As we discussed last week, a Disney trip is no small investment, but there are definitely a few reprieves for the wallet. Last time around, I gave you my favorite freebies at Walt Disney World, this time it’s Disneyland Freebies (or if you’re an over-analyzer, “no extra chargies”).


First, a few freebies I received via email and Facebook from Disneyland and Park Wise fans:

1. Souvenir Plate

“When eating at the Pizza Port, as an adult, you can order off the child’s menu… if you wanted spaghetti, they use a Mickey Mouse plastic type plate (2 ears and face)… after eating your meal, wipe it out and take home with you.  Then you can wash it and use it to hold things like office supplies for example… holds paperclips, etc.  You can decorate your walls if you so desire with it too by using tape.” – Donna C.

2. A List of Goodies from Which to Choose

“Disneyland Freebies: ice water, buttons, art, celebration buttons, honorary citizen buttons, fireside storytelling in the Grand Californian lodge, Cars Land buttons at the Cars Land stores.” -Ari M.


3. Over-the-Counter Medication

“The first aid stations have medication and will give them to people who come in and need them for a headache or stomachache.  My sister had a terrible stomachache and was able to get some Tums.” -Kara L.

Get Park Wise: First aid stations provide a variety of meds such as acetaminophen, antacids, etc. and will provide a couple of doses to guests suffering from any ailments that require them. They also offer bandages, cold packs, gauze, etc.  We normally tote a small first aid kit, but I was able to get a small roll of gauze for a minor injury on our last trip.

4. Carbs!

Much like chocolate, free carbs always deserve a mention.  If you’re enjoying California Adventure, stop in for the Boudin Bakery Tour and get a complimentary nosh of their delicious sourdough.  Larger portions (in cute shapes, too!) are, of course, available for purchase at the end of your tour if that sample got your mouth watering.


Oh, and speaking of chocolate…

5. Chocolate

Yes, same story as last week.  Free bites of amazing at Ghiradelli on the West Coast, too!  Again, free chocolate always gets a thumbs up from me!

Get Park Wise: In case you missed it in the comments last week, one of our readers offers up that if you’re not into the sample of the day, you can request something else.  I’ve never tried this myself, but it seems if they have it available, they may oblige.

6. 5×7 Character Photo

Although this offering does have the caveat of having to be a Visa cardholder, you can score a free 5×7 print of your meet and greet at Disney Visa character location inside California Adventure.  The meet and greet usually takes place in the morning and offers cardholders the chance to have a private audience with a Disney character after which you receive a voucher for your free print.

7. Art of the Craft Grand Californian Tour

Similar to the resort tours mentioned last week, Disney’s Grand Californian offers tours of their beautiful resort.  A knowledgeable guide will give you an inside look at the inspiration for the sprawling resort.  The tour is offered several times a week.  Contact the front desk or concierge for details.


What are your favorite Disneyland freebies?