West coast and gulf coast residents can rejoice with the news that the Disney Cruise Line will once again deploy the Disney Wonder to Hawaii, Mexico, and Texas for a series of select sailings in 2015.


To or from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on two 10-night voyages, the Wonder will stop at Hilo, Hawaii; Nawiliwili, Kauai; Kahului, Maui and Honolulu, Oahu.

10-night Hawaii with two days in Honolulu Vancouver to Honolulu

Ports: Vancouver, Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului and Honolulu
Departure Date: Sept. 7 – 2015

10-night Hawaii with two days in Kahului Honolulu to Vancouver

Ports: Honolulu, Kahului, Hilo, Nawiliwili and Vancouver
Departure Date: Sept. 17 – 2015

Rates: From $1,650 per person, based on double occupancy.

With the sailings beginning or ending in Honolulu, they provide the perfect opportunity for a pre- or post-cruise stay at Disney’s famed Aulani resort. Or alternatively, make it a convenient 20-night roundtrip from Vancouver by booking both cruise segments. This is the most relaxing option with sea days bookending the port days, providing plenty of onboard time to enjoy the ship.


Sailing from America’s Finest City of San Diego, California (I’m partial to agree. I’m a native resident, after all.) are six new cruises. Three 5-night ones will return to the Mexican Riviera with stops at Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, and one 3-night one will call on Ensenada alone. Plus, the cruise line will offer two 2-night weekend getaways exclusively at sea.

5-night Mexico – Roundtrip from San Diego

Ports: Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada
Departure Date: Oct. 4, 11, 18 – 2015

3-night Mexico – Roundtrip from San Diego

Ports: Ensenada
Departure Date: Oct. 1 – 2015

2-night Mexico – Roundtrip from San Diego

Ports: Exclusively At Sea
Departure Date: Oct. 9, 16 – 2015

Rates: From $404 per person for 2-night cruises, from $435 per person for the 3-night cruise, from $625 per person for 5-night cruises; all based on double occupancy.

For those wishing to extend their Disney vacation, the Port of San Diego is only an hour-and-a-half drive from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure just north up the coast in Anaheim, California.


Caribbean cruises during the 2015 holiday season will depart from Galveston beginning in November. Highlights include Key West, the Bahamas and Disney’s private island of Castaway Cay on the bulk of the sailings with select stops in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

7-night Caribbean – Roundtrip from Galveston

Ports: Key West, Nassau and Castaway Cay
Departure Date: Nov. 13, 20, 27; Dec. 4, 11, 28 (New Year’s Cruise) – 2015

7-night Caribbean – Roundtrip from Galveston

Ports: Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Falmouth
Departure Date: Nov. 6 – 2015

6-night Caribbean – Roundtrip from Galveston

Ports: Key West and Castaway Cay
Departure Date: Dec. 18 – 2015

4-night Caribbean – Roundtrip from Galveston

Ports: Cozumel
Departure Date: Dec. 24 (Christmas Cruise) – 2015

Rates: From $948 per person for 4-night cruises, from $1,116 per person for 6-night cruises, from $945 per person for 7-night cruises; all based on double occupancy.

Again, these itineraries offer the opportune chance to book multiple legs to create your own extended custom cruise.

And you can begin reserving all these select sailings as soon as May 21, 2014.

Bon Voyage!

Editor’s Note: To book these or any Disney Cruise Line itineraries, please contact MiceChat’s official travel agency, Fairy Godmother Travel or write [email protected].

  • I’d absolutely LOVE to do one of the Hawaiian cruises. But are all those days at sea on the way to or from Vancouver difficult? I don’t really understand why they can’t just cruise the islands. Seems like a lot of days wasted getting to and from.

    Good to see the Mexico itineraries added back. Since I live in LA, these are the most affordable cruises for me to take. I’ve never been to any of the Mexican ports. Do any of our readers have any thoughts about Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada?

    Thank you Jason!

    • snookers

      Hi Dusty,

      As Met19 says below, due to (definitely outdated) US maritime laws, a foreign registered ship (which they almost all are for tax and employment law purposes) must start/end or stop at a non-US port to operate. That is why the cruise to Hawai’i starts in Vancouver and not in San Diego or LA.

      I have taken a Princess Cruise to Puerto Villarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas before. We liked the Cabo port best as once you got a little away from the dock, the town was really nice and a lot less “touristy”. It is also one of the most popular places for SoCal residents to have a timeshare, so you know the town is pretty safe.

      The San Diego cruises are definitely convenient – but still a little too pricey for taking my family on a Disney Cruise.

    • KENfromOC

      I personally have not been on this on any other cruise, however my sister and her family have taken two Disney cruises, the Caribbean one and when it was here down to Mexico.
      At the time her boys were both under 10 and she loved the cruises! (When they went on a non-Disney Alaskan cruise, they enjoyed it, but no where near the same.)

      That being said, the cruise to Mexico was disappointing because, well…it’s Mexico! She went to the same locations and said it was nothing more than the cheesy touristy shops and restaurants and beggars all wanting your money. And would you really want to take some bus tour where your chances of being robbed are pretty high?

      So – it was not recommended by her as you are paying a lot of $$ for the cruise to ports that are not worth going to. And that’s why for me, I have never taken a cruise. Living as you do in Orange County area, your only choice for a direct cruise (no air travel) is Mexico!
      No thanks!!!

      • Mr. Disney

        “That being said, the cruise to Mexico was disappointing because, well…it’s Mexico!”

        Hey Mr.! I live there!! (or in the San Diego/Tijuana area… so both countries)

        I’m sorry that you only got to the cheesy touristy shops… I hope you give my country another chance, I promise you there are wonderful places to discover. (And, just to clarify, it is a LOT safer than you think).

      • GDub80

        We went on the Mexican Riviera Cruise back in 2012. It was incredible!! I was told to stay on the ship, but we definitely did NOT do that. We went zip lining and hiking, swam with dolphins and then went swimming in the ocean in Puerto Vallarta. Then in Cabo, we spent 2 days there exploring the back country on a zip lining excursion that was incredible!! It was even better than the 4-night Bahamian. BEAUTIFUL place, and we are so excited to do it again when it comes back!!

    • dazyhill

      I did a cruise last November from San Diego to Hawaii and back. It was on the Holland America line of ships (they do the Hawaii runs every winter out of San Diego). It took five days to sail from San Diego to Hawaii and vice versa. The itinerary in the islands was similar to what DCL is offering except that Kona was the last stop in Hawaii before departing back to San Diego.
      The journey to Hawaii was relatively smooth and very relaxing. You are literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On the journey to Ensenada/San Diego, we encountered two rough days at sea. On one of those days, the captain restricted access to the outside walkways due to the high winds. I would imagine the journey to Vancover and back would be about the same, if not rougher. The water gets colder as you sail north.
      Ensenada has a large cruise ship port, but very few amenities. There is a small covered mercado with various merchant stalls selling the typical tourist wares. There was a shuttle to go into town. It cost $3 each way not including tips.You typically get to Ensenada in the early afternoon and leave in the early evening.
      I visited Cabo San Lucas on a different cruise and rather enjoyed it. There was lots to do and I was able to walk to the Hard Rock Cafe without any problems.
      The DCL cruise to Hawaii seems to me more expensive than it should be. Fly up to Vancover then have to fly home from Honolulu? That’s a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere. I would actually prefer to fly to Honolulu, spend a few days there, and board the DCL back to San Diego.

    • Always a pleasure!

      The other comments below sum it up pretty accurately about the limitations of foreign-flagged vessels sailing to the Hawaiian islands. The sea days are actually quite nice because they allow ample time to enjoy the ship itself. I think Disney could easily sell week long cruises that stopped at no ports because the ships offer so many attractions.

      I personally prefer Cabo San Lucas over Ensenada in Mexico. There’s much more to do and see. Even if Mexico doesn’t appeal to you, a five-night roundtrip from San Diego could be spent exclusively onboard if you felt so inclined.

      Bon voyage!

  • met19

    its required for foreign flagged carriers to either start in a foregin port or stop in one if going from lets says LA or SD to Hawaii -(e.g. DCL’s flag is Bahammas I believe).

    Norweign has an American flagged boat which just sails around the Hawaiin Islands.

  • trebor13

    I was hoping to see a Panama Canal repositioning cruise included on the list.

    • Big D

      Panama Canal is not a new itinerary. This article is about new itineraries that Disney did not d last year. Disney does Panama Canal cruises every year when they move the Wonder from the Caribbean over to do Alaska cruises. So there will be one on 5/01 just like there is every year, and then if you look at the dates of the Mexico cruises, you will see that there is a 5-night cruise from San Diego on 10/18 and the first 7-night Caribbean cruise from Galvaston is on 11/06, which tells you that there must be a Panama Canal cruise in between those dates that sails during Halloween.

      Awesome news! I’m glad Disney decided to offer a Hawaii cruise that you can combine with Aulani. Now if I can just find a way to pay for it all!!!

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