Welcome to Window to the Magic. We bring the magic Kingdom to you in stunning 3D stereophonic sound. This week, Paul rounds things out with the grand circle tour of Disneyland aboard the Disneyland Railroad. We then drift to the center of the park and through the Snow White’s Scary Adventures dark ride. If you haven’t been to the park, this is the perfect way to jump on in. Put those headphones on and be transported!

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  • Benvolio7

    I love listening to these. For the most part they do a great job of transporting me to one the place I’d much rather be than where I currently am (sitting at my desk at work).

    If I had one piece of constructive feedback it would be that this episode had a little too much talking in the background, which was kind of distracting.

    Other than that, carry on!

    • Thank you for the feedback! We are glad that you are enjoying the WTTM Experience.

      When you said, “this episode had a little too much talking in the background”… did you mean the hosts or the background chatter in the parks?