Cars, East and West

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Published on May 01, 2014 at 9:01 pm with 8 Comments

Yesterland usually looks at things that are gone, but not today. This photo essay looks at how some of the same landmarks of Radiator Springs are represented at the delightful Cars wing of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and in the highly detailed Cars Land at Disney California Adventure.


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  • rstar

    Great article, Warner!

    Hey, I know it’s not visible from the outside as a “landmark”, but isn’t the Wheel Well Motor Court represented at the load area of Radiator Springs Racers in California Adventure?

    • Werner Weiss

      Comfy Caverns Motor Court is represented at the load area of Radiator Springs Racers. I’m not aware of any representation of the Wheel Well Motor Court at Cars Land. If I’m mistaken, I hope someone can post a link to a picture.

  • stu29573

    I’m sorry but I think putting DCA’s Radiator Springs next to WDW’s just makes WDW’s look cheaper… and I love WDW…

    • Werner Weiss

      DCA’s representation of Radiator Springs is much more detailed and realistic. But a Value Resort is not a theme park. In my opinion, the quality of the decorations of the Cars wing of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is unmatched elsewhere at Art of Animation or at any other Value Resort at WDW.

  • ScottG

    I didn’t realize the theming in Disney’s AOA CarsLand wing was so immersive. I think they’ve done a fantastic job and look forward to seeing it someday.

  • Erik Olson

    It isn’t really fair to expect more from a “value-priced” resort or to compare the quality of the theming to that of a $1B park. A hotel operates differently and maintenance levels and schedules are very different for the two environments. Werner does a really good job of compare/contrast here, also showing what a good job they’ve done from a consistency standpoint. Radiator Springs was a very real place in Cars and to have it so faithfully created in two different destinations, for two disparate purposes, is nifty.

  • Instidude

    I got a chance to walk through the resort at WDW last month, and was extremely impressed with the design. It is also a very new resort, so I anticipate as it grows in, it will become even more immersive.

    The other impressive part of this resort is the Lion King wing.

    I usually stay at a moderate resort, but the work at the Art of Animation may have changed my mind!

    • Big D

      Just know that value resorts are a lot more crowded, especially the pool and food court.