This week we take a journey back to the early days of Frontierland at Disneyland. We look at some attractions, exhibits, shops and restaurants, and some you maybe didn’t know existed. Disneyland opened in July of 1955, and then the old west was a popular theme for movies and television shows. One of those shows and characters was Davy Crockett. Although there was only a few episodes, the show became an instant hit and was a no brainer that there would be a Frontierland in Disneyland, and Davy Crockett would be a big part of it. We learn that there was a gun shop, a mineral shop and a place to buy Fritos in Disneyland. We also discover there was a building near where Haunted Mansion is now, and that building served friend chicken. To learn more take a listen to our show here, or Itunes, Stitcher radio and more. Also for show notes and more info on The Sweep Spot go to

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  • Mousekagal

    Loved the episode! I always love hearing about the genesis of the different areas of Disneyland it’s a fascinating to know what was there and how things have changed. Hey they should make a flipbook of Disneyland starting with 1955 to present day for each land so when you flip the pages you show how layer upon layer how it has changed or maybe a picture of 1955 frontierland per se and then just add see-through layer upon layer on top and how things have been added into the area around. Anyway think I’m just sputtering thoughts here! To the point, love your podcast it’s a great listen keep doing what you’re doing ! I enjoy the employees thoughts on all things Disneyland!
    Thanks, Stephanie Check

  • the sweep spot

    Thanks Stephanie! I’m glad you enjoy the show. I like your idea about flip book.