I had some nice feedback last week for my first article on the history of Anaheim motels surrounding the Disneyland Resort by using postcard images and Google Street View. Today we continue to investigate the motels on Harbor Boulevard. ~~Rick

Charterhouse Hotel
1700 South Harbor Boulevard

…convenient to all the thrills and excitement of Disneyland – enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Charterhouse…swimming pool and cabanas, children’s play area…specialty dining rooms, completely air conditioned. “Worth the trip in itself”







1700 South Harbor Blvd. is now home to Anaheim Plaza Hotel and Suites.




It’s fun to compare the aerial photo above with the postcard image below. Note that all of the original buildings still exist, but apparently the pool and courtyard at the back of the property made way for more rooms somewhere along the line.



Next door to the Charterhouse Hotel was the Fantasy Motel.

Fantasy Motel
1734 South Harbor Boulevard









And here’s what stands at 1734 South Harbor Boulevard now.


Now we move across the street where most of the motels didn’t fare so well. The first one we take a look at is still standing. The Candy Cane is the last holdout on this side of the 1700 block of South Harbor Blvd.

Candy Cane Motel
1747 South Harbor Boulevard

Here you are assured of the ultimate in pleasant carefree living, surrounded by a limitless range of activities – adjacent to Disneyland.





Here’s the Candy Cane now. Still just a short walk to Disneyland’s main gate.


The following motels didn’t survive the Disneyland Resort’s relentless quest for expansion properties:

Cosmic Age Motel
1717 South Harbor Boulevard

MOON LEVEL LUXURY…DOWN TO EARTH RATES. On behalf of the Stovall Family, we take great pride in presenting the COSMIC AGE LODGE for your comfort and luxury. The lodge offers the finest accommodations available with all the convenience of the Space Age…

















Next door to the Cosmic Age was the Galaxy Motel – or was it the Magic Star? Apparently this property changed its name along the line.

Galaxy Motel
Magic Star Motel
1735 South Harbor Boulevard





That’s just about it for the postcards we have on Harbor Boulevard motels. Join us next time as we move to Katella Avenue and check on the fate of motels such as the Islander Motel, Viking Motel, Waikiki Motel, Musketeer Motel and others. 


    OMG! How great to see these. I stayed at the Cosmic Age hotel once(I think). Seems it had been remodeled a some point in its twilight years. Thanks!!!!!

  • Disneykin Kid

    I remember the Cosmic Age, Inn of Tomorrow, and (was it Space Age?) They were all “Stovall’s” properties. Can you tell us something about Stovalls? Was it a family?

  • rstar

    That was great! I love the decor of the Cosmic Age Lodge! If someone would do a reto Motel like that, I’d stay there- and I only live 5 minutes away from Disneyland! Except loosing that green carpet in the rooms. I can almost smell the musty carpet smell when looking at it! 🙂

  • OptimistMover

    I find it hard to believe that there was none for Howard Johnson Anaheim.

  • dizneydomenic

    Stayed at Cosmic age many times. Don’t forget there was an IHOP that was over there too that got demolished as part of expansion.

  • Koutesu

    I stayed at Cosmic Age Lodge when I was a kid in the 80s. I remember Magic Star/Galaxy changing its name to Galactic Motor Inn. Stayed there in 1990 for a rare off season trip. We always stayed at Best Western because the hotel my mom works at, Dobson Ranch Inn, was a BW up to a few years ago and the Disneyland area BW hotels used to offer employee rates. I don’t they do anymore.

  • thebear

    It looks like the pool at the Cosmic Age Motel had the original model for Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

  • tooncity

    Wow, these are fun. That Fantasy Motel looks like the New Hotel at WDW. It has a retro 50s theme to it.

    It would be a great story to find some of the old owners of these demolished motels. You can ask them, about their relationships with Disneyland. You know Love/hate/indifference. Might be able to find out, how Disney acquired their property. See if the Disney lawyers put a conditional gag clause on them.

  • robfisher55

    I still have my receipt for room 140 at the Galaxy dated Sept 18, 1974. The room was $14.00 plus .84 tax. My wife and I were on our honeymoon. It was out of this world. Thanks for a fun look back.

  • DarylF

    I was 5 years old when we stayed at the Cosmic Age. My first trip to Disneyland. In the early 80’s, we’d stay at the Candy Cane. It had a koi fish pond which fascinated my brothers and I. Wonderful memories… thank you so much more sharing!

  • MyFriendtheAtom

    Long Live Cosmic Age Lodge

  • TheKramer

    Eagerly awaiting part 3…and 4…..and 5… and, well, you get the post card, er, picture…Thanks, Rick!

  • Callaghans

    I love the back of magic star motel postcard “complimentary ice”

  • DisWedWay

    I’m waiting for the Jack and Jill Motel.

  • a-mad

    Amazing that Charter House became the Anaheim Plaza… and has existed for so many years.

    My family has stayed at the Anaheim Plaza numerous times…. and while it is not the Ritz-Carlton, we’ve never had a bad stay there. Large, clean rooms, and a great pool have us coming back. We also like the “inside/outside” feel of the rooms – with their open air breezeways, and the nicely manicured grounds.

    I had no idea some of the buildings are that dated. They’ve done a good job keeping up the maintenance. However, I think its only a matter of time that Disney buys the property and uses it for expansion purposes…