Hello, and welcome back to Dateline Disney World. We are in the Magic Kingdom this week to look at the Mine Train, curb removal, Hub construction and hot princesses. Let’s get started!

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!

When I entered the park, Festival of Fantasy was making its way down Main Street.

Got to love the Maleficent dragon.

The parade still feels very popular and exciting to lots of guests.

Current state of the Hub:

We were hoping for a soft opening at the Mine Train, but CMs were walking the track, so that didn’t happen. Disney did announce, however, that the official opening date is May 28th.

Frozen madness continues, and is sparking debate as to whether or not this franchise will be getting its own dark ride soon.

Black tarps STILL over the old Fastpass signs.

The rest of this week’s column will be pretty much just nice photos, since the news this week was a little dry. Enjoy!

Several projects still taking place in Adventureland.

The Cinderella Wishing Well was under walls a few weeks back, but is all cleaned up now.

Not sure how I feel about this one.

The Box below is likely for more curb removal near Tony’s. How do you feel about the removal of the curbs in the Hub and Town Square?

New shiny Nikon signs.

And saving the biggest news of the week for last, we are seeing a pretty massive overhaul of the Polynesian Resort. It will now be known as the Polynesian Village Resort, which was its original name. The main lobby waterfalls will be replaced, which is sad, but as a consolation prize, we are getting a Florida version of the very popular Trader Sam’s bar from Disneyland!

This is a huge upgrade in my opinion, as I was a huge fan of Sam’s while I last visited Disneyland. While I will be sad about the loss of the waterfalls in the lobby, it is something that has been decided on, and at this point is really out of guest control. What are your thoughts about the redo and the loss of the waterfalls?

That’s it for this week. Hopefully we’ll be reporting on the full Mine Train experience soon! Leave us a note in the comments!

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