Disneyland History Through Postcards: Anaheim Motels

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Published on May 04, 2014 at 3:00 am with 8 Comments

We have some Disneyland-related postcards for you this week, but this time there’s a twist. What follows are images of postcards from the Anaheim motels that surrounded Disneyland (not yet the Disneyland Resort). For each property represented here, we have used the street view feature of Google Maps to bring you a look at the current use of the property. Decades later, you might be surprised to see what happened to these motels. ~~Rick

Palm Motor Lodge
1101 N. Harbor Blvd



It’s fun to see how tall the palm trees grew through the years.




Trailerland Park
1201 S. Harbor Blvd.



Looks like that triangular piece of property is now home to the Hotel Menage.


Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge
1380 S. Harbor Blvd.





Many of our MiceChatters are very familiar with this property – in fact, many of them are staying here for this weekend’s Gumball Rally. Here’s a current photo:


Carousel Motel
1530 S. Harbor Blvd.



Looks like were a few changes at this property through the years…


Tropicana Motel
1540 S. Harbor Blvd.



I wonder if any of the original property exists on the site today.


Mecca Motel
1544 S. Harbor Blvd.









It’s still a Best Western, but we’ve gone from Mecca to Park Place.


Desert Inn
1600 S. Harbor Blvd.



The Desert Inn is still kicking, but now it’s an Inn and Suites!


We’ll move down to the 1700 block of South Harbor next time and visit these properties: the Charter House Hotel, the Cosmic Age Lodge, the Fantasy Motel, the Galaxy Motel, the Magic Star Motel, and the Candy Cane Motel.

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  • jcruise86


    That was a strong case for Walt Disney World.

    Speaking of post cards and WDW, If anyone puts together a “Nickel Tour” quality book of WDW cards, I’m in if its “Nickel Tour” quality. I’d prefer a soft cover for under $100. Since it’d start around ’71 with preview cards before that?), and since they haven’t made as many cards in recent years, this could be a shorter book than its Disneyland original.

    Regular post cards articles with cards from WDW, Euro Disney, and Tokyo Disneyland would be a great addition to Micechat. I collect Disneyland Jungle Cruise cards when they are cheap at the Disneyana show.

  • ralzap

    Great Fun! I always wanted to stay at the Stovall motels. The inn of tomorrow looked cool. Beach Blvd still has some of these old motels like the Robin Hood.

  • DuckyDelite

    Thanks for all the great postcards!

  • solarnole

    Looks like Cabana Bay at Universal.

  • SaskMouse

    When I was a kid we drove all the way to DL from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. That was a big deal back then. Four adults, two kids one car no air conditioning. In August. Through Nevada. Anyhow we stayed at The Peter Pan motel. Not exactly sure where it was but I thought it was heaven then! Would be curious to know what’s there now. Thanks for this article, it was fun!

  • KENfromOC

    I remember staying at the Tropicana, even the guy who was the manager! Seems like many of those motels had very wide street frontage – now they are taller, but not as wide ( look at the Mecca, now Park Place). I wonder if they sold off part of their properties years ago and became two motels.

  • MyFriendtheAtom

    like… this is amazing. more please.

  • devans

    Fantastic post! I really love the classic Googie signs and architecture.