Welcome to this week’s installment of the MiceChat Disney News Round up, delivering all things related to Theme Park spills, chills and thrills! This week, we are covering more Cars Land fun, Walt Disney World news and a weird building at Hong Kong Disneyland. But that is certainly not all, you’ll find a brand new Al Lutz update complete with good news for DCA and bad news for Subs and Autopia fans. We also have a brand new Communicore Weekly and Micechatter videos for you.

Also, it isn’t too late to join us for a special luncheon with Disney Legend Bob Gurr this Saturday.  Bob Gurr event  tickets are available HERE (but hurry, because there are only 5 left!).  And, we’ve just announced two new MiceChat events for September in the San Francisco area, a Napa Valley Disney Wine Tour and  a Walt Disney Family Museum event – September 13th and 14th. Let’s jump right in and see what’s happening in our favorite parks. ~ Anthony Hays

Editor's Pick

Tom Bricker’s Radiator Springs Racers Photos
WDWFigment has several phenomenal photos of the biggest attraction of the Billion Dollar do-over!

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Disneyland Park

Radiator Springs, Buena Vista Street, and Merida are all extremely popular this Summer! Here are several photo and video reports from these newest additions to the Disneyland Resort! ~ Aladdin

Dad and Daughter in Disneyland
sbk1234 and his daughter visit Merida, Buena Vista Street, and Radiator Springs for the first time!

My DL/DCA trip: June 14-17
greeneyes17 was fortunate enough attend DCA on the Media Day Preview, here’s her trip report!

Full Tour of The Good Old Days At New Buena Vista Street
Ride Warrior takes us on a video tour of DCA’s new entrance, Buena Vista Street!

My Disney California Adventure: Attending the Grand Re-Opening (video)
Gone2Disneyland was at DCA for the Re-Dedication, and has this video of the ceremony!

Carsland and BVS

We continue to bring you a great deal of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street Coverage for you this week. Not the least of which were the multiple articles from Andy Castro and In the Parks directly below.

We also have threads and discussion from the boards regarding the additions to DCA.

Radiator Springs Racers Night Shots!
Have you been to Carsland at night? It is a experience by itself and Kajiholic has some amazing night shots of Radiator Spring Racers!

Citizens of BVS? Your Thoughts?
Juni is wondering if anyone has had any interesting interactions with any of the Citizens? Do they just randomly decide to interact with people? Do you have to initiate it?

What will happen to Carsland once it is deemed outdated?
Bongo has a interesting question, what will happen once Cars Movies have past, will the land last or will they change it?

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MiceChat Events

Meet Imagineering Legend Bob Gurr – Book Signing and Lunch – June 30, 2012
One of our all time favorite Disney Imagineers is Bob Gurr, father of the Monorail, Autopia, Matterhorn, and just about every Disney attraction with wheels. He’s a true legend and an all around nice guy. And lucky for us, there is a limited opportunity for you to grab a copy of his new book and join him for lunch at the Anabella Hotel (just behind DCA and next to the Anaheim Convention Center) on June 30th. Sign up today!

MiceChat Fall Cruise
September 10th through 16th (Vancouver to Los Angeles aboard the Disney Magic) including an epic event at the Walt Disney Family Museum AND a Napa and Sonoma winery tour (with a Disney twist of course). We are nearly sold out and have just 6 discounted cabins still available. Contact us today!

The Wine Country Disney Tour
A leisurely all day tour through Wine Country with stops along the way that include the Pollyanna House, The Lasetter Family Winery, and DIane Disney Miller’s Silverado Winery.

Walt Disney Family Museum MiceChat Event September 14th – San Francisco
If you’ve never seen the Walt Disney Family Museum, you are missing out! It is located on a picturesque spot in the Presidio. Every room of the museum is packed with info, items and photos from Walt’s life, from his early days as an animator to his later years at Disneyland.

Communicore Weekly Epcot 30th Anniversary event
Join us on the evening of Saturday, September 29th 2012 in the Norway Pavilion Special Events Lounge in EPCOT’s World Showcase for this one of a kind event celebrating EPCOT’s 30th Anniversary in style. A live taping of MiceChat’s Communicore Weekly! Co-hosts Jeff Heimbuch & George Taylor, along with MiceChat’s Dusty Sage, Kevin Yee, and the Communicore Weekly Orchestra, in a fun-filled night of fandom and frivolity as they tape a special hour long episode of the hit show, Communicore Weekly.

Your ticket will include special guest, Ron Schneider, the original Dreamfinder,Decadent dessert reception, Short scavenger hunt hosted by Kevin Yee before the show will be available to those who would like to participate, Prizes, giveaways and more, The chance to be a part of EPCOT and Communicore Weekly history, Endless Five Legged Goats and perhaps even a real life Bathroom Break, Exclusive late night ride after park closing on a selected EPCOT attraction to cap off the evening! Admission into the park is NOT included. Learn more about the event and buy your tickets here.

If you have a question about any of these events, please email [email protected]

Walt Disney World

Summer is in full swing and Walt Disney World is gearing up for the 4th of July, as well as its packed conditions for most of the season. This week in the RoundUp, we talk about Fastpass at Dumbo, a mysterious flying dragon, a ridiculously hard trivia question, and ways to beat the summer heat. So, without further ado, let’s check out the Walt Disney World forum this week. ~yoyoflamingo

Disney is Testing a Flying Dragon
Much like UFOs, reports this week point to photographs of a flying dragon contraption being tested, reportedly by WDI. While there are some photos, the purpose is still not clear. Join the speculation and conspiracy theories here!

Fastpass at Dumbo operational
Yep, it seemed inevitable, but now it’s a fact. With the second Dumbo spinner open, Fastpass has come to Dumbo. Good idea or no?

What’s the best way to battle the summer heat?
A visit to a pool or water park? A refreshing beverage or ice cream? Nice AC in a long theater show? What is your way to battle the summer heat, as the heat and humidity really begin to show their true colors at Walt Disney World.

Ridiculously hard WDW trivia question
Have you seen this piece of art before? If so, where? A fun little game to play. Though, I can’t wait until the answer is revealed – I’m stumped!

A/V Room

We have a new Communicore Weekly with topics on: Walt Disney World Trip Report, One Day at Disney, and the five legged goat cools off at the new Casey Jr Splash and Soak Zone !

And a brand new MiceChatter from Sarah!

Magic 24.7

As the official venue of choice for MAGIC 24.7, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney Anaheim will be hosting a live broadcast from the Ralph Brennan Radio Booth in the Jazz Kitchen on August 11, 2012 (exact time of broadcast TBA).We’ll be doing a live cooking demo, featuring our station’s own signature drink (Twisted Magic), doing live contests and bringing on special Disney Park guests.

We hope you can join us! For the full itinerary, check out our special event website: magic247live.com!

The Time Rovers are going live again this Thursday at 6pm Pacific for one hour! Here’s what we’re discussing: If Disney gave you a free pass to do ANYTHING to any of it’s parks…what would it be? Call us LIVE on Skype (username Magic 24.7) or on our MAGICLINE at (424) 270-1955 and get in the discussion!Remember to bookmark our site (magic247radio.com) and listen between 6am-4pm Pacific Monday to Friday for your official MiceChat.com Newscasts featuring YOUR posts and more Disney Park news! We also have welcomed former Weather Channel meteorologist Jeff Mielcarz to the station, who will provide you with Disneyland & WDW weather Monday to Friday!

Every Monday to Friday between 6-9 am Pacific, we give you your MiceChat.com Newscast. Coming soon, you’ll be able to get a full recap of news from your favorite site.

Disneyland Rumors

Hi everyone!  So do you like Cars Land? Have you braved the crowds in Radiator Springs and the traffic nightmare to get there just to get a glimpse of this new and shiny land? Tell us what you think and what ideas you have to make it better! Post your ideas, rumors and thoughts and remember…you just might make it to the weekly Round-Up!  -Demigod-

Fox & The Hound Ride In Critter Country?
MiceChat member White Bones would like to see a ride based on the Fox & The Hound animated movie. What do you think?

The Avengers: Super Heroes In Motion
A regular to this section of the Round-Up, Ride Warrior wonders thinks a new mega E-ticket ride based on the very popular superhero movie would be a good addition to Tomorrowland.

Put the water park in Disneyland
donaldduckfan#1 has an idea where a Disney-themed water park could go…inside Disneyland!

Adding fog to Haunted Mansion
And MiceChatter MrsMonroe thinks that adding fog effects to Haunted Mansion would be an upgrade. Do you agree?

Off Shore Parks

This week we have Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong get the attention of MiceChatters this week, and not all of it is good. ~ Trekkie Dad

Monster on Mainstreet
Here’s an addition to Hong Kong Disneyland that just doesn’t seem to fit on Main Street, according to TimmyTimmyTimmy. Check it out.

Lego Imagination Center (opening fall 2012)
Say goodbye to Hollywood Pictures in Paris’ Disney Village. Fultimate says it will be replaced by a Lego Imagination Center.

Illustration: Re-Inventing Walt Disney Studios Park
RandySavage has a bold idea to re-vamp Paris theme park.

Best Disney Store in Tokyo?
DLcub asks this question and gets some interesting answers.

Mickey’s Waterworks Parade is back
wali reports that this parade is back on the Hong Kong Disneyland calendar.

Disney Business

A’hoy there matey’s! Thar be adventure ahead! Should Disney embark in a new adventure by operating their own airline? Arrr should they stick to pleasin’ ye ol’ land lovers?

Disney Airlines?
Alberto Cortes ponders if Disney will ever operate it’s own airline and what plane models would they buy. My question would be, ‘Who’s flying the plane?’ while hoping it’s not Goofy!

Other Parks

Got a favorite roller coaster? Care to share ideas on expanding Knott’s Berry Farm? Want to go Back to the Future at Universal? These threads and more await you. ~ Trekkie Dad

Front Seat: Show Us Your Favorite Roller Coasters
Victor Brunswick starts this thread off with a video of the Griffon. More videos and pictures are sure to follow.

Knotts Expansion
spankyourstank has an idea for expanding Knott’s Berry Farm and invites others to contribute.

New Back to the Future Ride in 2015 – Petition
lukebrynycz would like Universal Hollywood to go Back to the Future. How about you?

Transformers early opening all Summer
Plan to ride Transformers on a summer weekend? Flan has a tip for you.


Disney dazzles CineEurope: ‘Monsters University’, ‘The Lone Ranger’, Marvel & more
News from Disney reporting on some upcoming major movie releases!

Miceage Discussions

Micechat Round up
Al Lutz – Bon Voyage?
With June relaunch of Disney California Adventure went over better than anyone in Anaheim or Burbank could have hoped for. Whats next?

Micechat Round up
Kevin Yee – Turtle Gawk
We look at SeaWorld’s newest 3D movie attraction.

Micechat Round up
Dateline Disneyland

Crowds hit Disney California Adventure hard last week, leading the park to break its all-time attendance records on multiple occasions. With its first real taste of success in its 11-year history.

Micechat Round up
Dateline Walt Disney World

Looking for fun places to take the family this summer? Universal Studios Hollywood is near the top of our list this year, with their new Transformers attraction and reasonable prices. Let’s take a look at what’s going on at Universal this summer.

Micechat Round up
From the Mouth of the Mouse
Each week, we spotlight a different Cast Member story to give you more insight into some of your favorite attractions, resorts, and movies from all over the Walt Disney Company.

Micechat Round up

There are a lot of books being published throughout the rest of 2012, including books on the theme parks, animation and Disney Legends, like Ron Schneider, Ward Kimball and Rolly Crump. Here is what you can expect over the next year that might interest the nerdier Disney enthusiasts!

Micechat Round up
In the Parks

They may be located an hour and a half away from Disneyland, but we still try to make it to Six Flags Magic Mountain from time to time to bring you updates on what’s new. This week finds two big additions to the park.

Micechat Round up
Orlando Parkhopper

Last week, the Orlando Parkhopper showed you the walls going up around Sound Stage 44.  Universal Orlando has wasted no time demolishing this building.  Earlier this year, building permits were issued for Sound Stage 44 to host a haunted house for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.  As the construction walls were going up, the Halloween Horror Nights crew was being kicked out, and now it is anyone’s guess where that haunted house will be relocated.

Micechat Round up

Sometimes you eat food at Walt Disney World simply because it is a time-honored tradition. Just like favorite resorts, attraction and restaurants, we all have our favorite theme park snack foods. And sometimes a vacation is simply not a vacation unless we are walking around with one of these iconic snacks!

Micechat Round up

In honor of the opening of Luigi’s Tires at Disney California Adventure, I bring you… Disneyland’s Flying Saucers, an extinct attraction that has become the stuff of legends. They were spotted in Tomorrowland for only a brief time. For five years, the attraction rewarded those with great patience and luck. But most of the time it was just broken. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Micechat Round up
Weekend Update

I’m sorry it’s taken a few weeks to add some new photos! It’s not like I don’t have thousands of them. We went out of town for Flag Day on Capitol Hill (I might have photos of that next week, including of the Truman piano in the National Press Club).

Micechat Round up
Would you like to take a roller coast ride with loop around a silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head? Don’t worry. It’s a single loop. You don’t loop around Mickey’s ears too. (Now that would be a jarring ride!)

Micechat Round up
The 626
For those of us who know our Disney history, we know the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair was a huge turning point for the company. Disney developed, designed, and produced four of the most popular attractions at the Fair, three of which continue to operate in Disney Theme Parks today. These attractions allowed WED develop and practically perfect the audio-animatronics that are now common place in many of our favorite rides.

Micechat Round up
This Animatronic Life
Howdy, and welcome to the second installment of “This Animatronic Life.”  Before I kick things off today, a word of thanks to all of you who wrote in with such kind and enthusiastic comments for my first article—THANKS!  You all hit the nail on the head when you talked about the power of dreams, keeping your eye on the things you want to accomplish, and believing in you own imagination.  Thanks so much for the great feedback and questions.  I hope to be able to answer them in future installments.

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