Hong Kong Disneyland’s New Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars – First Videos

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Published on June 28, 2012 at 3:11 pm with 12 Comments

The new Grizzly Gulch mini land at Hong Kong Disneyland is scheduled to officially open to guests on July 14th. However, Chinese theme park fan site, Hong Kong Main Street Gazette has just posted a point of view video of the new Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Car ride at night. It isn’t the best look at the attraction since the video is very dark, but it does give you a good idea about some of the limited show scenes and the type of coaster thrills which can be expected.

Take a look and then let us know your thoughts below.

Well folks, what do you think about Hong Kong’s newest E-Ticket? We’ll be sure to post daytime video as soon as it becomes available.


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  1. Wow, I’m officially impressed. Can’t wait to see daytime video of this, but it looks like an awesome ride.

    Maybe we can get some of those Grizzly AA’s on Grizzly River Rapids at DCA. ;)

    • That would be awesome Gregg. DCA’s Grizzly could really use some animatronics. The scene with the bear scratching his behind on the track switch is pure Marc Davis Disney. LOVE it.

  2. Looks pretty neat, doesn’t it folks? One part Big Thunder Mountain, one part Expedition Everest with a little bit of Grizzly Mountain from DCA thrown in for good measure. Looking forward to seeing some daytime video as well so we can make out more of the scenery.

  3. Wow, looks awesome, really like combo feel of the two rides.Hats off to those DI’s who thought this out….. so is this going to be a new refurb for thunder Mountain? Although I love Thunder Mountain It would be nice for more animatronics and a little bit of a change.

  4. That makes me want to go back to Hong Kong. Looks fun!

  5. Wow, impressive. I didn’t expect the highest level AA bears, thought they’d be much more simplistic because of the short view time. Also liked the ‘breaking’ cable detail at the apex of the mountain.

  6. We need some animatronic bears on DCA’s Grizzly Peak river ride.

  7. I did see a daytime video yesterday and it looked like they are still trying to work out some of the effects on the animated steam engine up on the hill. I hope they get the black smoke to come out of the boilers smoke stack from the burning of wood or coal, and white steam coming out of the compression head or pop off valve or leaking steam fittings. WDI has done both effects before in PDL and TDL. They should run the effects at night since the engine is animated in both day and nighttime.

  8. Wow, looks amazing…finally HKDL is becoming the full park experience it should be

  9. This looks like so much fun wish we had this in California. Looking forward to the daytime video.

  10. Agreed I’m very impressed with the way this ride looks, both my son and I want to ride this one now! Perhaps they could find a way to squeeze this sucker in to DCA with out compromising anything :) This and Grizzly rapids would complement each other greatly!

  11. This looks fantastic. Going backwards is a nice touch. Would this be a good place for some Country Bear action? What about going down a ‘rainbow cavern’? Great place for that to make an appearance…