A large aquarium suddenly burst yesterday at the popular Downtown Disney Orlando restaurant, T-Rex. It was a wet mess. Those poor fish! Much thanks to our friends at the EdgesOfTheEarth blog who were there to record a quick video.

We contacted the restaurant for more information and were told they could not comment. However, we prodded to ask about the health of the fish and were told they were transferred to other tanks.

Not a fun situation for the restaurant or fish, but it sure makes for dramatic video.

If you happened to be at the T-Rex when the tank burst, we’d love to hear from you. Please comment below or contact [email protected]

  • Thats just horrible, glad the fish survived!

  • KENfromOC

    Fresh fish on the menu that night! Probably much better then the stuff they would normally have!

    • CaptainAction

      Tonight’s dinner special…sushi.

  • whamo

    What’s with the haunted mansion litany?

    • The fish tank is just a 12 second video. When it’s done, it starts to play the next show in queue on our MiceTube channel, which is the Haunted Mansion show at the moment.

  • Bruce Bergman

    Terminology nit: It didn’t really “burst”, that would imply “it let go all at once” – the seam split where the bent sheet (or sheets if they used multiple segments) of acrylic were fused with solvent cement into a tube.

    Still messy, but somewhat controlled and the fish would stay inside.

  • mondo

    I care more about the fish than any damage to the restaurant or inconvenience to the guests.

  • Kurtoon

    I’ll bet they start inspecting all the other tanks …
    And OSHA will have them install safety railings for the fish.

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  • BradyNBradleysMom

    Okay, this was not cool. I think it was very wasteful. I hope that everyone is safe and I just feel bad for anyone whose stuff was damaged and they were sitting there when the water rushed out or their meals were ruined. Not cool at all.