This year, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment are opening new shows and attractions at 11 of the their 12 parks, with great new offerings and a whole ‘Sea of Surprises’ that goes along with the 50th celebration.  In this article we’ll take you from San Diego California to Langhorne Pennsylvania as we look at all of these new offerings coming to a SeaWorld Park near you! So put on your wetsuit and let’s dive in!

Aquatica Orlando

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

After a months of waiting, guests will soon be able to experience Ihu’s Breakaway falls, where they will plummet nearly 40 feet after being dropped from an acrylic tube where you and two friends will face each other, and randomly drop over 80 feet down different paths.  Ihu’s will not be for the faint of heart. We’ll be back next week with a look at this brand new attraction.



It’s all perfectly harmless . . . until the floor drops out from under you!

Shamu Celebration: Light Up The Night

At all 3 SeaWorld Parks, Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, Shamu Rocks is getting replaced with a brand new nighttime show that will feature new original music, production elements and new killer whale behaviors.


Busch Gardens Tampa

Falcon’s Fury – Busch Gardens Tampa


At SeaWorld Orlando’s sister park, Busch Gardens, they are unveiling North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower (at 335 feet tall) that will not only drop guests at 60 mph, but will rotate them 90 degrees so that they will plummet face first to the earth while they fall!  Stay tuned for special Orlando Parkhopper coverage once that opens.


Pantopia – Busch Gardens Tampa

Surrounding Falcon’s Fury is a new land called Pantopia, which will reimagine the former Timbuktu area. The area will feature elaborately themed food venues, shops and attractions, that will feel like a bohemian artist community come to life at the base of the terrifying Falcon’s Fury.



Busch Gardens Williamsburg – London Rocks


We now travel to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which some say is the most beautiful park in the country, where after 4 years in development, London Rocks will debut this summer. The show explores the roots of rock-n-roll and will clock in at over 25 minutes of multi-media live action fun.


Colossal Curl – Water Country USA

Next door to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, at Water Country USA, they are opening a 552 foot long slide which will swish and swirl guests through enclosed colorful tubes as they head towards a large wave element that will hurtle them high above the park.  This will be Water Country USA’s first big attraction since 2011.


SeaWorld San Diego – Explorer’s Reef


Back where it all started, in San Diego, Explorer’s Reef is delighting guests every day since it opened with the 50th Celebration, and will hopefully continue to be a major draw this summer, along with random prize giveaways and  50th Celebration activities.

Taumata Racer – Aquatica San Diego

At Aquatica San Diego,which opened in 2013, some expansion is already underway as new attractions are installed.  Taumata Racer is a 375 foot long slide that allows guests to to race against each other, as they slip through colorful enclosed tubes and then race against other guests down the final hill before crossing the finish line.


Sesame Place – Cookie Monster Land

In Langhorne Pennsylvania is a small park that most folks don’t even know about about. The park is solely dedicated to the characters of Sesame Street.  This year they are opening a new land featuring Cookie Monster and friends, with new rides, facades and a new show.  the feature ride with be Captain Cookie’s High “C’s” Adventures, along with Oscar’s Rotten Rusty Rockets, Honker Dinger Derby and the Flying Cookie Jars what will take guests up 40 feet and spin them around. Families can also enjoy everyone’s favorite furry monsters in the Monster Mix-Up show.  This new land is sure to delight young guests and families.



50th Celebration Ski Show – SeaWorld San Antonio

Last but not least is SeaWorld San Antonio, where a new show will kick off celebrating the Sea of Surprises 50th Anniversary. This summer they will kick off a brand new 50th Ski Show with plenty of surprises and thrills.

Roa’s Aviary – Aquatica San Antonio


Next door at Aquatica, they were inspired by Discovery Cove in Orlando and putting an aviary in their water park in San Antonio.  Roa’s Aviary will be a 13,000 sq feet free flight Aviary, with over 300 birds from over 50 species, where guests can swim through on the lazy river, sit and relax in lounge chairs, feed the birds, or simply stroll through.  This favorite attraction from Discovery Cove is a welcome addition to Aquatica, as SeaWorld looks to set Aquatica apart from the other water parks in the region.   MiceChat is excited to announce the the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast team will be at the grand opening of Roa’s Aviary on Memorial Day weekend, and will be providing live coverage from the park.


On top of all these offerings SeaWorld parks are offering a Sea of Surprises as part of the 50th Celebration wit special animal encounters, giveaways, and much more.  While sometimes it may seem like bad press dominates the news about SeaWorld, it is easy to forget that there are amazing things happening, and SeaWorld is proudly moving forward offering  new and exciting guests experiences at all of their parks.

The aviary currently under construction.
The aviary currently under construction.

We will end this update with a new episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast where your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin share news and rumors about attractions coming to SeaWorld parks, and beyond.

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  • Considering that SeaWorld was recently spun off into its own publicly traded company loaded down with debt from their previous owner, Blackstone, I’m pleased to see them attempting to invest in all of their parks for the summer. It’s a mostly good slate of shows and rides.

    Though, there is NO way I’d EVER ride Falcon’s Fury. Drop towers make me queasy enough without doing it face first! Yikes!

  • fnord

    What about Universal? Isn’t this Tuesday? Let’s take
    a poll to see if anyone particularly cares about Sea World,
    I know I don’t, and I live in San Antonio.

    • If you aren’t interested in SeaWorld, don’t click the link. It’s really that simple. Not every article is going to interest every person. We post a lot of content on this site for you to read. But please be respectful of our volunteer staff.

      Eric Davis covers both Universal Orlando and SeaWorld for us. When he has a SeaWorld article (usually once every month or two) the Universal update takes a week off. We’ve done it this way for years.

      But just because you don’t want to read a SeaWorld article doesn’t mean that others aren’t interested. The SeaWorld parks are filled with visitors every single day and we do want them to find interesting information about those parks right here on MiceChat.

      We appreciate your support.

      • blondiemouse72

        In an odd way owing to my aversion to extreme thrill rides I much prefer Seaworld Orlando to Universal.Ok the Seaworld coasters were off limits for me but if motion simulators and projected images are not your thing (yes sir tick that box) you’ll be a lot more interested in what Seaworlds got going on.Give me a flamingos paddle boat with a surcharge over a nasty jerky coaster in the dark and a video screen with Brendon Fraser any day of the week

      • BlahBlahson

        Seaworld Orlando is BY FAR the most relaxing of the major attraction-filled parks in Orlando. During Christmas it’s pure magic.

        Just walk around, short lines all day (any weekday/non summer), a bunch of animals and aquariums, beautiful landscaping, relaxing.

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    I’ll be visiting Busch Gardens this week so we’ll have a full report on Pantopia and other on-goings at the park (they still haven’t announced a new opening date for Falcon’s Fury yet – it was supposed to open last week but they’ve run into technical issues during testing) for you here on MiceChat very soon. 🙂

  • a.je76

    What do you mean, “Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which some say is the most beautiful park in the country”?

    It’s not like it hasn’t won the award Most Beautiful Theme Park from NAPHA for 23 consecutive years or anything…

    • We mean that it’s one of the most beautiful parks in the country. But if we just come right out and say “Most beautiful park in the country” then the whole article will be folks posting about other parks that they think are the most beautiful. 😉

      Not that anyone would ever take part of one sentence and then ignore the rest of the update or anything. 😉

      • a.je76


  • EC82

    But, hey, Walt Disney World has that nifty wristband, a new tiki hut and a $120 nighttime add-on!


    Yay! I can’t wait to go swim in bird poop!

    It’s nice to see they doing something at all their parks, even if they arn’t all completely major.

  • tooncity

    I heard the California State Legislature was trying to close the one in San Diego, because of the Whales. They might have to turn it into a Busch Gardens West.

    • Haven

      Eh. the snobby Mission Bay Committee has had it in for Sea World for the last 20 years.

      • tooncity

        Sea World is on leased public land. Eventually, Sea World well have to make a decision on whether it’s worth it out not. CA will make Whales illegal to have it captivity, someday. Or Sea World will be forced to get rid of them in order to get a new lease.

  • Fantasmic_Freak

    Anyone else catch the double decker Premiers, Premieres?

  • Oregonmom2

    Sea World San Diego is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! Is it possible to have an article that talks about all the changes that have been made for this, and information about any new activities? We are planning a trip this summer, so we want to make sure we don’t miss anything . Thanks!

    • CreepyMonkey

      Oregonmom2 – If you listen to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast we did an episode on the 50th changes just a few eps ago. There is also an article archived that goes along with that.