Construction walls were removed from around the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, so we are headed to the Magic Kingdom to bring you the photos. Plus,

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!

Hi Mary!

Just a quick update of the Hub project. There are now two inflatable dams on the Tomorrowland side.

The old Swan Boat dock is now covered by grass.

They need to add some grass here, looking a little shabby.

The Frozen sister madness is still going on at the Hugzone. If you’d like to meet them, either make a FP+ reservation or be prepared to wait hours in line (four hours in the case of the photo below).

So, the walls are all finally down at the Mine Train. Here are a ton of photos of the queue area, and parts of the ride and area that we couldn’t see before.

The pathway by Winnie the Pooh feels so much wider now.

These are the only walls left up in New Fantasyland.

The entrance to the ride is very small and quaint. It reminds me of the entrance to a Fantasyland attraction out at Disneyland, which is a big plus.

With the media coming in this weekend for a press event, the ride should be all opened up by the next time my column comes out, so expect to see that next time! All in all, the area is really quite lovely, and while this might not be a mind-blowing E-Ticket attraction, it is certainly going to be a very welcome one, and is almost sure to be well received by guests.

Selfie time with Walt!

Inside Casey’s there are now pictures hanging, so no baseball movies anymore.

That’s it for this week! Are you ready for the opening of the Mine Train, a little over two years after initial groundbreaking? Let us know in the comments!!

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