It’s summer of 1972. Walt Disney World has been open less than a year. Walt Disney World wants you to know that there’s a lot more than just the Magic Kingdom. You’re given a handy horizontal fanfold brochure with Mickey Mouse on a bright green cover.

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  • FerretAfros

    Interesting that the Magic Kingdom page says that the fireworks were located over Seven Seas Lagoon. I assume that just described the view from the hotels, and that the show was always launched from behind the park, right? It would have made for a very interesting, Illuminations-like experience to actually do the show over the lake

  • RTDJ

    The information regarding the names of wings at the Contemporary Reosrt is incorrect. The north garden wing was originally named bayshore and the south garden wing was originally named lakeside.

    • Werner Weiss

      You are correct. I have corrected the article:

      “Originally, the resort consisted of three parts—The Towers, Bayshore, and Lakeside. The Towers building is now called the Contemporary Tower. Bayshore, which had been renamed to the North Garden Wing, was demolished to make way for Bay Lake Tower. Lakeside is now called the South Garden Wing.”