Mousetalgia presents an Emporium of topics this week as we review Disney’s latest film “Million Dollar Arm,” visit Disneyland, and discover the stories behind art of Marc Davis. First, Kristen reviews “Million Dollar Arm,” and offers her thoughts on its place in the pantheon of Disney family movies. Dave and Becky report on a recent trip to Disneyland, and discuss the Napa Rose restaurant and fine dining with children, staying at the Paradise Pier hotel, and the Big Thunder Railroad renovation. Finally, Jeff attends the VIP opening of the Walt Disney Family Museum’s new exhibit “Leading Ladies and Femme Fatales: The Art of Marc Davis,” and speaks about the exhibit and Marc Davis with Andreas Deja, Disney animator and co-curator of the exhibit; Michael Labrie, the museum’s collections director and the exhibit’s co-curator; and Disney Legend Alice Davis, Marc’s widow, who shares some insight into what made Marc into such an incredible artist and storyteller. Plus – our favorite inappropriate Disney “family” films… and more!

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  • keefelc

    Something told me it was time to purchase a WDFM membership this year! Right after I joined, they announced the Marc Davis exhibit and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening. Didn’t go this weekend because I didn’t want to deal with the anticipated crowds. Now I’m glad I waited because I was able to listen to Jeff’s interviews from the press event. The info will definitely add to the experience of seeing the show, so my thanks!

  • I’m glad the interviews were helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to ask, so I tried to focus on Marc’s creative spark. And yes, this is definitely the summer to visit the museum. The Mary Blair show is fascinating, and with Marc’s exhibit and the rest of the museum’s displays, it’s about as good an experience as a Disney history fan can get. Have a great time when you head out there!

    • keefelc

      I previously didn’t have a lot of extra time so visiting the museum wasn’t a priority, even though I live here in San Francisco. However, I was able to retire a little over a year ago and I took about a year to catch up on my new bearings. Then hearing about the Mary Blair exhibit, I realized SF had really taken a sharp turn in being a major part of the Disney experience and I finally visited the museum! At this point in my life, I, too, really enjoy learning more Disney “behind the scenes” and history. Never dreamed that could be done right here in my backyard and with the Disney legends!