Disney’s Art of Animation Resort features Pixar’s Cars

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Published on June 23, 2012 at 11:26 pm with 8 Comments

Denise Preskitt has some amazing photos from Disney’s new Art of Animation Resort. It looks like there is an explosion of the “Cars” franchise on both coasts.

I’m sorry it’s taken a few weeks to add some new photos! It’s not like I don’t have thousands of them. We went out of town for Flag Day on Capitol Hill (I might have photos of that next week, including of the Truman piano in the National Press Club).

In the meantime, we have the Cars section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N Soak Station at the Magic Kingdom, and Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.

Sally in front of the “Wagon Wheel Motel”, one of three suite buildings in the Cars section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort:


There are 11 characters from Cars to have photos with!



Cozy Cone Motel sign (this leads into the Cozy Cone Pool):


We love the cabanas at the Cozy Cone Pool! There are 8 of them and there is no rental fee.


View from Cabana #4:



Pool at night:



Radiator Springs Video Tour:

Living room of our suite:


I like it much better in theme than the Nemo suites!

These aren’t real:


One of two bathrooms:


Pull-down bed:




Don’t take anything:


Disney’s Art of Animation Cars Suite:

Meatball sub at the food court, Landscape of Flavors:


Casey Jr. Spash ‘N Soak train car:


Upon closer look, we noticed it was the Firehouse Five Plus Two, with Ward Kimball:




All of the park opening years are noted on the cars:


The fence hasn’t stopped kids from getting in the train. It sounds like they’ll be working on this issue (same with kids running around on top of the cars at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort).


Casey Jr. Splash ‘N Soak Station Video:

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure has been in testing. There are few differences right now to the Kim Possible game, though I was told that new effects should eventually be added.


Same phone, similar missions:






Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, video of the Japan segment:

Don’t miss any of Denise’s excellent coverage of Walt Disney World and other central Florida theme parks and attractions at MOUSESTEPS.COM.

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  • mratigan


  • Very interesting. Having visited California Adventure’s Cars Land, I see a lot of props that look very familiar at the Art of Animation resort. The exterior areas look really fun for kids, I’m sure it will be a big hit. But the interiors, while cute, look a bit cheap for my taste. Still, on a budget, this hotel, should fit the bill and is quite a bit nicer than the All Star resort.

  • diskid

    In regards to the sign talking about removing commodities from the room, are they now charging if you take the shampoo/condition/lotion bottles, and are they applying this new policy to all resorts? If this does apply to the H2O products that were formerly complimentary, then I say that is extremely ridiculous…talk about extreme nickle and diming.

    • Thank you for pointing this out! It is an incredibly customer hostile move. At the prices Disney is charging, they shouldn’t be worrying about those tiny little bottles of shampoo. This is Disney, not the Super 8 Motel.

      • jeannie2252

        I don’t think the sign refers to the small bottles of shampoo, etc that are in every hotel room. Just like if you stay at the Ramada, HOJOs, you will be charged if you walk away with things like towels, bedding, etc….

  • misterdisney

    Charging for the small shampoo and bar of soap that they leave in the room is just the start. Soon they will be adding meters to all Disney Rooms to keep track of and charge you for the electric, water,etc that you use in your room.

  • diskid

    Jeannie2252, I sure hope you are right!! And really, would the Mousekeepers really have time to track that many rooms for such immaterial items?

    I guess it just depends on how Disney defines commodities. To me when I hear ‘commodity’ I think of consumables. So in a Disney hotel room, that basically comes down to the H2O products, kleenex, TP, etc…

  • stitch1085

    I think when they refer to commodities they are more than likely referring to things like towels, pillows, etc. If they are in face referring to the shampoo bottles and soap bars I would think that is beyond ridiculous and would make no sense! So basically I can use the soap and shampoo during my stay but I need to leave the unused portion behind? Are they going to use it for the next guest?