The Haunted Mansion Show: Sinister Superstitions

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Published on April 20, 2014 at 1:00 am with No Comments

Everyone is afraid of something. It could be spiders, ghosts, or even the darkness. Several superstitions have evolved around these fears; legends that are sure to make you think twice before your luck is at risk. Lucky for you, however, the Ghost Host of Gracey Manor will uncover them all (at least the ones he found) for the special 13th episode of “The Haunted Mansion Show!” Also included in this episode are thoughts of the Guillermo del Toro “Haunted Mansion” movie and other sinister happenings.

This all looks rather innocent; just another feature on But there’s a twist: this webshow is HAUNTED! Based on the classic Disneyland attraction, join 999 of your favorite Happy Haunts as they give you quite a scare… or not.

Want to keep up to date with the dead? Be sure to pay the show’s Facebook Page a visit; we’re just DYING to have you!

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Nick is a huge Haunted Mansion fan and the creator of the Haunted Mansion Show. His alter ego, The Ghost Host, is our guide many wonderful Disneyland adventures.

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