MiceChat was invited to Six Flags Magic Mountain this week for a surprisingly fun ride on a classic coaster.   This spring, the park is giving both Batman the Ride and Colossus a fun spin with backward running trains.  We were pretty impressed with what we got to experience and have a ride video to share.  We also tour the park for a quick update, including pics from the Mooseburger Lodge and the refurbishments activity going on there, as well as a look at work on the new coaster coming to Bugs Bunny World.



The Season pass offers keep coming at Magic Mountain.  If you get four of your friends together, each only has to pay $72.99.  It’s a pretty good deal.

Batman Backwards

This spring, Six Flags has decided to take one of their most popular suspended coasters and give it a new direction.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Batman: The Ride, the suspended carriages have been turned around.  Now riders can traverse the same insanely tight loops and hairpin turns all backwards.

This is the first time that Magic Mountain has attempted this kind of thing with a suspended coaster and it is a really fun but intense experience.  Going up the 10-story lift hill, riders face away from the incline, and instead of seeing what’s coming, you see what you’ve just experiences. You’ll watch a tangle of bright blue coaster track that stretches 2,700 feet and reaches speeds of up to 50 miles per hour unravel behind you. It’s a bizarre feeling.


Cresting the lift hill, the train slows, lurches a bit, and then gravity takes hold, hurtling the massive, 28-passenger train to the ground and then through a series of the first three loops.  One vertical loop, an epic zero-G roll, then another vertical loop.  The disorienting effect of flying through this set of inversions is simply amazing.  but the ride isn’t done with you yet.


We next hit a sharp turn to the left, a wider turn to the right, then the last punch. A nasty little combo of a wingover (corkscrew) a sharp turn, then another wingover, before turning back into the station.  Batman: The Ride is already a lean, mean little creation by coaster maestro’s Bolinger and Mabillard that is still fun and exciting 20 years later. But with the twist of riding the attraction backwards, the peril is heightened as even the most vetted Batman rider will be taken by surprise at one point or another.  You can’t see what’s coming next.


Below is a video ride through featuring Myself and Monorail Man on our first ride of Batman: The Ride. We show up about halfway through this video and the expressions on Monorail Man’s face are priceless.

DC Universe

After riding Batman, we took a stroll through the DC Universe area to see how it is holding up.  With the introduction of the Green Lantern coaster in 2011, DC Universe brought a new level of theme and color to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The previously sinister color palette gave way to saturated hues. How has the area held up? Let’s take a look.




We are happy to report that DC Universe still looks wonderful.  Like a page ripped from a highly saturated comic book, there are references to famous super heroes and villains everywhere.



We are very happy to see that this “land” hasn’t faded with time.  Six Flags is, essentially, an amusement park, not a theme park.  Hence, we don’t really expect the same level of show as you might find at Disneyland. So, it is nice to see Six Flags maintaining a level of execution that is a step above the expected.

Colossus Backwards is testing

We also noticed that Colossus was in the process of testing its backwards incarnation.  The classic dual-track wooden coaster is also having the trains turned around for the spring.




Full Throttle

Checking in at Full Throttle we see that the stage has been removed, with the Full Throttle store setting up shop there.





Full Throttle still feels unfinished with a “temporary” look.


As guests enter the line they are given a boarding pass. They must then hold on to the pass and give it to the ride operators at the loading platform. This is in an effort to curb line cutting.
This is the station folks. They obviously didn’t have the budget to build anything substantial looking

Moose Burger Lodge

We next visit the Moose Burger Lodge, which has been stripped of its old theme and is being converted into a sports bar and grill.







Bugs Bunny Coaster Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers

Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers is the 19th coaster that will be added to the park.  Situated in what will soon be a revitalized Bugs Bunny World, this twisty, turny, kiddy coaster will bring the child coaster count at Magic Mountain to 3.  Right now the area is cleared and awaiting vertical construction.







As we passed by Scream, we noticed how ashy and faded the paint has become.  We are hoping that this attraction will soon receive some needed attention.




Sponsors Gone Wild

Sponsors are what pay for a park at times.  It is a very common, accepted feature of theme and amusement thrill parks.  But, the sponsorship signage and kiosks seem to be getting a little out of hand at the moment.  Who wants to pay to walk around a park filled with people trying to sell you time shares in Vegas?



While the Jet Stream ride is down for a needed refurbishment, we see that the sponsorship signage here is just as cheesy as ever.






We close with news that the iconic, Revolution, is currently down for refurbishment.  No, don’t get your hopes up.  Those terrible over-the-shoulder restraints aren’t going anywhere.






That’s it for our visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain this week.  If you haven’t been, get on out there and try out Batman: The Ride backwards.  It’s surprisingly good, adding a fresh take on a classic coaster.  We will return soon with more information on the new Speedy Gonzales coaster and more in the future.