Spring has sprung at the Disneyland Resort Paris and park managers have mounted quite an impressive ode to the season with their Swing into Spring entertainment. Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog brings us wonderful photos and video. ~~Rick


“Swing into Spring” season started last Saturday at the Disneyland Paris Resort and Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster was there! The weather cooperated to allow us to bring you these glorious photos and videos.




First we’ll have a look at the Welcome to Spring show playing in Town Square every day except Thursday and Friday. Guests will find flowers everywhere as well as Mary Poppins penguins. Special spring shows include songs from Mary Poppins. It’s a theme that fits well with spring, but there might be another reason to use songs from the ever popular movie. As you may have read in a previous update, this Swing into Spring season was prepared one year in advance and at that time the Mary Poppins musical was supposed to open at Paris Theatre Mogador. Unfortunately, the show never found an audience and quickly closed. Obviously, a year ago DLP management thought that the musical would still be playing and may have been the reason that they chose a Mary Poppins theme this season. Or maybe the cancellation of the musical gave them a kind of “green light” to create their own Mary Poppins inspired show here at DLP.

As you can see from the video above, Welcome to Spring is a small 10 minute show. It helps to bring some life to Main Street U.S.A and it harkens back to the magic of the street shows that were there in the early years of the park.





















On Central Plaza, the topiaries are present and the flowerbeds are properly installed with plenty of beautiful colors.





The train is parked there because of the several performances of the Disney’s Spring Promenade show during which the train is used as a stage for the musicians who play live during the performances.

On Central Plaza, Disney’s Spring Promenade show (playing daily except Monday and Tuesday) is experienced differently by visitors depending where they stand. Central Plaza allows dancers to spin all about, and the choreography is quite dynamic. Four groups of dancers and chimney sweeps perform the same moves at different locations of the Plaza. All the characters are visible by all guests as they dance to the same loop. The fast choreography and colorful costumes, a tribute to the Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary, results in a sparkling fresh show full of joy.











In the first video here you’ll see the Disney’s Spring Promenade show as seen from Central Plaza – Main Street side.










On the second video below you’ll see the Disney’s Spring Promenade show as seen from the Castle side.

More pictures with the show as seen from the Castle Stage where the musicians play and the site of Mary Poppins’ and Bert’s arrival.














Here now is the show as seen from the side of the Castle Stage which is a totally different configuration. This part of the park doesn’t allow a loop and the dancers can’t turn as they can on Central Plaza. Also, the Castle stage allows an orchestra as opposed to the band on the train in Central Plaza and also four more dancers as well as Clarabelle.

On this side, the orchestra sound is much better than on Central Plaza.

Pictures: copyright Max Fan

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  • jcruise86

    Thank you, Alain (& Rick)!

    I’m surprised to hear so much English at Disneyland Paris.

    Tens (or maybe even hundreds) of thousands of American families
    who spend $4,000 a year on a Disney World vacation every year
    should consider
    spending one summer closer to home visiting much less expensive places
    then using the WDW money on a trip to Paris, with one or two days at Disneyland Paris. They could use a resort hotel (not the depressing Hotel Santa Fe) as a base for day trips into Paris. If they (or part of their family) could swing it, add a week and spend it in London with day trips to Cambridge, Stratford, Windsor, etc. Obviously I like great cities.

  • This looks great. I love the shows. Great video and photos! Hope this is still playing when I arrive in June.

  • Big D

    Stunningly beautiful! I love the gazebo and how colorful everything is (except the chimney sweeps, that just looks wrong to have them in pastel colors).

  • ChrisNJ

    Really nice. It’s such a beautiful park – and even more so with the spring decor.

  • BradyNBradleysMom

    That castle they have there is just so stunning. I think it’s the most beautiful castle I have ever seen. Not just a Disney castle, but any castle.

    And my favorite part is the way it’s landscaped around it, with the little cliffs and things. I don’t know what to call that…but it looks like it’s from the Sleeping Beauty cartoon, with those kinds of trees. Just gorgeous.

    I honestly think if I ever was lucky enough to go there I would spend like three hours just staring at the castle and taking like ten million photos of it.

  • CaptainAction

    If you have enough airline miles to get round trip to Paris, you can really make it happen for less $’s than folks think.
    We bought Disneyland Paris Annual passes and they had a pretty good package of annual pass discounts for a family. We used the AP discount for a Disney Resort. They let you in the parks 2 hours early which makes for a great morning. The Disney Resort comes with free breakfast which you could reserve to eat in the parks or at your resort.
    After visiting the park in the morning, we would use the trains to enter Paris. They have very reasonable weekly ticket deals. The train took about 30 minutes to get into Paris. You can get to all the attractions in Paris from the trains.
    If you learn a little French most everyone will try to help you.
    We would hit the parks for part of a day and make day trips to Paris.
    Have to be careful where you eat lunch and dinner if you are on a budget because that can get pretty expensive.
    There is a fuel station in the parking lot of Hotel Santa Fe and they have fruit, bread, sandwich meat, and a decent amount of groceries which you can bring back to your room via the Disney bus system.
    We think Disney Paris is the most beautiful of the Disney Parks we have been to but we haven’t made Disney Sea yet.
    The studios get a lot of grief but we really enjoyed the Crush Coaster and Cinamagique. Cinamajique is one of the best shows we have seen at any Disney park. Don’t miss it and don’t learn the details because there are nice surprises.

  • WorldLover71

    This is the meanest article I’ve read in a long time. It shows and describes the wonderful spring shows and décor which just isn’t fair when I was supposed to be there this weekend but had to cancel my trip due to work! How could you? 😉