California entertainment, Cars Land crowds, Matterhorn climbers +MORE

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Buena Vista Street, Cars Land, Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on June 25, 2012 at 6:23 am with 44 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • Timekeeper

    Great Update! I hope somebody in Merchandising thinks of doing prints based off the Posters of Hollywood Tower Hotel Sisters and the Elias & Co. Books.


  • skprnck

    I love how the Buena Vista Street Flags have 48 stars on them!
    And in some slight defense of that Dancing show, I think that was just an afterthought to add some extra entertainment to the park, without spending too much more money.
    Either way, the place looks great!

  • Bronco21

    From brilliant moves like reopening Aladdin’s Oasis, bringing back Matterhorn mountain climbers (not to mention the awesome spiel that goes along with them), and adding Instant Concert… just Add Water Disney still keeps making the horrid decisions that plagued DCA from day 1! Dancing with Disney is just ridiculously bad and screams cheap last second addition! The video of DJ just made me want to cry! What is up with Disney thinking Dance parties are necessary? They should have realized after celebrate a street party, high school musical 3 dance party thing, ect that dance parties are not considered high entertainment offerings by any stretch of the imagination! Same goes for Game Squad! If kids really wanted to hoola hoop they would do it at home! I don’t go to Disney to do stuff I can do at home! I go to Disneyland because it’s all stuff I can’t do! I say fire anyone in the entertainment department who thinks hip and edgy is a good idea (since it obviously is not something Disney does well!). Then close Dancing with Disney (and send the characters to either toon town, Fantasyland, BVS, or Frontierland (Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree) for actual meet and greet characters as apposed to these awful dance experiences. Do the same with DJ/ Red or use them for part of Pixar play parade. Next open up a bottomless pit and throw Game Squad in it!

  • fravitmonk

    Miceage generally seems to have something against people dancing at theme parks (unless of course it’s swing dancing.)

  • Kritter

    You complain that a space or something isn’t being utilized AND if it is not! Can Disney not win with you guys?! Good Grief! Dancing with the Disney Stars may not be something YOU “Dateline Disney” enjoy. But that doesn’t mean the thousands of people who enter the park with you have to hate it as well! It’s frustrating that everyone who doesn’t post on here just looks at MiceAge as a Disney bashing site and it’s really upsetting.

  • Nivens McTwisp

    Another great update, Andy!
    I enjoyed the LA Times article, but I have one major quibble with it – Grizzly River Rapids is my favorite ride in DCA, and the best water ride in any amusement park, period. Not only is both thrilling and fun, but is also visually beautiful, and the fact that it is shaped like a grizzly’s head is cool. It is a worthy addition to Disney’s great mountains.
    Any one disagree?

    • Internitty

      I couldn’t agree with you more, I love that whole area, sure it needs upgrading in general and it needs more rides but it is the Frontier Land of DCA and Grizzly Peak and Grizzly River Rapids is the centre piece of the area and so much fun. Last time I rode we werre getting off running around and getting on again for at least an hour and a half, it’s a great ride that has high capacity and is the most important thing in a theme park FUN!


    These reports are always ruined by so much nitpicky whining. “Tacky” this, and “tacky” that. So spoiled. Just give an UNBIASED report, that isn’t so negative. Who wants to read that??

    • dude4real

      Exactly. It’s pretty off-putting to have to wade through someone’s opinions and commentary.

  • Sleepy505

    Good Job Andy as always, Wow many Positive and many Negative Comments the story in the LA T

  • Sleepy505

    Good Job Andy as always, Wow many Positive and many Negative Comments, the story in the LA Times sure ripped DCA A good one but people have to think Disneyland wasn’t completed in 10 years and Disneyland still continues to ad all around fun. DCA I’m sure has been learning from mistakes that have been made and I’m sure they will continue to make some as you can see, I can’t comment on DCA yet to it’s new renovation but I will be there in October as far as I know DCA will never live up to the Expectations of Disneyland but I’m sure they never intended too.

  • By Jove

    Great report, as usual.

    However, I disagree with your opinion about the Dancing with the Characters. It’s target audience is little kids and everyone in there was having a great time. Parents as well as children. Our little boy loved it! I think it’s a great place for parents to cool down, kids to go crazy and meet some of the characters that they would normally have to wait in line to see. They even had an ODV cart there selling water and snacks. Overall, I thought it was a very good idea.

  • MickeysImagination

    The “Instant Concert!…Just Add Water” is a great idea.

  • WorldLover71

    What does Disney have against the letter “G”? Dancin’, Soarin’, Screamin’. Does an apsotrophe make something more fun than a “g”?

  • CCS

    I am very impressed and happy with the new improvements at DCA. My husband and I attended on Grand Re-Opening Day and dined at the Carthay Circle restaurant, which was delicious. I’ve got to say, though, that the garishly-painted arches at the mouth of Hollywood Boulevard, and which used to feature the elephants from the 20′s movie, have got to go. The transition from Buena Vista Street to the Boulevard lacks continuity. If they don’t have anything suitable in mind to replace the arches, better to just remove them entirely.

  • FredSimmons

    About the window display… Actually, that probably should be “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” on display, rather than “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Two very different books (from the same author). Tom Sawyer Island, at Disneyland, was obviously inspired by its namesake, complete with plot elements such as “Injun Joe’s Cave”.

  • Wyatt Hertz

    If I read the word “tacky” in this blog one more time, someone is getting thumbtacks in their eyes! Would I have preferred all of this had been done in California Adventure from the start? YES, but for God’s sake, I made the best of it and had fun there anyway with a AP/Parkhopper ticket.

    As for Grizzly River Run, the removal of the extreme sports theme and changeover to the “national park” thing is all it needs, leave it alone now. Well, maybe they could restore the geyser that is SUPPOSED to go off shortly after the final drop.

    • CCS

      Amen, brother. For 11 years, we had a great time at Cal Adventure just as it was, and as it expanded. Just being able to get a glass of wine or other adult libation was worth the visit. And speaking of wine, looking forward to 2013, when the Food & Wine Festival makes its return.

    • tgdiver

      Yes, please restore the geyser! And leave Grizzly alone; it’s the best treat on a hot day!