Join us as we jump in the podcast time machine and get it up to 88 miles per hour to talk about one of Universal’s classic attractions, Back to the Future: The Ride.

We begin the show as always by bringing you a brief news update and then we delve in to the history of the Back to the Future attraction.

Back to the Future first opened at Universal Orlando’s Universal Studios Florida on May 2nd 1991, not long after the Orlando park first opened and was the first major addition since the park opened in 1990.

Inhabiting the back portion of the park, The Institute of Future Technology was an instant hit with fans of the movies and theme park fans alike. The ride lasted in Orlando until 2007 and was replaced by another popular IP, The Simpsons.

Back to the Future : The Ride opened at Universal Hollywood in 1993 and closed in 2007, also to be replaced by the Simpsons, but the attraction can still be found at Universal Studios Japan.

The only remnants of Back to the Future : The Ride that can be found located inside Universal Studios Florida are the Delorean time machine car, the Time Machine Train from Back to the Future 3 and Doc Brown, it has been known for Marty to be seen at the park too, but that is very rare.

BttF D&T


As part of our show we travel back to 1991 to find out more about the attraction, we discuss the news of the time, delve in to the history, the ride itself and more in “Fact Hunter” and then discuss our thoughts on the attraction as well as those of our listeners.

So, grab some plutonium and your life preserver and join us as we go Back To The Future!!!

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