Lots of stuff going on this week! What do you think of the (horrible) new Club 33 logo? Interesting that Disney has bought YouTube channel Maker Studios, no? Have you been on the newly reopened Big Thunder Mountain yet?

  • vnormth

    As you might guess, the Club 33 member site is filled with comments that are QUITE disgusted with the new logo, saying it looks like it belongs in Toon Town. We already feel that the public losing the Court de Anges is bad enough, plus the iconic front door will no longer be our Club entrance and the famous glass elevator that Walt had custom designed after one he tried to buy from a Paris hotel is going away too. All severe negatives.

    We’re hoping that it’s kind of like all the brouhaha that happened before IASW reopened with the Disney characters placed throughout the scenes…that it’s not as bad when it opens as it seems doomed to be beforehand.

  • Algernon

    There’s still time to turn Club 33 into a dark ride, with audio-animatronic rich people inside. Pink Floyd’s “Money” could play as the omnimover ride cars went past scenes of Justin Beiber being told by his agent that he’s reached the end of the product life cycle and he’ll soon be finished, Johnny Depp punching out the producer of the “Lone Ranger” yelling, “You told me it would be a hit!” Kieth Richards could be stumbling around looking for the bar, as Oprah feasted at the buffet…

    And while they’re at it—please—for the love of God—while the lagoon is still drained—rip out Nemo and bring back the old Submarine Voyage!!!

    • in2puck

      Oh my GOD!! This made me HOWL, SNORT and CACKLE!!!! Great stuff Algernon!!!!

      • Algernon


    • DobbysCloset

      I would like to be supportive of both your great ideas, Algernon, but I would be more than ecstatic if Subs became a serious family ride honoring the original Captain Nemo and not a cartoon fish. I’m thinking the Disney movie with James Mason brought to life with modern technology.

      • Algernon

        Sounds good to me.

  • Kennyland

    The new Club 33 logo doesn’t effect me, since I don’t go there. As for the Astro-Orbitor going away, I do hope they bring it back in some form. The “spinning rockets” attraction in it’s various versions (Astro-jets, Rocket Jets and Astro-Orbitor) has been around since the 1950s. I’d hate for it to be gone permanently? The most interesting news to me here is that Disney purchased Maker Studios. I’m curious to see what they do with that. Thanks for the update.

  • I’m not a fan of the pretty princess Club 33 logo. They should have just modernized the old Club 33 logo or left it alone.

  • waltons

    We are not Club 33 members but have had the opportunity to be guests of Club 33 members and have enjoyed the experience of dining there. I agree with most members, the new logo isn’t attractive. They should have left it alone. The old logo was classic and diginifed. Club 33 isn’t an animated attraction and neither should it logo have that animated feel.

    Not happy with Astro Orbitors going away. Even though it has been modernized over the years, it is a classic DL ride. Sorry to see that we are losing another piece of “Classic DL”.

    It’s Tough to be a Bug does need something new, but we don’t want to see it totally go. It’s a great place to sit for a while and escape the heat. There are so many things they could do with that movie space. Disney shorts, preview of new things Disney, Disney history films, etc., etc., etc. Could still keep the animatrated bugs and work them into the introduction of whatever movie short or presentation that is current. Could change up what is currently showing every so many months or yearly to keep visitors coming back.

    Need to go check out the Easter Round Up. Have never done that. Always enjoy the Reindeer Round Up with the grandson.

  • in2puck

    I really wish they would stop tinkering with Walt’s visions!!!

  • DavePurz

    Club 33 was originally envisioned as a place to entertain Dignitaries, Executives and other important people who were financial instrumental in making Disneyland possible. The Club had a private, “secret” entrance so as to not be in everybody’s face.

    When Walt died, the purpose of the Club changed and ANYONE who could afford to pay (when there was room on the list) was welcome to join. Ultimately, it became a cash cow for Disney, still the Club’s existence had no negative impact on regular paying guests.

    The HUGE problem I have with the Club’s expansion is that previously available public spaces have now been cannibalized and repurposed as “Members Only” spaces. Exclusivity and profits have further eroded traditions and history. Disney has prioritized the profit of an exclusive “club” and allowed it to take precedence over and destroy the ordinary customers’ experience.