Join us for another audio adventure as we go through the listener survey that we recently posted and let you know the changes that we are making due to your feedback.

We continue our quest to find UUOP listeners favorite type of Butterbeer with a message from David Wilders. You too can be part of this by recording a message on your phone, computer, tablet or go to, let us now who you are, where you’r from and which you prefer.

Following that we bring you the latest news from the parks, including the announcement of the building of Universal Studios Beijing, the new details that Universal Orlando recently released about the Hogwarts Express and more about the King returning to Orlando, following that, we delve into some rumours that are floating around about Diagon Alley, King Kong and more.

We round up the show by hearing from Darren, who had the pleasure of trying out the new Coldstone Creamery at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk.

Grab a cone, pull up a seat and join us for another great show.

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