Today, we’re venturing outside the realm of Disneyland. Everyone got your hand stamped and your return ticket? Good.

Personally, I still place Knott’s Berry Farm higher in worth visiting factor than Universal, in the broader scheme of the SoCal parks.

The ugly bare steel roller coaster tracks and truly charmless ‘boardwalk’ concrete sprawl leave a lot to be desired, and the lack of an additional dark ride is sad, no doubt: but a ride through the Timber Mountain Logging Company always makes my day when I visit.

Timber Mountain Log Ride, Knott's Berry Farm

Can practically hear the clank of the lift hill mechanism and the splash of water in the flume when looking at this photo, can’t you?

Some of the scenery along the way includes authentic logging equipment and scenes of both nature and the logging operation.

And finally, here comes the big plunge at the end. Hands up and smile for the required cameras!

I think I’ll wander off and check out the Western Trails Museum, try and dry off…I’ll see you all a little later further down the trail!

  • mratigan

    Fantasmic photos

  • DisWedWay

    Rockwork fabrication has changed so much since Knott’s did this attraction. Bud Hurlbut was so excited to see the new Big Thunder in 1979 at Disneyland during a special walk through with him.

    • glowman

      I remember Bud Hurlbut did enjoy his visit to Big Thunder. Bud talked about it during lunch at his shop. Tony Baxter, who admired Bud, took him on a tour of Big Thunder Railroad. Bud said he walked him up the first lift and showed him how he was inspired by the Mine Ride Caverns in creating that scenic area. Of course Tony also worked to get the Mine Ride awarded top themed ride honors at the THEA awards in the 90’s.

  • You took me there. Thank you.

  • glowman

    I started working for Bud Hurlbut a month before the Log Ride opened to the public July 11, 1969. Since Bud sold his attractions to Knott’s the “show” aspect of both the Log and Mine rides has deteriorated. Knott’s should consider making an investment in both rides. Perhaps a creative company like Garner Holt Productions could upgrade the scenery, lighting, and the animation including bringing the steam back into the Pot Room scene in the Mine Ride and adding effects to the explosion scene.