Who knew that so much could happen in a single off-season week at Disneyland? To begin with, Earth Day took place Tuesday, April 22nd and was celebrated, to a degree, in Downtown Disney.  Moving into the parks we see that it’s a small world was open for its 50th anniversary as well.  We also check on the many, many refurbishment projects taking place inside the berm.  Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye are all down, with Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and the King Arthur Carousel on the way. In Disney California Adventure, the Redwood Creek Challenge trail has reopened after a lengthy refurbishment and Grizzly River Run closed for some upkeep. C’mon folks, let’s get In The Parks.

Disneyland is truly an American original. It has the best opening act in any theme park and perfectly sets up a comfortable world of fantasy and adventure.







One Adventureland

Despite the lovely set-up we see that the Disney Merchandise department is further pushing the One Disney initiative.  We chanced upon the Adventureland Bazaar and found a full display of merchandise that could be found, literally, in any Disney theme park.  What are they thinking?


WDW Adventureland’s logo is emblazoned on wine glasses.
Animal Kingdom mugs are there to buy too.


DISNEY Adventureland


The Walt Disney World logo for the Jungle Cruise.
Are these from the Polynesian?


Again, what is the point of visiting the different Disney Parks if the experience and keepsakes are the same wherever you go? At least they aren’t displaying Jack Skellington merchandise here.

Club 33

Here we see the Club 33 progress coming along nicely.  The rooftops are under tarps and things are well underway. They’ve been shooting for a late June reopening. Do you think they’ll make it?


That’s a lot of people!









Rivers of America

While taking a ride on the lovely Mark Twain we noticed a few things might need a little work.






This little Indian boy lost his loyal dog a while ago. Let’s hope Rover returns soon.





Alice in Wonderland

The classic Alice in Wonderland continues with refurbishment through July 3rd, with a 4th of July reopening.  Reinforcements are being installed on the existing exterior structure.










It sure doesn’t look like the old track is coming down. You can see that they are building cross supports now for what is likely some sort of exit platform.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Here is our weekly look at the Submarine Lagoon, where nothing much is going on.








Refurbishment Round Up

Now, for the updated list of scheduled refurbishments.

Pirates of the Caribbean – This is your last weekend to get a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean as it will be going down for needed refurbishment from April 28, 2014 to May 22, 2014.

Space Mountain – Space Mountain is scheduled to be closed for refurbishment May 12, 2014 to June 26, 2014.


it’s a small world – Closed for refurbishment April 23, 2014 to May 22, 2014.


Mark Twain Riverboat – Closed for refurbishment April 28, 2014 to April 29, 2014

Gadget’s Go Coaster – Closed for refurbishment April 21, 2014 to May 15, 2014.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye – Indy will be excavating deep inside the Temple of the forbidden eye until May 8, 2014.


Tarzan’s Treehouse – Tarzan took a break from vine swinging. The treehouse was closed for refurbishment April 21, 2014 to April 22, 2014


King Arthur Carousel – Closed for refurbishment April 28, 2014 to May 1, 2014




Doug Barnes, David Yeh and Dusty Sage bring you a unique and refreshing MiceChat Podcast today. They leave the studio and head out on a field trip to Disneyland! Along the way we discuss what’s going on in the park, history, Imagineering and more. We also run into lots of MiceChat readers and get their thoughts on a day in the Happiest Place On Earth. We wrap things up with a discussion on which Disney resort has the most rides . . . Walt Disney World or Disneyland.  Join the conversation and enjoy the show:

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On April 21st, Disney marked Earth Day by celebrating with a few exhibits and activities in front of the AMC theater and ESPN Zone.



The trash art was rather interesting.


It seems that Disney Annual Passes CAN be put to use after they expire.











The Wyland foundation had folks contributing to a mural with their own paintings.


Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

The interactive play area, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail finally reopened after a nearly 5-month refurbishment.  We expected to see notable improvements, but we were a little let down.


Of course, we didn’t think the area would change substantially in layout or features.  But after 5 months all that appears to have been done were some rebuilt stairs and replaced wooden railings.




Refreshed signs.









new staked stone and french drain.



These steps look great!



Did these scuffs happen in the two days that the area had reopened?




Four months of refurbishment and this is what the outcome is?  Hmmmm.

Boudin Bakery

The aging and refurbishment of the Boudin bakery facility continues.  While it is taking a while, the work is actually very nice.


New signs have been added as a bit of place-making.









DCA Refurbishment Round up

Here are the refurbishments happening in Disney California Adventure right now.

The Little Mermaid – The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will be under refurbishment through May 9th.  It will reopen on May 10th.


Grizzly River Run – The massive, Grizzly River Run attraction will be down through June 19th, reopening June 20th.














That pretty much sums up what happened last week and what will be happening this week at the Disneyland Resort.  Andy Castro will return Monday Morning with a fresh Dateline Disneyland for you all to enjoy. He’s been off for a few weeks working on some major projects for school, so please check in and wish him a warm welcome home. And we’ll see you again real soon, In the Parks.

  • disdad

    Great update. I am very disappointed with the redwood creek challenge trail especially after the timeframe for the refurbishment.

    To tell the truth I would not have realised the Adventureland logo was the WDW one. I’m glad you pointed this out but if I didn’t realise I wonder how many of the infrequent park visitors would notice. But I would prefer to spend my hard earned money on unique park items rather then generic merchandise.

    The only way they will stop putting WDW merchandise in Disneyland is if people stopping buying it. The best way to stop at least some sales is by blogs like this that identify and call out Disney on poor merchandising choices.

    Keep up the great work.

    • On the one hand, I’m glad that they’ve got Adventureland merchandise in Adventureland. But I’m really disappointed that they are using the generic “Disney” name instead of Disneyland.

      How long will it be until One Disney changes all the logos in Disneyland to match Disney World so they can churn out even more generic merchandise to all the parks?

      With the millions and millions of visitors that Disneyland gets every year, they can afford to make merchandise that isn’t borrowed from Disney World. Yes, they might make a penny or two less per item, but they’d probably sell more merchandise overall.

      Disneyland has made such amazing progress in the last 10 years. The park looks like brand new. The food has improved dramatically. DCA has become a park people actually want to visit. But there are two things that have gotten worse in this time: Merchandise continues its long slide into irrelevance (I never even bother to check out the stores any more, except for Disneyana), and training for new cast members continues to suffer cut after cut.

      Disneyland really needs to study the tremendous success of Tokyo Disneyland. Not only can they replicate that success, it’s the true Disney Way to run things.

      There is far more that is right about Disneyland these days than wrong. But Merchandise is certainly a glaring problem.

      • OprylandUSA

        If there is, indeed, more right about Disneyland than wrong, the articles need to reflect that. Instead, we get columns that read like quality assurance detective reports – with the author on the hunt for anything wrong that he/she can circle his red pen with. I know APers believe they are stewards of the park and sense they are almost owners of the park’s legacy. Instead, they might just want to enjoy Disneyland, and… a’hem… ‘let it go’.

      • Cory Gross

        My experience is a few years old, but when I was in Tokyo in 2009, the merchandise was abysmal. Because I’m a Jules Verne fan, my main target was Mysterious Island in Tokyo Disneysea. Had Nautilus Gifts, the shop in Mysterious Island, had 20,000 Leagues merchandise like one supposed it should, I would have bought it out. Instead, I found three pins, a park soundtrack, and a die-cast dinky car of the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride vehicle. That was it. The rest was all generic, Disney Store quality apparel and geegaws.

        All things being relative, I look at a whole display of Adventureland stuff in Adventureland and think that looks pretty good! When I go to WDW in September I might pick up a couple 😉

      • Sparky

        I, for one, totally agree about the decline and homogenization of parks merchandise. If I’m going to buy keepsake merchandise of my visits to Disneyland, I want them to be Disneyland specific. Likewise, when I visit WDW, I want WDW specific merchandise. If the keepsake doesn’t mean something to me, what’s the point? The generic merchandise, even if some of it is occasionally neat, doesn’t have meaning for me because it doesn’t represent the park that I visited. The last time that I visited WDW, in 2011, I bought very few souvenir items because there was very little worthwhile. There really wasn’t even a whole lot of 40th anniversary merchandise. Saved me some money, but very disappointing.

      • daveyjones

        i really like the adventureland merch, especially the aloha plates in the bauhaus typeface from the polynesian. sure, it’s a bummer that it’s being sold in disneyland but you know what? the last time i was at WDW was in 2007. and i probably won’t be there again for years to come. so for me to grab cool mech from the world…my only option is ebay or when they dump it here at disneyland.

        cory, as for your tokyo disneysea experience, that’s a bummer. when i was there in 2003 i grabbed a 20,000 leagues hoodie (with a silhouette profile graphic of the nautilus on it!!!) as well as the limited edition metal nautilus they produced for the park opening. sure enough, when i was back in 2008, all this stuff was gone, replaced by generic merch.

  • fnord

    Earth day was the 22nd of April.

  • OprylandUSA

    Okay… C’mon. I hate the ‘One Disney’ initiative as much as the next fanboy, but I really can’t see the fault in using WDW’s Advetureland’s logo in Disneyland. Are they really all that different?

    This is where we get a bad reputation. When we complain about minutia like this, real issues become lost in the static. I’m not saying we should be grateful that there is Adventureland-specific merchandise, but we surely shouldn’t be catty about it. And, just because “Aloha” is used in the same font on a plate that the Polynesian uses at their resort doesn’t mean that’s *from* the Polynesian. Real problems need to be discussed instead of made-up issues like this. And, when there aren’t any problems, just lay off for a while. Don’t go looking for something to complain about.

    By the way, not everyone is lucky to be able to visit all the different Disney parks and buy keepsakes from every land and attraction. “What were they thinking?” They might have been thinking that for some people, a Disney park experience is a once in a decade trip – a vacation to a singular coast, with a singular Adventureland, and a sole chance to purchase unique mementos, like the trash can above. For these people, we just look silly complaining that the logos are slightly different – we’re the Disney equivalent to malevolent Trekkies, debating why Captain Kirk’s tunic was a slightly different color green in episode 56.

    • I know it’s hard for some Disney fans to hear criticism. We just posted a mostly positive update about Disneyland, but you managed to focus in on our legitimate criticism about the merchandise. It’s fine for you to disagree, but don’t try to spin it that we somehow have a “Bad name” because we are standing up for the consumer.

      This is what MiceChat is all about. Presenting what’s really going on at Disney – good or bad. In our view, generic “Disney Parks” merchandise is not the way Disney should be going. A great design is a wonderful thing. But the logos should reflect the parks and not the generic One Disney mantra. It doesn’t take much extra work or cost for Disney to do the right thing here.

      • jawknee

        “It doesn’t take much extra work or cost for Disney to do the right thing here.” And you know this how exactly?

      • OprylandUSA

        BTW, Dusty, I wasn’t talking about MiceAge, specifically… I was talking about Disney fans, in general, that have a bed rep when it comes to complaining over the small stuff. We (myself, especially) tend to go to extremes over the most unimportant detail. Not that it’s unimportant or trivial, but my friends have got so tired of me yelling at the television when the Disney Parks “First Time in Florida” commercial comes on. “THAT’S NOT FLORIDA!” “THAT’S DISNEYLAND!” “THAT’S THE ASTRO ORBIToR!” I think they assume I’m channeling Billy Eichner from “Parks & Rec” and “Billy On The Street” since I’m shouting so much.

        MiceAge is probably the best there is when it comes to daily updates on the parks. Does MiceAge put too much of a bias toward Disneyland? Of course. But, I think, you, as editors are working on that, and you should be heavily applauded for that.

        And, thank you for standing up for the fan-based consumer, as well as fans in general. I was around in the 90s, lurking in the newsgroups, reading alt. disney.disneyland and rec.arts.disney.parks (I was in other groups posting about Opryland Themepark). You guys don’t get enough credit for saving Disneyland. I know the idea that Disneyland could ever close is preposterous, but that’s what we, in the South, thought about Opryland, before 1997, too. That park was beautiful and in wonderful shape, with a great staff that truly cared about their job and the park they worked in. The park was tied to a film studio, cable networks, park-specific/award-winning hotel/resorts, a line of toys, a decades old entertainment property, and even animation, but, the execs in charge only saw dollars -coupled with the fact that the park had almost no online/fan support. Now, it’s nothing but a parking lot. The people of Nashville, looking back, truly miss what they once had, but they had no one like MiceAge to rally support to save their park from becoming the paved paradise for the newest outlet mall in the South. I would gather to say that everyone in the region (along with the execs currently running the company) would LOVE to have the themepark park back (and they all have a hard time understanding why it left). But, the truth is – there wasn’t a group of people, like the fans who run this site, to champion the park, against the rages of capitalism run amok.

      • BigBobxxx

        April 25, 2014 at 9:46 pm

        “It doesn’t take much extra work or cost for Disney to do the right thing here.” And you know this how exactly?

        Uh, because that’s the way it was done for years, prior to the One Disney merchandise downgrades?

      • Hyder Simpson

        Generally this site consists of nice pictures and some useful information. However, The objective fig leaf of “consumer protection” does little to mask the presentation which ranges from left-handed at best to downright snarky. A prime example is the presentation of Disney’s company-wide effort to improve the fall protection throughout the facilities, which more often than not has been described here as little more than a confused fool’s errand instead the prudent protection of life, limb, and capital that it actually is.

        I thought it was pretty ironic that before I wrote this post, I saw a nice ad for FastPass+ on the home page of this site. I sure it’s a comforting relief to know those checks cash OK.

      • CaptainAction

        I think Disneyland with all it’s faults and being really landlocked, is just heads and shoulders above WDW.

        If you enter Fantasyland at DLand, there are just so many great choices from Storybook, Alice, Mr. Toad, Casey, Snow White, Castle Walk Through, Matterhorn, etc.
        Fantasyland at WDW on the other hand, Mermaid? Not unless we are caught in a rainstorm. Dumbo 1 or Dumbo 2? Peter Pan and Winnie, I guess.
        At least DLand has Indiana (gosh the stunt show at DS is the same OLD jokes), Tough to Be A Bug, Star Tours, Soarin’ Tower of Terrer. Some of the cherrie picked WDW rides.

        Really depressing puting together a list of 20 years – 10 years ago and looking at the last E Ticket attractions that WDW put in.
        CA is really on it’s game now.
        I think these ride closures are really sad though.
        When Disney does A LOT for the guests, the money flows. Closing rides, sending castmembers home, turning off the lights, and charging more than ever is not the first class treatment we who love, or loved Disney, are used to.

        Everyone has a different tolerance for being taken for granted and I think WDW has been testing that floor for about 10 years. WDW growth being between negative, flat, or 2% while Universal grew 39% between 2009-2013 is interesting. The cracks are starting to show at WDW as Universal does A LOT MORE for the guests during the same window. Universal has only seen results from 15% of it’s plans over the next 5 years.

        Wish Disneyland wouldn’t take advantage of it’s customers (with cheap closures) like WDW has in adding 1 broken E Ticket in 10 years.
        WDW may pay for it when Universal passes AK, Epcot, and DS.
        Disneyland can get away with it, I guess, but it’s a sad way to treat your loving customers and taking them for granted.

      • Hyder Simpson

        Not to mention that Disneyland was the home of the first Park lodging that had the standard of properly designed bathroom ventilation that doesn’t treat guests to adjacent guest bathroom noises.

      • CaptainAction

        Hi Hyder,
        Apparently Cabana Bay caught up to Coronado Springs after being only HALF opened in 3 weeks.
        Not bad.
        If you get this upset about an anonymous review of a bathroom on Tripadvisor, then you must be very upset about WDW skipping E Ticket attractions for:
        MK – 20 years, since Splash
        DS – 15 years, since Twilight Zone
        Epcot – 10 years, since Soarin’ (ah oh, a motion ride with a movie)
        AK – 9 years, since Everest, 6 years with a broken Yeti centerpiece w/ $20
        strobe light.
        Now that’s some stuff to be concerned about.
        Especially since Universal grew 39% in the last 4 years and WDW at negative, flat, or 2% growth.
        And now, here comes Potter part 2.

      • Hyder Simpson

        Actually, the disclosure and the details about the condition of the defective bathroom ventilation came from the numerous apologies in the replies to the postings made by the motel management.

    • airick75

      I appreciate the optimism and perspective, but I still think merchandising is trying to slip one by on everyone, and that is what I think irks people. That they think their customer is not informed enough to know the difference. So, I think people feel insulted, and they are concerned about the loss of quality.

      From about 2005-2008, there were usually specialty plush that had a little, dated metal plate on the foot that read “Disneyland.” I really appreciated this touch, but they have not made those park specific plush in a long time now. This is an example of the loss of quality.

    • KENfromOC

      OPRYLAND: I completely agree with you! 99.9% of the visitors to Disneyland will not notice or care! It is great looking merchandise overall. I also agree that this type of nit-picking is among the reasons this blog gets a bad rap (along with their exclusionary “clicks” and a little too much “glee”).
      Do we forget that years ago there was also a lot of cross-merch between the parks? There was as I use to mail order from WDW that had nearly identical sweatshirts, etc except for the logo.
      Worry about the big stuff, stop posting 25 photos of the same thing ( you think they would have learned after the thousand photos of Earl of Sandwich being built!)
      And get to what you folks are good at: in depth real news and reporting!
      Thank you and only my opinion…

      • napamaninsocal

        You’re right 99.9% of the people won’t care and it is good looking merch, but when I go to Disneyland, I want something that says Disneyland. And when I go to Disney World in August, I want to buy resort specific merch unique to their parks.You’re paying a very high premium at Disney parks and they cant even get the details right? I hate it when I see Cinderella’s Castle on something merched as Disneyland. Each park is unique and different and the merch should reflect that. I also hate it when the commercials show rides from one resort and theyre selling the other resort.

    • Cory Gross

      All those photos of the Adventureland stuff made me want to buy some! 🙂

      I think the Polynesian Resort merch sticks out because the figure that is on them… the little Tiki guy with his arms outstretched… is an exclusive motif to that resort. Just Google “Polynesian Resort sign” and/or check out this post from Passport to Dreams Old and New: http://passport2dreams.blogspot.ca/2009/03/iconography.html. Maybe they’re going to try and utilize it as an icon for Adventurelands as well?

      Sometimes the One Disney initiative actually produces stuff that I would have wanted to buy if they got their act together. When Expedition Everest was unveiled, they made a whole bunch of Yeti plushies with a white and blue colour scheme. That made no sense from an Expedition Everest perspective because that’s not what the Yeti there looks like. But that IS what he looks like in the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Clearly they had intended to sell that stuff in Disneyland, and I totally would have bought it because I love the Matterhorn. Alas, for reasons I’m not sure anybody can figure out, they never did.

      In other cases, it’s really, really not a big deal. Some of the rides are so identical that they literally have nothing to gain by making unique, say, Haunted Mansion merch for each coast. Adventureland is a bit stickier because there are some substantive differences for those who are in the know. I could see being annoyed at that, but I think that’s a case where Disney needs to make better choices about what subjects to make mugs of. The more shared motifs they use, the less likely it will be noticed. Whatever coast they’re on, I would totally get the actual Tiki mugs and bowls for my Tiki-themed bathroom. As for “Disney Adventureland,” I actually kind of like it. At the very least, it’s laughably a non-problem. Disneyland’s Adventureland doesn’t even HAVE a logo.

    • thebear

      Well said! I’d way rather see those cool little trash cans than more stuffed animals.

    • shevys

      Opryland, couldn’t disagree with you more. Would you be perfectly ok with going to see Iron Man and they play the Avengers? What does it matter? It’s just a movie, after all. Are they really that different? They’re both superhero movies. Are you ok with being served a Budweiser in a Heineken glass? They’re both beers. I think you get the point.

      And by the way, is it complaining or is it an observation? Personally I think it’s just lazy what they are doing at the resort with the merchandise. I’m paying for a premium experience, so I can expect the same for the merchandise.

      • OprylandUSA

        Your analogy is interesting in that Iron Man *is in* The Avengers… so, yeah, I’d be okay with that. I wouldn’t be okay, say, if I went to see “Man of Steel” and Iron Man showed up. If there were Epcot mugs in Adventureland – that’s something to complain about.

        In my opinion, there are some things worth fighting over and other things that can slide by. If we nitpick over everything, then it makes the important things that are messed up, less important.

      • airick75

        But see, this IS important to many people too. I get it, not everyone is a collector or a merchandise geek. But many, many people are. So many that there is a whole “Disneyana” subculture. There are magazines and price updates produced because of its widespread popularity. So, it goes without saying, that what you BUY at the Disneyland resort – that little part of Disneyland that you take home with you is also essential and vital to the EXPERIENCE to a great number of people.

  • airick75

    They did all that for only one day? (Earth Day) Wow – seems like you would want to leave some of that out a while. Is the one tree like sculpture from the curios shop in Carsland? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it there before.

    It’s amazing the wear and tear something like the Rivers of America takes – all that sun, a few rainstorms… It seems like yesterday it was all sparkly new and refurbished. It must be a huge task draining it, keeping it up as well as expensive. And as the article points out, there’s already way too many refurbs going on.

    I don’t like much of anything One Disney and I’ll ignore most products of this nature. I love park-specific merchandise. That said, I don’t mind a few WDW items in CA as long as they’re tucked away and presented as such. Being fortunate enough to experience both parks, I love finding a cool, little, hidden away Epcot item in Disneyland. They have some DL things at WDW too.

    For the Disney decision makers, I have to say, while I will ignore a single, generic, One Disney item, if there is a WDW and a DL version of certain items, I have been known to buy them both.

  • Truecoat

    Are some of these long drawn out closures of attractions fall out from the big price tag on MM+? If you close attractions such as the Subs permanently? and change the rehab of others from a few weeks to 5 months, it’s a way to save labor costs and combat the huge price tag that the wristbands have caused.

    • Internitty

      I think you are correct, it is all just cost cutting to fund MM+

      • tooncity

        Yep! You guys have it right. Close half the park while charging full price is the business plan for the next couple years or more. Can’t expect things to change when the lemmings keep running off the cliff.
        Awhhhhh, remember the days when they actually built real attractions. The heady days of building grand attractions one after another. Star Tours, Splash Mtn, Toontown, Indiana Jones. Did they really build 4 great Franchise Attractions in 6 or 7 years? Downright shocking!
        Now, they never build anything grand, they just rotate closing them down and act like they’re doing the paying customer a favor. Love the arrogance, it’s really rather impressive when you think of the temerity.
        Before I get the defenders of the Faith Popping off about Carsland, remember that was a FIX for a colossal mistake, i.e. MM+. It was part of a bigger fix for a Giant Mistake of a less than a billion dollar themed Mall. Then they raised prices for the privilege of shopping there.
        Just remember we’re still waiting for them to fix that other colossal failure, the New, New Tomorrowland of 1998. This place is truly an embarrassment! Remember when things actually moved in this land? Remember your excitement, as you walked through the transitional planters to the land of possibilities? These brainiacs actually blocked the entrance to make it more difficult to get in. Hey let’s add obtuse looking fake boulders, plant a giant spinner in the path so nobody will want to bother going in. That’s a great way to lower your expectations. Even if they started today, it would be more than 20 years before this mistake could be corrected. They have so much disrespect for their paying customers that they actually decided it was OK, to not doing anything about it. Amazing.
        Who cares about the WDW Tiki merchandise? People act like Disney is forcing them to buy it.
        Iger has morphed into Eisner. Demand more folks, Let you AP expire!

      • CaptainAction

        tooncity, well put and you are correct.
        Some folks are going to try and keep enabling WDW to keep offering less and less for more $’s.
        Some of us want new execs who love the parks, and the guests, and can do the right things and STILL make tons of money.
        This Iger lot is only about the $’s. So, you get 16 year old E Ticket attractions, generic merchandise, closures of rides with no one working on them for weeks or months, 3 years working on a C Ticket kiddie coaster, stores and restaurants open in a few weeks ($’s!), and flat park growth between 2009-2013.
        Funny thing is that the Disneyphiles see the enemy as Universal Studios Florida?!?
        They try to dig up any lame excuse about WDW’s competition because Universal is putting so much up for the guests that it makes WDW look SO lazy.
        I’m starting to wonder if some of these folks on the talkbacks are Iger’s underlings.
        Mission accomplished here as our family of 5 only has AP’s to Universal. Our WDW AP’s ran out 3 years ago.
        Everyone here keeps telling me I’m not the target audience for WDW anymore anyway.
        Iger’s target audience is the novice who he can trick and fool.

    • BigBobxxx

      Of course, it’s the new version of “Temporarily Closed; Operates Seasonally.” 🙁

  • ChrisNJ

    As someone who was thrilled to buy EuroDisney merchandise at Epcot’s France many years ago – I think mixing in a few other Disney park items is ok as long as they fit the store location.

    Great update. Thanks for giving me a mini vacation to DL every week.

  • Algernon

    When I go someplace and buy a souvenir, I want something unique to that place, something that nobody else can have unless they go to that particular destination. If they are going to sell Disneyworld stuff, they may as well carry Las Vegas stuff as well…

  • SoCalFan

    Yeah, count me in as one who does not understand the response here to having land specific and themed merchandise back at the resort. I think it should be applauded. For years, writers here have lamented the loss of land specific and themed merchandise and have rightfully called out Disney for only filling their stores with the same generic stuff. Starting with Cars Land almost three years ago, the resort has slowly been making all the stores carry more and more specific merchandise that can ONLY be found there. There has been such improvements in merchandising that I never have once seen covered here…the Adventureland Bazaar now front loads their store with tropical, exotic animal, and “worldy” merchandise that can’t be found elsewhere in the resort…Froniterland once again carries Pendletons and also tends to only carry merchandise geared towards the theme of the land and that can’t be found elsewhere…over in DCA the Fly N Buy is half full of aviation themed merchandise you will not find anywhere else in the resort…Rushin River Outfitter also carries Pendletons and other more outdoorsy themed merchandise that is no where else in resort. They really have done a really great job at diversifying the merchandise selection and I have never once seen their efforts lauded here. Instead, we get lambasting because that theme specific that we used to complain was lacking is also merchandise in WDW. I won’t be going to WDW anytime soon and I cannot wait to pick up some of those great new plates in Adventureland. Shopping is much more enjoyable than it was three years…you actually have a selection of unique merchandise and specific stores around the resort once more.

    • daveyjones

      “Yeah, count me in as one who does not understand the response here to having land specific and themed merchandise back at the resort. I think it should be applauded.”

      “I won’t be going to WDW anytime soon and I cannot wait to pick up some of those great new plates in Adventureland. Shopping is much more enjoyable than it was three years…you actually have a selection of unique merchandise and specific stores around the resort once more.”

  • DisneyLanders

    As far as the Challenge Trail, you must really not know the back story of some of the theming. It looks like that in that one picture that shows a huge bite missing because if you look down directly across from the Smoke Jumpers cable cue there are beaver tracks that come from the river. The story goes as this : the beaver tracks his way over and makes his signature gnaw marks on certain posts. He can be tracked down ward toward the small water bridge where his tracks then return into the river. Not a huge wow factor but some effort none of the less.
    The scuff marks on the height restrictions however, are not part of theming.

  • TCadillac

    I think that Adventureland specific merchandise is freaking awesome and will be buying all of it. Unless I won the lotto there’s no way in heck I’ll ever be able to visit WDW so having their rides logo is totally irrelevant to me. I’m just glad that attraction/park related souvenirs are actually available. I think that should be applauded.

  • ayalexander

    A lot of people are holding some serious bone picking issues and letting them fester inside 😉 Well in my opinion, Disney shouldn’t sell the same merchandise between parks. Each park should have much of their own. Being a former Cast Member I talked to the research department and they told me that a good 60% of their visitors were either locals or frequent visitors -either way, just the same. a little over 20% were first&only timers whom saved up for years for just one trip and the rest of the guests were annual pass holders with a small percentage being people who were given an opportunity to “try it again”, as a courtesy from Guest Relations on a previous visit. That means a good 80% of visitors are people who WOULD in fact notice this “one Disney” merchandise push. -Now that that is off my chest, Bob Iger is nothing like Eisner. Iger has imagination and a dream, but he does answer to the shareholders, and what are shareholders? People who care more about money than the guest’s visit experience. Iger is trying to bring a genuine Walt Disney kind of initiative to the parks, but its the shareholders that drive him and the board members to have to mothball a lot of good ideas if it means saving money.

    • CaptainAction

      Iger, “You think the shareholders would mind if I themed a bathroom or two? It’s my dream!”

      Yeah, the shareholders never made any money when WDW opened E Ticket attractions every year.

      • OprylandUSA

        Let. It. Go.
        How can someone who visits a Disney fan site hate a Disney resort so much?
        Jealous much?

      • CaptainAction

        Uh, I just insulted Iger.
        See, Iger is not Disney. Iger is ruining Disney.
        Big difference.
        Reread the post please.
        Why get so mad at me, when most folks here all agree with me?

  • sonnyk155

    I think a single, separate shop for other Disney Park specific items could work to satisfy everyone. Go back to land specific items in each land. The new WORLD SHOP would have outside the park items. Have the outside the park shop sectioned off by parks. That is, A WORLD SHOP in Disneyland will have a WDW section, Disney Sea section, Paris,…

    • mbyrd

      ^that sounds like an interesting proposition. Corrall all the non-Disneyland merchandise into one place.

      I’ve always thought it was odd to be buying merch from a place you didn’t actually go to. I’m well aware it happens and many people aren’t of the same mind as me. But I’ve always scratched my head when thinking about buying a “disney world” shirt at “disneyland.” I’m also the same kind of person who cringes at the sight of seeing someone wear a Steelers jersey to a Packers vs Cowboys game. It just doesn’t fit. But that’s just me.

      (Coworkers talking at company picnic)
      Employee 1: (To coworker wearing disney world shirt) “ah, I like your shirt, do you take the family to Disney World often?”
      Employee 2: “no, never been out that far. Got this shirt at disneyland actually.”

      Clearly this demonstrates what others have noted above where a person never goes to DW, but is happy to have the opportunity to buy merch from there. But it’s just so odd to me. To each his own I guess.

    • OprylandUSA

      The Magic Kingdom actually had something similar to your (great) idea for a while in 2001ish in the former Main Street Cinema. I can’t remember what the marquee said, but it was something like “Kingdoms Around The World”. Anyway, I was able to get a Tokyo Disneyland shirt there PLUS a Hong Kong Disneyland shirt several years before it opened. Of course, they had other merch, there too. I’m not sure why they got rid of it or replaced it – I think they may have put in PalMickey (this was a loooong time ago; but strangely doesn’t seem that long ago).

  • JCSkipr79

    This is why I prefer to go to DL during an anniversary cause then I know they HAVE to put Disneyland on the merch since. The best DL merch I have is from the 45th, 50th and 55th

  • jl925sanders

    I tend to think the length of time for some refurbs is tied to projected attendance in order to save labor costs. With fewer people paying less is offered.

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    CORY GROSS: When Tokyo DisneySea opened in 2001, they DID have merchandise like what you were looking for during your visit (models of ride vehicles and more high-end land specific collectible stuff like that), but… it wasn’t selling. The Japanese weren’t interested in it. So they got rid of it. From what I’ve seen though, more land specific merchandise is coming back over the last few years.

    • Cory Gross

      Yeah, I saw a lot of it on Ebay, and my hope was to pick it up first-hand when I went. It wasn’t to be.

      When I went, it was very specific and mostly related to certain characters. You could get just about anything with Chandu or Shiriki Utundu, but everything else was pretty generic. Of course because Japanese people and the Oriental Land Company respond to market forces as well as anybody else.

  • TeeKaeBee

    Could someone give me an idea as to what kind of merch the Adventureland trashcans are? The custodian in me is coming out, wishing to procure one, but I’m not ever sure how to begin to look for one online!

  • pattimarie

    does anyone else notice the hypocrisy of the snarky complainers complaining about the snarky people who complain about one park merchandise, etc.??? if you have a point you want to make about what you do, or do not, like about something, the only non hypocritical response is to just state your idea and not complain about the complaints of others, or criticize their right to have a critical idea.

    i for one have always appreciated the honest tone of these articles. keep it up! i also love having 25 pictures of the same thing–your pictures are great here at “in the parks” and “dateline disney”, and i find looking at the various projects’ progress week after week like visiting the parks.

    if you want only positive news on the parks, visit the official disney sites. this site does not need to be a copy of those sites.