For today’s Photos In Wonderland, the goal is simply relaxation. I’d wager a fair amount of you know where this photos was taken without being told.

Hungry Bear upper level seating

For me, nothing beats sitting back here on a crowded day (or even an uncrowded one) and feeling a million miles away from the jam-packed walkways elsewhere in the park. The occasional Disneyland feral cat begging for scraps, the train whistle as it passes by, and watching as the Mark Twain or the proud Columbia steam past on the nearby river truly can be a delightful diversion.

As a plus, if you sit on the lower level at nighttime, preparation and ‘behind the scenes’ activity for Fantasmic! unfolds before your eyes (preferably accompanied by a treat from Pooh Corner.)

The location? The Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country!

Thanks for looking and I’ll see you when you pass this way again at my next installment of
Photos in Wonderland!



  • myrlton

    I always enjoy resting while having a snack at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. You truly do feel a million-miles-away when watching the Mark Twain sail on up the Rivers of America. It is a very simple, profound recreation of a a time long ago in our wonderful country’s history.

  • Dougy

    Without even reading the article attached to the picture…I was in a world of my own remembering how peaceful it is back there. Well put!

  • Wjgattjr

    Sometimes a little peace and quiet goes a long way as one reflects how great is to be on vacation and how far away the realities of seem. Funny how such a simple little place can be so wonderful.

  • sixalex

    My sentiments exactly. I always recommend this area for mom with tired toddlers or nursing babies. I also send the older folks with less stamina there to sit a spell and watch the Mark Twain go by in an old time-y, nostalgia based relaxation period.

    I do like the food served at Hungry Bear. If a meal is not needed, it is close enough to New Orleans that someone can usually make a beignet/mint julep/churro run without a prolonged wait.

    The little boys love when the train goes past and the little girls love the baby ducks that seem to be around all year long. Everyone loves it if they can spot a cat!