Most Yesterland ride vehicles run on electricity. A few, such as the Pack Mules and the Conestoga Wagons, are animal-powered. Others involve a diesel engine or steam engine. One attraction has human-powered vessels. Welcome to the Indian War Canoes!

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  • eicarr

    Great seeing the rich history of an old favorite. Makes it even more special. Thanks!!!!!!!

  • Bongo

    I rode the canoes once for the first time around 2013ish. It gave an interesting eye level perspective of the Rivers of America, but I don’t think I’ll be going back on the canoes again for a while. Glad they kept them however and maintain it as a year round attraction.

  • RBNeale

    I love the canoes! It’s always fun to get out away from the crowds and discover it can be quiet at Disneyland. I also love how low to the water you are. Somehow it just feels more like you’re a real part of the park, especially when you come around by Frontierland and New Orleans Square. You feel all the people looking at you as if you’re part of the parade or something. Unfortunately, most of my friends think it’s too much work and you’re too likely to get wet, so I can rarely find anyone to go with me! On another note, I miss Cascade Peak and the waterfalls. They were truly beautiful and I wish they could build something similar in its place, although I know that’s unlikely…

  • Turboman

    Love the article on the canoes, one of my favorites. We’ve never left a ride on the canoes without smiles on our faces and a few stories to tell, from the interesting view points of the river and Mark Twain to the inability for certain paddlers to keep the water where it belongs.

    If you get a good guide, it just completes the attraction. Last year, we did the Jungle Cruise and canoes back to back, and the comparison was startling. Our jungle cruise skipper wasn’t into it while our canoe guide was hysterical. We were re-telling his jokes the whole rest of the trip.