Father, Mother, Fritz, Ernst, and little Francis invite you to visit their home. You may have seen this family at your local movie theater in 1960. You probably thought their treehouse was on a far-off-tropical island. But it’s actually right here in Yesterland.

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Photo by Jim Smith, courtesy The Walt Disney Family Museum

Disneyland: The Fan Driven Time Machine

with Sam Gennawey, Jeff Kurtti, Todd Pierce, and Werner Weiss
at The Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco,
Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.

On July 17, 1955, Walt Disney proclaimed, “Disneyland is your land.” Little did he realize that the public would take him at his word creating a new cottage industry driven by the fans themselves. Today, people can access Walt’s Disneyland of 1955 to 1966 easily through books, magazines, DVDs, websites, blogs, mobile apps, and podcasts—often products made possible by new technology and an online world that allows people to find and obtain these resources. Whether for reasons of nostalgia, scholarship, the desire to experience something from a time before they were born, or to understand the foundation of something they enjoy today, fans can relive the park through the work of people like themselves. How did all of this begin? And who will be responsible for separating the facts from the fantasy?

Join author and Disney historian Sam Gennawey as he moderates a discussion about this amazing cottage industry with guest panelists Jeff Kurtti, Todd Pierce, and Werner Weiss.

Tickets are limited to the capacity of the theater and are expected to sell out.

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