In this episode we talk with former Disneyland Jungle Cruise skipper. His name is Kyle and he also has a podcast called: Tales From the Jungle Crews. On this episode we talk about his times working on the Jungle Cruise and some of the interviews he has had with other former skippers. As we discuss the various skippers Kyle has had on his show we learn about the type of people who work at the Jungle Cruise and how much fun it sounds! This is a great episode I am sure you will enjoy if you are a fan of The Jungle Cruise attraction. We also bring you the latest news from the Disneyland Resort.

  • BradyNBradleysMom

    I don’t like these podcasts. Wish you would do a transcript of them or at least the highlights so we can read it. I usually read this site places where I can’t be listening to a podcast. I feel like I miss out since so much good stuff is on these podcasts.

    • JFS in IL

      I agree – I NEVER listen to podcasts.
      I come to this website to READ Disney stuff.

  • the sweep spot

    I’m sorry. I thank you for your interest. I literally do not have time to write all the words we say. That’s why I do a podcast so I don’t have to write it.I don’t I know what else to tell you. The podcast is a ton of work. I do not get paid for this. It is a hobby for fun. If I did that it wouldn’t be fun. I’m sorry you don’t like podcasts. Is there any other podcasts you know that write out their show? I don’t know any. Thank you again for your interest.

  • fnord

    For once I agree with b&b’s mom. These podcasts won’t even play on my t mobile phone,
    while I have no problems with youtube,and therefore all of TPR’s videos.

    • the sweep spot

      OK I’m open to suggestions. What can I do so you can hear it? I’m open to try something except write out every word. Just don’t have time.

  • sixalex

    While I do not often have the time to listen to podcasts, I think that anyone asking for transcripts is a bit off base. Do you also ask for transcripts of other radio shows? The news broadcasts? Your favorite TV shows? Rush Limbaugh? Fareed Zakaria?

    Podcasts are a specific medium. Back in the day when “wireless” meant radio, no one who was lacking the equipment felt slighted that Jack Benny or Bob Hope didn’t provide a written version of their shows. George Burns and Gracie Allen were hysterical, but transferred to the written word, the magic would not survive.

    The podcasts here are a type of that magic. They are conversations and as such likely would not consistently translate well to print.

    Stick with your strengths Sweep Spot! Keep talking and archive these shows. Someday your potential listeners will gain access to technology that is amenable to YOUR source.

    Unless anyone wants to volunteer to do the work they wish to benefit from, they should just be happy that you volunteer to do yours.

    I love labors of love! Many Thanks for YOUR efforts!

  • the sweep spot

    Six Alex thank you very much for your comments. I agree with you. I am glad someone stuck up for me. I am truly doing all I can to please the listeners. Thank you again for listening. I’m open to getting our show on other places. We are on stitcher and other places podcasts are found. Its almost like others that say they don’t like to read and not all books are on audio. Thanks again!

  • The Real McDuck

    If you would script your show, as in, spend quality time before an interview thinking up good questions, and then write out the main questions you plan to ask, and stick to the questions, then all you would need to write out afterwards is the response, and any follow-up questions, and answers that transpire.

    You’re making this too difficult on yourself, and by standing up to somebody immediately, as you did with the top comment here, you are intimidating, and therefore, limiting the number of fans that you could bring in. A podcast with a high listener base can bring you income. You can still have fun while you bring in income, so don’t differentiate it between a hobby and an actual job, mmkay.

  • the sweep spot

    Mr. Mc Duck, I like your idea. I have fun doing the show. It is advertised as a PODCAST. If people are not into podcasts, there are other ways to get Disneyland info. I am very sorry I can not make everyone happy. Quality time is spent in preparation for this show. Any more time spent on it and I would have to quit. It is fun for me to talk to my friend Ken twice a month about Disneyland. I enjoy the research I do and the recording. Research some times can take up to 8 hours or more. The recording process is normally 3 hours. Editing is about 2 to 3 hours. I am not upset and standing up to anyone, I am clearly and nicely explaining myself on why I cant spend ANYMORE time on this then what I already do. I would love the help of others, and I get some. I think I was pretty nice to everyone and as far as responding immediately. Well I wanted to explain myself and show I do care, but just cant do much more. I am producing a PODCAST. I am not intimidating anyone I know and I think its best to explain myself and why I don’t dedicate my life to this podcast. So if potential listeners cant listen and want to read that’s great! I love reading too! But I hope that he and you complain to every podcast on here because no one I know have a transcript or huge amount of notes. I would love to hear comments on how someone likes the show, or has suggestions on topics, or questions about working at Disneyland, or about the park. Not complaints about something like this. Podcasting is a unique medium. Yes it only pertains to a certain population, but so does the news paper, or a movie, or a book. Thank you for your participation in this conversation and your kind comments. I hope you find a way to listen to our show and get something out of it, because that is why we do it to share what we know and have experienced at at and about Disneyland, which we have a passion for. Thank you!

  • ShanJac

    Don’t listen to them. The idea that you would transcribe the podcast is ridiculous. Perhaps they could pay to have it transcribed. Keep doing what makes you happy. As you say, this isn’t your job, it’s a hobby and it should stay fun for you. Your efforts are appreciated!

  • the sweep spot

    Thanks shanjac I’m realizing on here that you can’t please everyone and that’s fine. Some like to come here and read, some like just podcasts and some like both. The cook thing about micechat is there’s something for everyone. Thanks for your input.

    • tooncity

      No Good Deed goes unpunished, huh! Enjoy yourself, don’t listen to the complainers.

      • I completely agree. Don’t let the complainers get you down. You have an AWESOME show and it is very much appreciated by many. Some folks listen to podcasts, some read articles and some do both. There is NO reason why you should have to transcribe your work just because someone doesn’t understand what a podcast is.

        You are appreciated. 🙂

    • CCS

      The noive of some people!!! Keep on doing what you’re doing Sweep Spot. And the next time you get grief for your efforts, don’t dignify the complainers and just ignore them.

      • wdwprince

        Some people just like to complain about everything. Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the haters.

  • the sweep spot

    Thanks Dusty!

  • chad386

    Just goes to show there are dum dums everywhere. (not being offensive, I mean the lollipop!)

    Logic quiz:

    “Excuse me, I don’t like your podcast, but there’s a chance I might like it as a blog, wanna switch it?”

    greater than, less than, or equal to:

    “I don’t know that I like that your product is a wireless router, could you pretty please change it into a birdhouse?”

    • chad386

      Really though, Lynn, you seem like a nice, down to earth guy, and you are doing something you enjoy. Develop a little thicker skin, ignore the comments, and keep producing.

      I will say I sorta miss how it used to start out with the “Whistle While You Work” song; that seemed to perfectly encapsulate the podcast subject matter. (plus who doesn’t love that song)

      This podcast is enjoyable to me and relaxing, it reminds me of sitting around with friends having a quiet conversation after work.

      Btw that 1st post had to be a TROLL, and we all fell for it! LOL!

  • Kennyland

    As always, I love your podcasts and appreciate the effort and time you take to put these podcasts together and share these fun Disneyland stories with us. Thanks, Lynn.

    • jcruise86

      ^ ^ What Kennyland, wrote! ! ! Lynn rules!

      (Begin perfect Billy Joel imitation. . . ) Don’t gooooo changin’! To try to please me. You never let me down before. Mmmmm mm mmm mm mmmm. I don’t imagine there’re too familiar [with podcasts] . . . I love the Sweep Spots just the way they are!

      I also LOVE my long Micechat “ignore list”
      which filters out the Micecrap from the informative, funny & delightful Micechat on forums,
      unless I’m in the mood to read a provocateur, an idiot, or a boring writer. (I’m probably on a few lists myself :))

  • ralfrick

    A direct link to download a podcast greatly increases the odds of me being able to listen.