Last week, the Orlando Parkhopper showed you the walls going up around Sound Stage 44.  Universal Orlando has wasted no time demolishing this building.  Earlier this year, building permits were issued for Sound Stage 44 to host a haunted house for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.  As the construction walls were going up, the Halloween Horror Nights crew was being kicked out, and now it is anyone’s guess where that haunted house will be relocated.

Large equipment has already been moved in, and even with the rain from Tropical Storm Debby, demolition is moving forward and fast!  This building will be gone in no time.

Along with Sound Stage 44 the Shrek Meet and Greet is also being demolished.  Universal Orlando has not yet announced where Shrek, Fiona and Donkey will be moving.

The video we have attached to this article is the Sponge Bob street performance. Universal has been taking individual units from their new parade and having them do spot performances in the park throughout the day. It has been a big hit with park guests.

Unfortunately, it’s been quite wet in Orlando from the recent hurricane, some parts of the state are experiencing devastating floods. We cut our recent trip short, but will be back soon with more news from the Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

On the subject of rain, how much rain is too much for you? At what point do you grab the kids and head back to the hotel?


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  • mratigan


  • Susan Hughes

    They have plans to build a Harry Potter Land at Universal in Hollywood. But it won’t be anything close to the one in Orlando. The reason is simple; Universal Studios Hollywood is a “real” working studio. They don’t have the space and can’t just tear down a sound stage (a real working one) to expand their theme park.

    • That’s true to a degree Susan, but Universal Studios Hollywood IS willing to do what it takes to build a massive and expandable Wizarding World. I think you’ll be surprised just how clever Universal is in this regard.

      What I find really interesting about this demolition in Orlando is that crews were already working on something inside the stage when the decision was made to remove it. So construction timetables must have been suddenly accelerated.

  • planetsix

    Interesting! Wonder what on Earth they have planned! As for your question, rain doesn’t bother me or my family any! In fact, we hope for a really rainy day to drive away the masses!

  • It takes a lot to wash us out of the parks. We usually just find a ride or restaurant to duck out of the rain and hope it subsides. But at some point, you usually just give in and brave the conditions. Rarely have I left a park because of rain, even torrential rain. The one thing that would change my mind is if it is also cold. I can be cold, I can be wet, but I can’t be cold and wet. That’s where I draw the line. 😉

  • d que blog

    Sound Stage 44 –
    Where is this located in relation to the new Harry Potter expansion? Could this be additional area for that? Having not been to USO in many years I have no point of reference…
    It does seem odd that they would begin constructing something for Halloween and then suddenly remove it and destroy the soundstage for no apparent reason. There has to be a bigger plan that is being kept under wraps.

    How much rain is too much?
    On this account I am in total agreement with Dusty. No amount of rain can deter me from a fun day in the parks, but Cold AND Wet…?? I would have to break down and buy an overpriced Disney Poncho, and this I will not do…

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