Hmmmm… Isn’t there a big McDonald’s Restaurant somewhere around here at Yester Downtown Disney? No. It became a Yestaurant in 2010. And now, just a few years later, its replacements have become Yestaurants too.


Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: Pollo Campero, Fresh A-Peel, and BabyCakes NYC.

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  • The Shadoe

    GAHHHHH! The signs under the logos in the restaurants hurt my eyes. I can always tell when someone who doesn’t design signs or understand typography takes on that job, because they used Arial instead of Helvetica. Yuck.

  • The Shadoe

    GAHHHHHHH my eyes! Someone who isn’t a sign designer threw together the slogans underneath the logos inside the restaurant; they used Arial instead of Helvetica. Yuck.

  • bhb007

    I wasn’t surprised the Pollo restaurant had to close after Gus got blown up.