The clock is ticking on the completion of Disneyland Paris’ Ratatouille Ride. In this latest update, Alain Littaye brings us photos showing just how close the ride is to completion. Park managers are fine tuning the attraction – going so far as to actually change out one of the giant signs that was erected just weeks ago. ~~Rick

Workers Race Against The Clock to Complete Ratatouille Ride
by Alain Littaye
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Today we’ll visit Walt Disney Studios thanks to great photos from Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster.

Studios guests can now meet Spiderman at the Backlot, and banners are now in place at the entrance of Studio 1 to make sure they don’t miss him.



Banners have been placed all along the Backlot and near the Blockbuster Cafe where Spidey is meeting and greeting.


Spiderman merchandise products can also be found at the Backlot – action figures and Spidey LEGO sets are on sale between Armaggedon and the Moteurs… Action! stunt show.


Let’s move over to the Ratatouille construction site as there are plenty of things to see. Let’s start with aerial views shot by Max from the Toy Story Playland Parachute Drop.






Note in these ground shots that the fountain in the center of the plaza is now ready. When Max shot the panoramic picture below, it was not yet the case.


In these next photos shot a few days later you’ll see it almost fully finished!




Note the sculpture of Remy on the base…




And here are some new pictures shot last Thursday…





Almost everyone thought that the big Ratatouille sign at the entrance of the attraction was too big and quite ugly. Apparently park executives agreed, as last Tuesday the sign was dismantled. It is supposed to be replaced by a sign less big and hopefully without the very ugly huge and flat cooking pot.




Now, with the sign removed, waiting for a new one:


They did the same over the Fast Pass sign as the text “L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Remy” was not clearly visible because of the choice of colors. My advice: get rid of this unbelievably long title!


On the other hand, the “toilets” sign is now in place…



And on these warning signs below is written: “Join Remy in a 3D cooking adventure for the whole family in the world of Ratatouille and be prepared to whirl forward or even backward! Children must be watched at all times”.


Good news, there will be an access for single riders!


Lamp posts are now all in place and workers have finished placing the cobblestones on the street.






On these new pictures shot one week later, you’ll note that two new lamp posts have appeared near the ride entrance.





The “covered market” facade, which will hide the previous costuming building, is still in the works.



Curtains have been placed in the windows of the building facades…







Work is still going on at the future merchandise shop…




The street going from the entrance of Toy Story Playland to the Ratatouille area is now almost completely finished, including curtains behind some of the windows.




More pictures shot last Thursday.




I have to say that I’m extremely impressed by the quality of the theming. Being a Parisian myself, I can tell you that they did an amazing job recreating a Paris quarter. Walt Disney Studios guests will be amazed, whether they are French or not. Congratulations to all the workers and DLP Imagineers!


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Pictures: copyright Max Fan – DLPWelcome

  • ayalexander

    That is just amazing. I wish I could see that Parisian area and ride aboard the Ratatouille attraction. They should bring something like that here to Anaheim! They could build it north of Frontierland with the entrance behind its own new surroundings at the old festival arena, or they could build it in the open land adjacent to Carsland, or Disney could include it in a third park! People want to see so many new things… what if in Disneyland Resort’s third park, they had Star Wars Land, Marvel Land, Avatarland, and something along the lines of World Showcase (like from Epcot) and it could include a Parisian area with the Ratatouille attraction!

    • jcruise86

      No. Let Paris has an excellent (hopefully excellent) & unique attraction.

      And let Avatarland be unique to Walt Disney World.

      Let Universal’s imagineers build a much better version of Spiderman in Anaheim. It’s already one of the best attractions I’ve ever ridden, and that was before it was upgraded. Or make an Avengers attraction with great 3D, great AAs, and live actors that is better than any ride ever made. This could replace Anaheim’s Toontown along with some kid friendly attractions that involves kids moving around and not just passively sitting on rides and shooting at targets.

      And yes to Star Wars in Anaheim too.

      • jcruise86

        “Let Paris has”. I HATE not being able to edit posts after articles.

      • jcruise86

        And “attractions that involves”–if only I could time travel and correct these.

        Unfixable typos make Hulk smash! (Mostly because the 5’8″ “Hulk” is totally responsible.)

      • ayalexander

        haha. you’re funny. But I’ll never get to travel to Disneyland Paris, I want to see an attraction like that out here.

    • CaptainAction

      Avatarland? Out of all the things we could hope Disneyland would build…Avatarland?
      I can’t think of anything in the realm of possibilty which draws more shrugs of the shoulders.
      You can see folks everywhere on any day proudly wearing t shirts from Marvel or Star Wars.
      When have we ever heard any enthusiasm for Avatar anywhere, except for a few WDW execs who have a man-crush on Cameron and will jump through any hoop to work with him?
      Pocahontas in Space with big blue Smurfs and light up plants?!
      I read they are even value engineering it now. Heard they dumped the boat ride.
      Is Avatar now just a mess hall, stores and a Soarin’ through Avatar ride at WDW?
      We don’t want to waste space on this at Disneyland.

      • ayalexander

        First of all, I didn’t say build Avatarland in Disneyland, or even California Adventure. I said in a third park. Second of all, I know and have heard several people say they would like to see Avatarland and go on rides there. Its dissapointing that they cut the budget in Florida, but you know TDA would put a huge budget on an Anaheim version, just like they did with Carsland. On top of that, Avatar is currently just one film, but as soon as the others start coming out, there will be an even larger fan base since James Cameron will be improving on the story line. All I said was I would like to see Avatarland here, since I can’t get to florida and even if I did, the one there is cut-budget. Don’t bite my head off Captain-BITCHEN.

      • disneygeek24

        Ya lots of “shrugs of shoulders” at the box office. . . I tell ya

  • EC82

    Re-creating Paris just outside of Paris. Hmm. Sounds suspiciously like what got California Adventure into trouble!

    • blondiemouse72

      And I ask again why wouldn’t a land based on the movie Ratatouille look like the movie Ratatouille ?

  • WDWorldly

    This looks better than Epcot’s France pavilion.

    • MonteJ

      “This looks better than Epcot’s France pavilion.”

      And that’s exactly where this attraction should go if it is ever brought to the USA.

  • Freddie Freelance

    Merci Alain! Merci Max! Merci Rick! Thank you for all the updates, I can’t wait for ride through videos to start showing up!

    I don’t think the size of the sign was the problem, the sign elements had to be blown up so enormous to fit that whole name, and the name itself on the sign is the problem. Change it to something short with the movie/character name in it, like “Ratatouille: Remy’s Adventure”.