Your Guide to Disneyland’s Rock Your Disney Side 24-Hour Party

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Published on May 22, 2014 at 12:08 pm with 21 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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    YA, what is up with thst Rock Your Disney Side moniker, sounds pretty stupid to me. Good luck to all who show up to this sardine fest.

    • MrsMonroe

      someone is in a bad mood. just dont come and let us have all the fun

      as for the event: it wasnt crowded at all and was a blast, i got the ears, the lanyard and the pin and shirt and i was so happy to see the castle transformed into a stage party thingy haha

  • ayalexander

    Then count me as a sardine, I wanna go!

  • MyFriendtheAtom

    Can i get in if i showed up later? like are they letting people in constantly tho?

    • Yes. You can enter at any time during the 24 hours. However, regular park capacity rules apply. If the park fills up, you’ll have to wait for others to leave before you can get in. With both Disneyland and DCA open 24 hours, I’d bet that at least DCA will remain open for the full 24 hours without needing to limit access. You should be fine. 🙂

      HAVE FUN!!!

  • 2DieFR

    Pacific Wharf Dance Party tho

  • SRGFernandez

    Can anyone tell me how crowded it will be at say 3:00 pm tomorrow? I wanna go for a few hours with my mother who got back from Manila and my brother but if it’s too crowded we’ll just leave. My little brother went to the Monsterous 24 hour event and said it wasn’t that bad but i want multiple opinions. Thank you.

    • In previous years, that’s about the time it starts to get busy. By the time folks are out of work at 5pm, it really gets crowded and the crowds continue to grow through midnight and then many of the families start to go home.

    • sixalex

      These 24 hour events are growing in both stature and legend. The appeal is increasing and MANY people are in it for the Endurance Test quality as well. They will be there for the entirety of the time allowed. And who wouldn’t be enticed by the marathon of Disney Mania? It is a unique opportunity.

      My advice? Based on your limited description of your goal? Stay away. If you just want some relaxing and wandering of the parks with mom, pick a different day.

      If frenzy and mania is your cuppa tea,(or hers!) then go for it! At 3:00p.m. it *might* not be too crazy, but things will be gearing up (or is that down? These 24 hours things confuse me a bit) for night time fun. You’ll likely encounter Red Bull fueled Disney Die Hards in a mildly crazed Happier than Happy Place.

      It is a different experience than what you might be used to and a fun one. But the population of Disneyland is definitely high during these events. And I mean that both ways. 😉

      Whatever you decide, always go with an attitude of fun and enjoyment based on the way the park is THAT day. Crowds can really add to the energy of Walt’s gift.

      As for me? I wish I had the stamina! You will see me wandering and sauntering about on the slow days. But I will be tuning in to any and all reports of those who rocked their Disney sides. Vicarious living will suffice.


    • RuneM

      I’d also say it depends. I mean at 3, I don’t remember it being TOO crowded, but it wasn’t AS bad as it was last time. The downside of last time was that they had a Grad night going on at the same time that shut off a good deal of California Adventure, and locked the grads into whatever park they were in after around 9 or so. So here’s the thing, it probably won’t be “oh dear lord it is legion” bad till 10 or so, and even that depends on which lands/areas you’re in. Same basic rules apply as any disney trip, but just be a bit more weary because the crowd could be a bit more fervent, bigger and just plain scarier than the usual crowd you might be used to.

    • SRGFernandez

      Thanks for the responses! We’re gonna give it a shot and if it’s too insane we’ll save it for another day. Sounds like it’s a catch 22. It could be packed but then again it could not. i’m hoping it’d get packed at or around 10 (We leave before the fireworks so not to get stuck in the madness that is post-fireworks main street) I guess we’ll have to play it by ear.

      • sixalex

        Trip Report! Please!

    • applegui

      I went to the first 24/hour event at Disneyland in 2012, which was on Leap Day. The plan was that I was going to meet up with a few friends at 3pm, since I took the day off I got in a little early around 12pm. The population was perfect. It wasn’t over crowded, it was extremely manageable. However come 3pm my friends were stuck on the Freeway. In fact this event shut down all surrounding freeways leading up to the park. Instead of getting in at the park at 3pm, they finally made their way into the park at 9pm. It took them 6 hours to get in! When they finally got in, about 30 minutes later the park was sold out or they stopped letting people in. I remember heading up to Main Street Train Station and seeing 1000s of people lined up trying to get in. It was so remarkable, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. The park was at total capacity and the relief shift employees couldn’t make into the park either. We never thought the park would be this INSANE. For one this was off season, second this was on a WEDNESDAY too! LOL!

      There were so many people that even the Disney staff were overwhelmed. The trashcans were all full and overflowing garbage, people were beginning to sleep on main street. The Main Street Cinema was full of people sleeping on the floor. It was just crazy. Never seen anything like it at Disneyland. At first I thought there is no way they are going to do this again, because just the sheer mess and they had to prep the park for an 8-9am reopen. It didn’t give them time to really recover from it.

      We stayed until 6am, 18 hours for me. It was very cool to do once, but I have no desire to do it again. There was just WAY too many people to make it enjoyable. It is fun to watch the chaos once.

    • SRGFernandez

      We couldn’t even get into the parking structure. We got there around 6 because we live 30 minutes away and Ball and harbor was packed for at least 2 miles. Parking garage was closed and we only assumed that it would be insanity to attempt to get in. Guess we’ll have to go another day. Kinda bummed.

  • Ravjay12

    Sounds really cool! Looking forward to the update and pictures! Would have been really fun to go to!

  • ayalexander

    I miss Disneyland 🙁 I used to go every month for years, then when i became a Cast Member, going to the park (besides to work a shift) became a very regular occurence) now I’m lucky if I get to go to Disneyland every 6 months. I already went for the Cast Preview of Big Thunder, hopefully I will at least see Disneyland once more before the year is out.

  • Droberts1395

    Will they two your car if you leave it at DTD overnight?

    • sixalex

      The rules are fairly strict in DTD parking lot. I would never chance it unless I KNEW for CERTAIN that they were allowing overnight parking. Better to park safe than try and find the impound lot and admire all the new scratches you might gain.

      In all things Disney, it is best to follow their rules. After all, who’s the leader of the club? Not you and not me!

  • Droberts1395

    Will M/F still have space at 4?

  • tooncity

    How many attractions do they close for this event?

    Looks like that had a bunch of MMEars that needed to be sold.
    Slap a 24 logo on them, bada bing! Iger gets a bigger check.

  • Tinkbelle

    It’s nice that they have some live cams running. I’ve been checking them every now and then to see the crowd levels. Earlier I saw a couple dressed like Ariel and Eric walking with a couple of pirates through Cars Land. It looks like there are quite a few people in costume. I hope Dateline gets pictures.