High temperatures hit as crowds maneuver closures at Disneyland

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disney Parks, Disneyland Resort

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Published on May 05, 2014 at 5:05 am with 31 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • Conconhead

    I wish they’d move the train stuff into the park. My nephew is a huge train fanatic like many 2 year olds and he’d love to watch the model trains run.

    • masterman626

      If you live in the area you might want to check the railroad garden at the Pomona Fairplex. It’s about a football field in length of model trains, I’m 24 now and can still remember some of the first times I saw it as a kid.

  • MrTour

    When and why did they retire the train?

    • MickeysImagination

      The locomotive was not retired, just its boiler. The boiler on display was the Ripley’s. The E.P.Ripley (Engine #2) went through a major refurbishment a few years back. If my memory is serving me correctly, I believe it was before the 50th (2004-2005). Boilers will not last forever, even with the best of care. Right now the C.K. Holliday (Engine #1) is supposed to be out for refurbishment.


      • TFN5459

        Yes, the Ripley’s refurbishment was handled by Benson Mountain in 1989 (was also the first of the engines to be rebuilt) and that was when she got her current boiler. The CK Holliday is currently out for her refurbishment near Fresno, CA and they’re hoping to have it done prior to the 60th Anniversary next year.

    • ayalexander

      They didn’t retire the Ernest S. Marsh. They simply brought it to the railroad event as a goodwill gesture. It will return to service in Disneyland within a matter of days.

  • Stormy

    That Fantasyland martini glass is now on my souvenir list! I was feeling pretty smug thinking that I wouldn’t be buying much on my August trip since I’d bought pretty much all I’d ‘coveted’ during my February trip. Sigh, then they started releasing new and adorable stuff!

  • RPerez3

    Thanks for this latest update. The pictures are really spectacular. Loved the Fullerton Train Days information. A somewhat “insider” comment on Nikon. I am happy to see this update to The Parks. Hoping maybe there is perk for me “wink, wink”. I am surprised by the Logo. I completely understand how the logo would/should fit the themeing, however, Nikon is VERY specific, as I imagine most companies would be when using their logo, but they are VERY specific with the logo in every aspect. Nice to see that they can work to go outside the box.

  • Nodak

    So is anything open in the parks? JK.. but lots of great rides are down

  • Blu923

    Great update! I just have one issue with it: you called Mickey’s Fun a Wheel the Sun Wheel. lol!

  • Algernon

    I wonder who will be on the Club 33 souvenir martini glasses, assuming anybody can afford one. Perhaps they should rename the Court of Angels the Court of Devils, and replace the statue of Walt Disney with one of a banker or a lawyer holding a briefcase. If I seem slightly (more) negative than usual, it’s because I just had a sudden revelation that when they remodel the Peter Pan Ride, they might add elements from their cheap, crummy, recent knockoff attempts to it, trying to promote the latest movie, like they did to the Swiss Treehouse. And I’m sure that whoever was behind turning the Submarine Voyage into a crummy underwater cartoon show for four year olds is at this very moment lobbying to have a new rap version of the Alice in Wonderland song playing when one waits in line, when it reopens. Forgive me for thinking such thoughts, but it helps keep me from being as shocked as I was when I saw what they did to Tomorrowland and the Subs. By the way, didn’t Maleficent have bat wings, and not wings with feathers?

    • ayalexander

      I have an idea for you. Why don’t they just go back in time, seal the park in plastic wrap and tupperware to preserve it for you. Better yet, why not retire the park as it was and charge admission to the newly opened Disneyland Resort Museum of dated park history? Dude, I read all your comments. Disneyland changes. It changed for the guests. You have to let it go. Disneyland was not built to cater only to the nastalgic, it was built so it can change with the times and with the interest of the guests. You have to let things change. Let go of the past and write constructive comments on what MODERN things you may like to see in the park. Its ok to want the park to showcase something you wish to see, Disney looks at these comments, but they are not going to revert back to retired attractions. They did that Luigis tires, and now look. That was a mistake. (No Frozen pun intended), but let it go. Here’s the facts about the subs, They are costly, inefficient, and unnecessary even by today’s Nemo standards… they just simply were not meant to withstand the test of time. And Swiss Treehouse…who knows the Robinson family anymore? Except for people that grew up decades ago. Kids don’t care. I worked at Disneyland right across from the treehouse and the number one thing i heard from guests was that the kids loved the Tarzan Treehouse and that parents were happy they managed to save the treehouse from demolition years ago. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying that you hold a lot of resentment and it will only fester inside of you unless you let things change. Sorry Algernon.

      • fravitmonk

        I’m pretty sure that guy is troll.

      • CaptainAction

        Why can’t they seal Disneyland in plastic wrap? They sealed WDW in plastic wrap.

        Epcot is a salute to the 80’s. No E Ticket in 9 years.

        AK has had 1 E Ticket in 10 years with a broken centerpiece (can’t blame WDW for the strobe light cause it would just cost too much to fix and WDW doesn’t have any money). Maybe Avatar (crowd looks confused..did he say Avatar? Why Avatar?) will open before 2020 but I read they’ve already pulled the boat ride due to more cutting of budgets. Rumor or true? So, we’re down to small scale “Soarin”, light up plants, and mess hall with stores.

        DS has the same Indiana jokes, word for word, since it opened. No E Ticket since Rockin’ Roller 15 years ago. (Some may count Toy Story as E Ticket. I don’t just like folks don’t count Despicable Me or Buzz).

        MK last E Ticket was Splash Mountain, over 20 years ago!?! WDW has added 2 c Tickets and restaurants and stores since Splash but also tore out an attraction because WDW is landlocked you know (the old wives tales about Walt buying 43 square miles of land turned out to be only 430 acres I heard).

        You may owe Algernon an apology.

        To be fair, Disneyland and CA have added several E Tickets and improvements but then they closed half the attractions to help pay the bills.

        Apparentaly Disney Parks are really struggling with lack of cash flow. Maybe they need to raise prices?

      • ayalexander

        CaptainAction, you are very skeptical of Disney Parks as well, but you did hit the mark on a familiar subject I’ve been arguing with for years: WDW and its lack of new offerings and E-ticket attractions. I was very angry to hear they pulled funding on Avatarland and mothballed the water ride and reduced the size of the flight ride. That was just a very poor decision, Avatarland is a chance for a WDW park to redeem itself as offering kinetic entertainment in the form of squeezing more rides into the parks…but no…lets charge people the same price for the same idea but give them half an attraction. -Anyway…I’m not apoligizing to Algernon, he needs to grow up.

      • CaptainAction

        Point taken.

    • [email protected]

      I know there is very little sacred anymore, but I have to believe (hope) that Pan will only get a scene and graphics update and improve the ride system. Updating the storyline would almost be blasphemy. Also improve that damn lighting. I can’t see half of the ride, it is too damn dark.

  • martinjbell1986

    Great update!

  • ayalexander

    The Boudin Bakery silo isn’t for grain. Its a real working flour silo. They put the flour in there in it is fed through a tube pressurized with air, and sent into the bakery’s mixer when needed. I used to work in the Boudin Bakery and used to watch them fill the silo like once a month. At one point the air pressure valves failed and you could hear a loud hiss at the top of the silo, I had to call it in; other cast members of the wharf area were concerned cause they didn’t know it was a real flour silo.

  • ChrisNJ

    Thanks for reporting on Fullerton Railroad Days – looks like it was a great event.

  • billyjobobb

    Isn’t it great that you can use the same pics of the subs from week to week.

    No need to go to the park and take new pics, since they aren’t doing anything to them.

    • sean317

      Or the same set of scaffolding in front of the tunnel entrance.

  • ShannonA

    These updates are great. I am a little confused. I have seen articles stating that Space Mountain would be open this coming weekend.
    The Disneyland map says it is closed to the 3rd of July. At the end of this article it is listed as closed till the 26th of June, Yet it isn’t mentioned in this update.
    Having a hard time figure out when the ride is truly to open again.

    • ShannonA

      Some reason I thought it closed in April.

      • smartlabelprint

        The official Disneyland calendar shows space mountain closing may 27.

    • Tiny Mermaid

      You’re right — Space Mountain isn’t listed on Disneyland’s site as being closed May 12. As I’m going to be there 11-13, that’s great news to me!

  • sonnyk155

    Have you eve done a piece on the sign and banner people? There are signs for everything. A sign for the ride. A sign for when the ride is down. Signs apologizing for the refurbs. Where is this all done? How? By whom? The new signs on the side of the Boudin Bakery bldg, where does that design come from? Tell us all about it, please. If you don’t, you’re yella.

  • DisneyLover66

    Thank you for including photos from the Fullerton Railroad. Great update, as always. Cool merchandise photos, and I especially loved your first several photos.

  • Tinkbelle

    I’m really surprised they don’t have a New Orleans set for the dinnerware. I’m sure it would be one of the most popular sets with Pirates and Haunted Mansion on it.

    I bet the sweaty masses would have appreciated Grizzly River Run being open this week. Strange planning, Disney.

  • OprylandUSA

    “Looks like this was designed for the Be Our Guest Restaurant fans at Walt Disney World”

  • [email protected]

    Did I miss something ? Sum Wheel ? I could have sworn that the name was changed to Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Hmmm ?