have a fire breathing dragon under its castle? Did Knott’s Scary Farm invent Steam Punk or did I mishear that enthusistic costume leader on our Micechat Scary Farm tour a few years ago?

    So, Kevin, what’s the word on the street on how MyMagic+ & MagicBands are working?
    What’s the current state of Everest? Will steam effects return? Will a lighter but more impressive Yeti replace what’s there/not there now? How are the ride system and the dinosaurs on Ellen’s Energy Adventure? How’s the Carousel of Progress looking these days? How’s the Great Movie Ride?

    And most importantly, HOW OFTEN ARE THE GHOSTS AT THE END OF THE HAUNTED MANSION WORKING? (Pardon the all-caps–I really want to know this!)

    • jcruise86

      P.S. Now that the new FP system is in place, which worthwhile attractions have shorter or faster lines (perhaps at different times of the day) so that FPs should not be wasted on them? Here’s a link to a Micechat thread on the subject. No matter what system Disney has in place in this evolving system, I hope Micechatters will help me get the most out of if. Thanks!

    • lnsemsf

      The silver turrets are likely just a primer coat and they’ll be back to normal by the end of the castle refurbishment.

      • jcruise86

        Good! Thanks, Insemsf!

      • Amy VandenBoogert

        Yes I was told the silver is just primer and they’re being painted their normal blue.

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      The ghosts have worked every time I rode Mansion in the last few years.

      • jcruise86

        Cool! Thanks, Amy!

      • jcruise86

        ^ ^ But I meant the ghosts that were added that interact with you in the mirror after the graveyard scene. They haven’t been around for “the last few years.”

  • jcruise86

    ^^ “enthusiAstic”

    . . ^ ^ anal-retentive

  • CaptainAction

    So this is where WDW has led us the last 10 years.
    We have given up on E Ticket attractions (maybe 1 per decade)
    We are ok with WDW talking about a kiddie coaster for 1-2 years and then building it for 2+ years.
    We are ok giving away Fast Pass system which worked for Magic Handcuffs with 3 per day chosen 180 days ahead of time without regard for weather forecast or our free choice of our mood to go wherever we want each morning.
    WDW of last 10 years = lower your expectations.
    We are down to being thankful to WDW execs that they still repair sidewalks.
    We are down to being thankful to WDW execs that they still plant flowers during their flower festival.
    We have given up on new exciting rides and are down to being thankful for a “new” (somewhat recycled) parade every 8 – 10 years.
    Then we have to slap down WDW competition for making our fat, lazy WDW execs look fat and lazy.
    How many folks just wish Universal would quit trying new, giant, and inventive attractions, lands, and value just so we could quit being embarrassed for our beloved WDW execs of the last 10 years?

    • Kevin Yee

      We are down to being thankful to WDW execs that they still plant flowers during their flower festival.

      Not ENTIRELY what I was trying to say. I was attempting to point out that too MUCH doom and gloom would have people believe that everything is falling down in the resort. It’s not true. If budgets were as bad as sometimes it sounds online, then one might assume that the Flower and Garden festival just “phones it in” the same way that sometimes maintenance does, and I was trying to point out that this isn’t the case.

      It’s a question of perspective. A true picture of what’s going on will recognize balance when it’s needed. Otherwise I would just look like a one-note partisan always repeating the party line even when it isn’t called for. In some ways, that weakens an argument.

      • redrhino54

        Don’t bother trying to give a positive spin to Captain Universal. His/hers/both/, has nothing whatsoever good to say about WDW.

      • CaptainAction

        I understand your point. I guess I don’t thin WDW is as much in a state of needing repair, although anyone can make that case, as I think WDW isn’t trying to be innovative with new anything the last 10 years.
        WDW is in the process of losing their mantle.
        If folks are coming in the gates the WDW execs don’t care about E Ticket attractions and don’t even care to build a C Ticket in less than 2 years of talking about it followed by 2 years of construction.

      • CaptainAction

        I understand where you are coming from Kevin.
        I understand that parts of WDW need repair, etc. but what has concerned me over the last 10 years is how WDW execs don’t care about E Ticket or any Ticket, new attractions or experiences.
        All these folks that get upset with people like me need to ponder what would happen if my points win? We all get a better WDW which cares about guests and tries to lead with new E Ticket attractions and never seen before experiences.
        If the WDW is fine now folks win, we get a new parade every 10 years and a C Ticket attraction.

      • CaptainAction

        Hey Kevin,
        I understand the point you are making.
        I think I’m more in the camp of wanting WDW to get back to the innovation and creativity of showing us things and experiences which we’ve never seen before.
        I understand there are always parts of a park this big which will be in need of repair.
        I just think WDW needs to get back to the things that made it famous before they completly lose their mantle.

      • CaptainAction

        Hey Kevin, sorry for all the responses. Seemed like technical difficulties were keeping comments from getting in this morning.

    • Concrete Enchilada

      “a kiddie coaster for 1-2 years and then building it for 2+ years”

      It’s going to be the first of it’s kind with the swinging ride buckets. While technically not the first with swinging cars, but the first with the track underneath. It’ll be a neat ride.
      While it’s not a Matterhorn- replica nor E-attraction, it’s going to be a nice addition to Fantasyland.

      In addition to being a unique ride system, it’s heavily detailed and themed. Also, housed inside an artifical mountain (ie. not a standard building by any means.) And the construction of the rest of the Fantasyland/ Storybook Circus additions.

      As we know, any coaster designed by Disney is going to be exceptional. Not necessarily thrilling, but it’s going to another heavy themed ride.

    • Concrete Enchilada

      “How many folks just wish Universal would quit trying new, giant, and inventive attractions, lands, and value just so we could quit being embarrassed for our beloved WDW execs of the last 10 years?”

      I hoping for just the opposite. Yes, it’s embrassing to see what Universal has done in recent years. Not just in the Harry Potter attractions, but also Spiderman, Revenge of the Mummy Transformers, and the Simpsons addition. There is no doubt this has boosted attendance at Universal. If Universal continues this trend, Disney will see a drop in attendance (or lessened demand) at their parks and their resort rooms. And Disney would finally have to say “enough is enough”.

  • CaptainAction

    Disneyland Paris had a very similar fire breathing dragon when my wife and I visited in their opening year over 20 years ago. This isn’t new.
    And yes, there has been a fire breathing dragon beneath Sleeping Beauty Castle for over 20 years at DP.
    Where is something new?
    Something we haven’t seen before?
    I guess Walt was correct when he said the parks would not be finished as long as there was creativity. The current WDW execs ran out of creativity 10 years ago and so, I guess the parks at WDW are finished.

    • DisneySam

      So much negativity must be exhausting.

    • Bartattack

      Maybe WDW can just put some screens with 3D projections and some moving vehicles in front of it. Would that be something we’ve never seen? something new? Or does that only work for Universal?

      The thing is, Universal HAD to do something to pick up the pace. Island of Adventure was the same for almost a decade before Potter was added. in fact: has the theater at Toon Lagoon ever been used for anything all this years?

      The studios added Transformers (a copy), made a themed food court, added a kiddie ride and changed a 3D projection ride (BTTF) into another 3D projection ride. While it’s great that there investing all this money into new projects…like Potter, it has gone through everything you’re accusing WDW of.

      The problem is: can they keep this up investing all this money? After building a new ride in Jurassic Park…will they sit back and relax? Maybe WDW is playing a waiting game and ready to strike back with Pandora and Star Wars once Universal takes a break.
      And in the meantime they’re focusing on making improvements for the growing capacity in the parks. time will tell.

    • AaroniusPolonius

      CaptainAction, you get more flies with honey.

      By cutting ardent Disney fans, you actually reinforce their ardency, thus keeping their attendance in the Disney Parks, thus keeping their numbers and profits sky high. (This is proven: go online to the Georgetown Institute of Consumer Research.)

      There’s a way to frame your opinions and actually change the paradigm you so seek. Your method of offense puts people on the defense and doesn’t change consumer action. (See: every attendance and profit report since Pressler and Eisner.)

  • WDWfanBoston

    Wow, Captain! You’re up early for trolling duties today!

    You know, occasionally you make valid points, but you comment so many times and you say the same things over and over again so much that most people just scroll past your posts. I know I usually do.

    • jcruise86

      ^ ^ I’m a big fan of the Captain, myself, and am more likely to read his posts than others. I do have about a dozen Micechatters on my ignore list–usually nice folks who’ve written tens of thousands of posts who rarely write anything that interests me. So use your ignore list if I, the Cap’n or others usually write posts you’d rather skip
      and you’ll like Micechat even more as I now do.

      I’m curious about how many ignore lists I’m on, but maybe I’d rather now know. Maybe I’m everyone’s list or Micechat has me on it automatically for everyone. Hmm. good move. 🙂

      Where is Mr. Wiggins?

      • jcruise86

        ^ ^ “Not” not “now”. I miss editing ability.

      • WDWfanBoston

        I understand your point. I don’t mind opinions that differ from mine (unlike some people). It’s good to hear other perspectives and I don’t mind that the Captain and I come from two different points of view.

        My issue is the same, tired lines over and over again. You don’t like WDW. We get it.

      • danielz6

        I would wager that captain action Loves Disneyworld, so much so that he constantly visits these reports, hoping for something new and exciting to be added to the aging resort. Something not including meet and greets, shops or parades. Something on the scale of Pirates of the Caribbean or Haunted mansion. There’s only one place in Florida offering new attractions on that scale, we all know that, but that doesn’t mean he hates WDW.

      • CaptainAction

        Thanks jcruise.
        Funny that WDW folks can’t recognize that I’m actually on their side.
        Ignoring WDW’s lazyness the last 10 years is not good for us or WDW. Why would I, or anyone, be loyal and protective and on the defense for these current WDW execs?
        Pretending Universal execs aren’t handing WDW execs their rumps, isn’t going to help WDW or their guests.
        By the way jcruise, I think your comments are spot on as well.

    • redrhino54

      EXACTLY !!

      • jcruise86

        Or maybe he loves it, but is disappointed and is trying to kick it back off its slower track.

        CaptainAction is so complex!

        Hey Captain, tell us what you love or used to love about WDW, please.

  • ParkerMonroe

    Q). What’s the word on the street on how MyMagic+ & MagicBands are working?
    A). People staying on-property and getting the full benefit seem to like it. Day visitors and those not included in the MagicBand test seem miffed. Were you aware those with MagicBands could make FastPass reservations for Counter Service restaurants? Yeah, we didn’t either. We found out while standing in line for an hour and a half to get into Be Our Guest at lunchtime.

    Q). What’s the current state of Everest? Will steam effects return? Will a lighter but more impressive Yeti replace what’s there/not there now?
    A). The good news about Everest is that the bamboo forest near the beginning of the ride is coming along nicely. The steam effects, the waterfalls, and the Yeti were all turned off when we were there a few weeks ago. The steam negativelty affects the ride/track sensors. Replacing the Yeti means shutting the ride down for an extended period and ripping much of it apart. I don’t see that happening while the ride still regularly commands a 45+ minute wait.

    Q). How are the ride system and the dinosaurs on Ellen’s Energy Adventure? How’s the Carousel of Progress looking these days? How’s the Great Movie Ride?
    A). In a word: tired. It all looks like it’s been used to the point of needing replacement.

    A). Other than an E-Stop all the effects in the Haunted Mansion were working wonderfully. Never looked better!

    • jcruise86

      ^ ^ THANK YOU, ParkerMonroe! For having answered my questions you’re my new favorite Micechatter! We’ll toast you with Butterbeer.

      • CaptainAction

        I got engaged at the Disneyland Castle and we had our honeymoon at WDW.
        We love Walt and the history of all he acheived.
        For the last 10 years WDW execs have taken a nap and received their bonus and gone home for the day.
        Universal is trying very hard and WDW can’t finish one ride.
        If we would all quit excusing the WDW execs of the last 10 years then maybe we can get back to new exciting E Ticket attractions for every park on a regular basis.
        Who is in love with current WDW leadership?
        That’s what needs to change.
        Folks like me and Universal will be the catalyst for WDW getting up off their lazy rumps or they won’t.
        Why would anyone defend these lazy execs?

    • DisneySam

      The only counter service restaurant you can use Fastpass for is Be Our Guest and it is currently only being offered as a test (just as Magicbands were at first) to certain guests. I know this because I was invited to do it on a recent stay. It is quite nice. I’ve also waited in line for Be Our Guest at lunch but it has never been more than 30 minutes.

  • Dan Heaton

    I agree that the small upgrades are nice; I’ll take anything that I can get at this point.

    However, I still feel like Disney needs to address the dire state of Future World and the fact that DHS is in bad shape. Those are the two big issues for the resort. The MK is in pretty good shape, and DAK is coming along. They’re halfway there, but there’s still more to do.

  • Ravjay12

    It is about the little things if you are an annual pass holder, but what about the once every two or three year person? Unless you completely change a land or something, most people aren’t going to notice subtle changes. Does the hub really need an extreme makeover when Tomorrowland is completely outdated? I certainly haven’t seen anything worth going to see that hasn’t been done before at Disney World. It’s just the same old stuff just rebranded or redone and they keep hiking the prices up? Universal is doing the innovative things that Disney should be doing and at a rapid pace that Disney can’t keep up with.

  • Tielo

    What I’ve seen from the new parade is that is looks nice but you can’t deny it’s one big commercial.
    First float: princesses are big business. There is a smart mix of very successful movies (Beauty and the Beast and Frozen) and less successful (like Princess Frog) to make that movie look as good and successful as the other ones (they do it later with Brave). Sleeping Beauty has a Diamond Edition Blu-ray planned for October 2014 so that helps.
    Second float Tangled, part of the Fantasyland expansion. It tries hard to sell the movie to the boys. My guess is we’ll here this year about Tangled 2 (lets hope so I liked it a lot).
    Third float: Little Mermaid. The ride opened to mix reviews so it needs the extra push in the float. The Diamond Edition blu-ray is still on shelves so needs to be sold.
    Fourth float: It’s time for a boys float again. Peter Pan also had a Diamond Edition Blu-ray in 2013 and to add to it are the lost boys in a stupid newsies. The newsies are on a US tour so they made that fit nicely. (Serious Disney, build a theatre at Disney Springs with Broadway musicals in there, it’ll sell out every night).
    Fifth float: Brave. We need to make this movie a classic so eat it up!
    Sixth float: Maleficent, that little life action movie with Angelina Jolie is just about to be released. Will this be the live action Disney movie that doesn’t suck (spoiler, no).
    Seventh float: this 3 part-er plugs the 7 dwarfs mine train, Dombo’s shopping circus and the classic characters who we can find in many apps and games and is that hot air balloon sponsored by the one at Downtown Disney? Who knows…

    • seenoevil

      Well, what is Disney supposed to have in their parades? Wouldn’t anything be an ad for the entire Disney world?

      • Tielo

        Sure, and as I said I think the parade is nice but the newsies in there is just silly. Why not plug them in the DHS like they do in CA? The street can use some entertainment and it is better fitting.
        The same goes for the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot, greet, nice sand sculpture, They added the Muppets in there, great, I get it, there is a movie out. But does the sand sculpture needs the “In Movies Now” text after I paid to get in there. It’s as if Disney can’t do anything anymore without a plug or cross promotion. Maybe they did it always and was I to stupid to see it but I see other parks do things for guests because they are cool, not only to pinch some money from me.

  • Skimbob

    Thanks again Kevin for keeping us updated on what is going on in the parks. I understand the frustration by members on here that feel Disney has let us all down. I think what we need to remember is that it is our choice to spend our hard earned dollars where we want. If Universal floats your boat then i say go for it. The people who complain here most often truly do not want to spend there money elsewhere or they would have left this blog and Disney behind in the dust. They want to become proud once again of what Disney can do. Unfortunately Disney is just resting on their laurels quite a bit and as long as people keep shelling out big bucks they will continue to keep things status quo on both coasts. Why change when people are throwing money at you. I am as guilty of that as anyone. At what point do we decide I have had enough. Disney is capable of making wonderful things. Cars Land is brilliant. The whole DCA park is a huge improvement over what we had. I don’t know what the answer is. We all have to decide what is right for us.

  • tooncity

    Face facts. To Disney you’re just a Wallet with legs. They know you’ll come back, again and again, no matter what the cost. They know people will gladly pay to feel good. Disney is smart and you’re stupid. You’re just cattle, folks. ………………Time to get a life, folks. You want WDW to get better, then STOP sending them money, like they’re Jim and Tammy Bakker.

    • jcruise86

      Or (tooncity & skimbob) I’ll just keep spending a lot less at WDW and spending more at Universal. Fortunately for Disney I’m still a huge fan of the Disneyland Resort, so unless they really flake out Pressler/let Eisner style, Disneyland can expect more $$$$ from us. We also spent a few thousand on an outstanding Disney cruise to Alaska.

      I actually want to go to WDW, but I want them to earn it as they used to. I do get that they might keep their improvements glacial (when contrasted with 1971 through the mid 90s) as long as the MK gets 17 million visits a year. It’s easy for Iger to ignore complaints against the most popular theme park in the history of the world.

      But if WDW #s remain flat while Universal Orlando’s increase, Wall Street and the business press will notice. Wall Street loves momentum. Then again, billion dollar hits like Frozen or the Avengers can dilute bad news at the parks.

      • CaptainAction

        Tooncity and jcruise,
        Right! Those are great points.
        We don’t hate WDW we want the WDW execs out and someone with a Walt type of love and energy in. They’ve always made money while they blew us away and wowed us. Now they just make the money.
        At some point everybody has a threshold of how much they can ignore.
        When guests cross that line is different.
        When you feel like the same old stuff runs $500 a day for a family of 5 some folks like me feel like the WDW execs are slapping you in the face on the way in and kicking you in the rear on the way out and laughing in between.
        Gripping about Universal doesn’t make WDW better.

    • thebear

      My family has been to WDW over 30 times. We enjoy everytime and my teenage kids ask to go back all the time. We’ve been to Universal Orlando. I enjoy it. We have passes to USH. I live 15 minutes away. The two place have one thing in common. My family never asks me to take them there. I think that it’s sad that on a website that is supposed to be about Disney parks, you feel it is acceptable to refer to myself and my family as stupid and as cattle. Is it possible that 2 different people can look at the same thing and have different feelings about it and neither one has to be wrong? You’re a typical internet coward who thoughtlessly insults people out of ignorance. Call my family stupid if it makes you feel better. We’ll keep on enjoying ourselves and drawing closer to each other.

  • billyjobobb

    Back to the original point.

    Let’s make a list of what they need to do. Not what we want them to do, but what they need to do.

    Then we compare it to the list of what they’ve done.

    really no comparison.

  • Aotphks

    While I can understand Mr. Yee’s point of view in regards to WDW not sleeping in it’s laurels, the truth is WDW is playing CATCH UP when compared to the other Disney parks world wide. The new parade is such an example of catching up with what the other Disney parks outside the USA has been doing for years now, and still not matching what Tokyo does in epic proportions. New additions in meticulous architectural themes in the new Fantasyland areas,are just samples of what we have seen in Paris since their opening day. Even Hong Kong offers similarly stylish theming in most areas where at the Magic Kingdom, similar “lands” appears less impressive or dated, not as lavish nor well kept or maintained. The Magic Kingdom is a park in severe need of beautification. If they’re fixing the sidewalks, well that’s great, but all they do is lay down another slab of plain painted concrete as opposed to decorative cobblestones as is the case at the other Disney parks world wide. Attractions are stale with dated visuals and technology while a miserable park like Disney Studios Paris prepares to offer a state of the art Ratatouille ride, or while Hong Kong offers a technically superb experience such as Mystic Manor, or Tokyo’s Hunny Hunt similarly satisfying ride, or the exceptionally phenomenal Disney Sea park putting anything they have done before or since to bloody shame, and that park only costs a mere $65 a day to visit, while the lack luster Magic Kingdom sets you back a good $100 a day. Something is wrong here at WDW. It’s a good thing that most visitors to WDW resort are unawared of the huge disparities in quality and value between the WDW resort and the rest of them Disney parks elsewhere. You don’t have to go farther than Anaheim to see that, which is why we have skipped WDW for other vacation spots more worthwhile in the last few years. The difference is as simple as this: at WDW, you have to look for signs of quality to justify it, which is what this article above does. At other parks, like Disneyland CA or Tokyo Disney, the quality slaps you in the face hard and you can appreciate that right away knowing your money was well spent on a truly magical day.

    • CaptainAction

      Great points.
      This is why I always refer to WDW in my critiques.
      For all the problems people complain about, Disneyland Paris is a beautiful park. I love their discoveryland, fantasyland, castle, Main Street, etc.

    • Country Bear

      Well said!

  • originaljahwoo

    @ CaptainAction. (((and others too)))

    I read all your negativity but it amuses me; that being said the ‘same old stuff’ will ALWAYS be new to someone. That’s the principal Disneyworld clearly runs on. The same tired old stuff to you would be new to me…at least as far as experiencing it in person. I get the gripes of you and others who talk down about dw and I don’t disagree with you statements/opinions despite the fact I’ve never been there but the fact remains people continue coming from around the world to visit and a large percentage of the population has never been and/or will only go once or twice in their life if ever.

    anywho keep up the good work kevin and everyone who contributes via comments and posts..I don’t log in all that often as most of the time I save the articles on a public computer at the library and read them all at home….if I had active internet in my home maybe I’d post as often as some of you all do..but keep up the good work everybody 😀