If you’ve followed my writing for a while, you know that I have written and hosted many scavenger hunts held inside Disney theme parks over the years. And the newest one is coming this Sunday, April 6, from 1pm-5pm in Epcot. It’s free!


It started, for me, in 1990. I was a Disneyland Cast Member at the time, and the park had a car rally event named after Goofy, but 1990 was the start of their park-based trivia-and-scavenger hunt, newly rechristened Minnie’s Moonlit Madness. It was fantastic fun and left a mark on me. I’d play many times in future years, never quite winning (our closest was fourth place in the second or third year of its life).

Later in the 1990s, I organized my own such games for the Usenet group alt.disney.disneyland (ADD), which I called ADDquest. I was hooked, and kept going when several websites united to form a more massive Disney fan website portal. My game was renamed to MouseAdventure, and the first several of those were written exclusively by me, sometimes twice a year. When I left that website, they kept going with the name and writing their own games, but by this point that game had started to cost money.

I’m more a fan of completely free games. Out here in Orlando, I ran a few such games under the name Ultimate Orlando Challenge. When you add up all the games I have created over the years, it must surely number over a dozen.

The game looks a little bit different each time. It can usually be thought of as a packet-based game: you get a piece of paper with a puzzle/riddle on it, and when you solve that, it asks for information you would only be able to find out if you traveled somewhere (an example might be: “how many antlers are in Gaston’s Tavern?” You go to the location, look around to find your answer, write it on the paper, and return the paper for another quest. In some years, I’ve included trivia questions as well. There are lots of variations on these ideas, too–remember it looks different every time!–and it pays to be fast usually. It’s good fun!


Here’s what you need to know:

This Challenge will take place in Epcot – you’ll need to provide your own park admission, of course.

  • It takes place Sunday April 6, from 1pm-5pm
  • Teams must be exactly 2, 3, or 4 people
  • To register, send the names of your teammates and an optional team name, plus a contact email, to [email protected]
  • You’ll receive more information about where to meet and what to bring by email!
  • The game is completely free
  • Yes, there are some modest prizes for winning teams

Hope to see you there!

Ultimate Orlando Clicks

New character cutouts in the MK hub, painted facades at the new Festival of the Lion King, an odd re-decoration of the Cretaceous Trail, the revised Otter exhibit, and smaller additions to Muppets, Expedition Everest, and Tree of Life Trails are the focus of this week’s video. We also show you numerous new MagicBand accessories that have just come on the market.

Direct link: http://youtu.be/JISepXCUmqY

Re-Launching Ultimate Orlando

I’ve maintained a “side blog” since 2006 and now unify all my social networking around this one site and brand. That means I only use the “Ultimate Orlando” venues/accounts going forward on Facebook and Twitter. Also of note: I had to change the YouTube channel, so if you subscribe to the current one be sure you switch your subscription to the new one. If you follow me on any of these services, please update your bookmarks: