Not everything that is happening for the Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary is attraction or show related.  In fact, one of the more impressive elements will be the new World of Disney Store.  The lovely, Art Deco beacon, constructed at the exit of both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studio parks and positioned at the entrance of Disney Village area promises to bring some much needed cash flow to the resort.

Thanks to our good friends Alain Littaye and News Parcs, we have some recent pictures to show you of the World of Disney project. We’ll show you some exterior and interior shots as well as concept-art provided by Disneyland Paris. At the time of photography, the store was still being built, stocked, and sprinkled with pixie dust by Tinker Bell.  So please forgive the lack of finished show.

The entrance is flanked by a Mickey and Minnie stature.

The Tinker Bell atop the dome will rotate.

Here is some of the concept art for the front of the store.

Inside, Mickey and Pluto hover above what will soon be the main shopping floor. You can see that the fixtures are now in the shop, but have not yet been merchandised.

Near the entrance is another domes with constellations of Disney characters.

Here is concept art from the entrance.

A few registers

As you can see, close to the ceiling, there are some art deco frescoes showing Disney characters.

Along the rim of the ceiling are artistic representations of Disney scenes.

The level of artistry is right in line with what visitors to the resort have come to expect from the resort.  We can’t wait to show you the finished product when the store opens on July 12th.

Much thanks to Alaine Littaye of Disney and More and to the wonderful News Parcs


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