We have been bringing you regular progress reports on the Disneyland Paris Resort’s newest attraction – Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy (Ratatouille: the Totally Zany Adventure of Remy). Today it’s Disney’s turn to reveal the interiors of the ride through a video posted on YouTube. Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog has captured some highlights of the video in his latest report. ~~Rick

Ratatouille Ride Officially Opens July 10
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog


It’s official: Walt Disney Studios’ highly awaited Ratatouille ride will open on July 10th. The “Chez Remy” restaurant, adjacent to the attraction, will also open on July 10th. We can only speculate about the probable soft openings, but we’ll let you know if we hear something.

Disney released this great video revealing the inside of the ride with stunning views of the gigantic interior set pieces that await WDS guests. Remember, the storyline has riders being reduced to the size of a rat and then move into the kitchen. This would explain why everything is huge – from the oranges to the cheese to the hams. The attraction will have a trackless ride system and in addition to set decorations, each scene will have 3D projections (similar to those in Universal’s Spiderman and Transformers rides). The immersive experience will also include cold, heat and scent effects depending of the scenes.

Throughout the video you’ll see the craftsmen that made this ride possible, including Imagineers, painters and sculptors – each one of them putting their final touches on the ride prior to opening day.

What follows are some HD screen captures of the most interesting shots. Let’s start with images showing painters working on what seems to be Paris rooftops. Note: in the background of the second picture below you can see the loading/unloading platform which is set among the rooftops.





The video then shows the giant food set pieces which are likely part of a scene set inside the restaurant storeroom.







Others scenes show the arrival of giant kitchen props.



And this next picture shows what is likely the giant wheel of a restaurant cart for a scene that takes place under the cart.


Here’s one last shot of workers hoisting the Gusteau’s sign into place.


These shots of the awesome ride interiors should dispel any doubts that the Ratatouille ride is going to be a genuine E-Ticket ride – and will no doubt become an instant classic!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney, Max Fan

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