The Ratatouille Ride is quickly moving into the home stretch as Disney Imagineers add the final touches to their latest creation. Alain Littaye brings us a pictorial progress report. ~~Rick

Ratatouille Ride Progress Report
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog


Here’s another Disneyland Paris pictorial update about the progress on the WDS Ratatouille site. There are plenty of new things to see! Thanks to great pictures from Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster! As you can see above, the long awaited Gusteau’s sign is now in place at the top of one building. It’s not the only new sign in place as you will soon see.

But first, let’s stop to take a look at the Crush Coaster which is now closed for refurbishment. Changes are in store for the queue plus they will add a single rider line. It is expected to re-open on April 11.




The rocks outside are also being repainted in the original blue color.


Okay, let’s move to Ratatouille! Lots of things have changed since our last look, especially on the Ratatouille plaza. The first big thing is Gusteau’s sign.






Nearby, the last scaffoldings are down on Remy plaza revealing the great work of theming that the Imagineers have done on the facades.


They’ve also started to add trees on the Parisian street leading to the plaza.


…as well as putting the final touches on some of the facades.



Let’s now take a closer look at Remy plaza without the scaffolding!





The fountain at the center is going up little by little…


…and new lampposts have been installed over the Fast Pass entrance.



Also new is the “Chez Rémy” restaurant sign!


Here’s a closer look at the facades and other decor elements. We can see just how detailed the theming will be.




The Ratatouille area will be soon be added to the WDS guide. Soft openings for the attraction are expected for the end of June.


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Pictures: copyright Max Fan – DLPWelcome

  • ayalexander

    I don’t know what the Ratatouille attraction will be like, all I know is, however it turns out, I wish they would bring it here to Anaheim. I would like to ride a Ratatouille themed attraction in New Orleans Square or heck, I’d go for it even if it was well-placed in Disney California Adventure, maybe next to Carsland in its own Paris-themed area. It could have the grandeur of the France section of World Showcase, but with the excitement and recognizable theme of Ratatouille!

    • BradyNBradleysMom

      I want a Princess & the Frog dark ride in New Orleans Square. That could be incredible, and the perfect complement to the restaurants there since a lot of the movie is about food. A movie set in New Orleans deserves a place in New Orleans Square.

      A Ratatouille Ride should go to EPCOT in the France area.

      For DCA, take the ride system and just retheme it. Make it an Incredibles ride or something.

      • LoveStallion

        Princess and the Frog just wasn’t that great, though. I doubt it’ll go down as a Disney classic. I’d be surprised if they invested in it any more beyond what they already have, and now that Corte des Angels is gone, there isn’t even a great place for a meet and greet.

        But I love the idea, regardless. Where would you put it? There’s not much room to play with in NOS.

  • jcruise86

    I have to admit that this Disneyfied French architecture is looking excellent! If the ride is as good as Tokyo’s trackless Pooh, then this will be a huge hit for what is currently, in my opinion, the only bad Disney park on Earth.

    Bradey&Bradley’sMom, please check out this idea for a new Orleans Square attraction. It could have Princess & the Frog touches:

  • We’ll be at Disneyland Paris on June 15th. Crossing my fingers to see this amazing attraction in operations!!!

  • jcruise86

    ^ ^ Have a nice time! 🙂

  • LoveStallion

    Great news on Crush’s Coaster. When I visited five years ago I was baffled that there was nothing but standby for such a popular ride. It’s good fun, too, even if it’s a stretch to make it anything that really has to do with a film studio.

  • red barchetta

    If only they’d use that time to hide the rest of the Crush show building. That thing is seriously embarrassing, like pre-IOA level.

  • eicarr

    Looks great!!!! Glad they have a locally themed ride/area unique to their park.

  • blondiemouse72

    As the only person in my family who does violent rides in the dark I found it somewhat annoying spending an hour in a line on my own while 4 seater ride vehicles repeatedly went out with 3 people and 1 empty seat.Especially annoying was the fact having had to wait in line like everyone else I then got treated like a single rider and had a stranger dumped next to me .Single rider NOT BEFORE TIME