It officially began January 2011—a brand new slogan—“Let the Memories Begin!” Your memory of “Let the Memories Begin” might be that there were many “Let the Memories Begin” banners and signs. Now they’ve gone to Yesterland.

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  • airick75

    I’ve seen both projection shows at both parks, and I would say, despite what logic might lead one to believe, that the castle ended up being the better surface for the show to be projected on. It just worked – whether the size or the setting – it’s just amazing. For some reason, it didn’t look as good on It’s a Small World.

    Other speculative reasons it failed at Disneyland: No one knew about it or what it was. So no one was going to that part of the park specifically to watch it. Only people who happened to be walking there at the time paid it any attention. And then, as stated above, it just didn’t hold people’s attention the way the castle show did.

    Did they really cover up the “Here you leave today…” plaque over the entrance to the Magic Kingdom? Blasphemy! Seriously, that’s utter disregard for what got you there to begin with. I don’t mind when they have marketing campaigns, but as this article is pointing out, this one was overdone, and it didn’t carry much weight. The thing is, Disney pretty much inherently always has its own marketing campaign – it’s Disney. Disneyland, Disney World – whatever it is. The slogans that stick with is are almost impossible to top such as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Anyway – the Disney Side one is pretty fun b/c you can do so much of it over social media.

  • eicarr

    Glad these cheesy Florida campaigns aren’t going over well in California. There is a bit of a hip DL vibe that’s lost in when being hit over the head with these park campaigns telling you how much fun you’re having. I’m momentarily taken out of the magic and feel like a tool of corporate America. elecTRONica was a much cooler use of 3D projection… But I like it best in rides like Snow Whites Scary adventure and Indiana Jones.

    • OprylandUSA

      You can say that… it just depends on how well it’s executed. The first full-blown campaigns were brilliant.

      I still tear up when I hear “Remember the Magic” as I’m sure most of you DL’ers do when you watch the Believe in Holiday Magic Parade. Yeah, the Castle Cake was a travesty. When I visited in 1999 and in 2001 I saw a few spots where the gray was peeling and you could see the pink underneath and it hurt my heart. I just hope it’s been refurbished enough by now that they’ve stripped it down to the foundation to remove all of the frosting. But, aside from that 25th Anniversary campaign was heart-felt.

      The campaigns hit their high point with “Celebrate the Future, Hand in Hand” – the original wand, Tapestry of Nations, Reflections of Earth, Millennium Village (yeah, i liked it!), Leave a Legacy (eh), Road to Innoventions, a great new album, and… oh, yeah, the Super Bowl half time show!

      “100 Years of Magic” wasn’t half bad. I enjoyed the first incarnation of Share A Dream Come True. The novelty of the snowglobes was really cool, plus the original princess end float was incredible. Tapestry of Dreams sucked the life out of Tapestry of Nations, but Jammin’ Jungle and Stars & Movie Cars were pretty cool.

      The campaigns work best when they’re used like they are supposed to – used in between years when there’s no big attraction. A park cannot exist on memory/birthday/anniversary events alone.

  • tooncity

    More cheap stuff. How about real rides.

  • MikeBlakesley

    Why do they feel the need to tack on all this extra stuff at the parks? What are they promoting? You’re THERE already! All they’re doing is covering up the awesome details that we are going there to see!

    I even get tired of the halloween decorations. We went to the World in May of last year after several October trips and it was so refreshing to see the buildings without all that orange and brown bunting all over them.

  • DobbysCloset

    To me, “Let the Memories Begin” meant bringing four-year-old children in strollers to meet princesses and ride Dumbo and then go home & ask for stuff. But I would never begrudge anyone of any age a memory of Disneyland.

  • buzzyfan

    OH GOD. I thought one world couldn’t be overused, but I was wrong! DX

    • buzzyfan

      Gah! I mean word! XD