It’s time for episode 5 of The E-Ticket Report where hosts Tim, Chris, and Derek take a look at all the goings on in the theme parks we all love. Subjects include: the Magic Kingdom’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Harambe Nights and Rivers of LIght at Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Polynesian Village, Downtown Disney and even a little Universal discussion as well. All this and much, much more in what has been referred to as the podcast equivalent of a cronut. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!

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Chris Wakefield lives in South Florida and spends most of his free time traveling across the country looking for the best thrills that theme parks have to offer. Growing up in the Midwest,Chris is used to the high and fast coasters offered up at parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island, and moving to Florida four years ago was a bit of theme park culture shock. With twice a month visits to Orlando, Chris works hard to keep his finger on the pulse of the ever expanding theme park community in Central Florida. Outside of the Orlando parks, Chris also visits California twice a year and isnt above going to a good haunt or two! Chris created the Wakefield Report website in the fall of 2011 to bring theme park and themed entertainment fans closer to the latest news, and opinions in the community. Each week, the Wakefield Report Podcast goes on the air to provide an unbiased, open, and honest look at the latest in Disney and theme park news. You can reach Chris at: [email protected]