When it’s sunny at Yester World, guests are dressed in every imaginable color. But when it rains, the predominant color is yellow.


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  • FarFromHome

    I still have mine, even some Universal ones.

  • robbiem

    When I first visited in 1989 I remember there being clear ponchos with the three parks logo (castle, spaceship earth & ear full tower) which were used on the plastic bags at the same time. When I went back in the 90s these had changed to yellow mickey ones and similar poach onus ones which was the animated film released that year by Disney in the US

  • DobbysCloset

    The yellow ones would make great merchandise for K-Mart (which carries plenty of licensed Disney these days.) As safety gear for crossing dark, wet streets they would be phenomenal.

  • partyhare

    I still have my yellow poncho and a cool Disney pin with Mickey himself wearing a yellow Mickey Mouse poncho!