Last week we were chillin’ at Blizzard Beach, but now it’s time to get swept away!  Typhoon Lagoon is the second Walt Disney World water park, and it’s every bit as packed as its sister park.

Child’s Play

As I mentioned last week, Blizzard Beach would be my pick for most family friendly, but Typhoon Lagoon doesn’t leave out the kiddies.  Ketchakiddee Creek is the spot for little ones not braving the slides, but  at nine years old, my niece was a little bored in the area.  The then six year old, however, enjoyed the area but he also didn’t balk when we moved on.


Older kids and grown-ups alike may enjoy the Shark Reef which gives swimmers a chance to glide through a reef filled with fish, rays and sharks, oh my!  Snorkels and masks are free of charge for the short jaunt through the reef.  I personally thought this was a great attraction, especially for the kids, and it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to on our upcoming trip!


Get Park Wise: Don’t forget to laze around Castaway Creek, Typhoon Lagoon’s version of a water park staple, a lazy river.  My littles spend a good part of their afternoon just winding around the creek.

Slide Into Fun

While not as daring as Summit Plummet over in Blizzard Beach, the Typhoon Lagoon slides do pack a little punch.  Crush ‘n’ Gusher, the parks headlining water coaster, sends you careening through one of three slides aboard an innertube.  Also rolling down the side of Mt. Mayday is Humunga Kowabunga featuring a five story drop!  If you’re lagooning with friends, this park features a group raft ride, as well, in Gangplank Falls.  The Falls, in my opinion, doesn’t hold a candle to Teamboat Springs but is a fun ride if you have little ones in the family who are apprehensive about slides.  There are a few other options on the mountain if any of these don’t catch your attention.


Get Park Wise: Make sure your swimsuit is free of buckles, rivets or any type of exposed metal, as these are not allowed on Walt Disney World water park slides.

Catch A Wave

Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool definitely blows Blizzard Beach’s equivalent out of the water.  Boasting six foot waves fit for a surfer, this pool is lots of fun and literally keeps you on your toes.  While tubes can be used at Blizzard Beach, all you have is yourself to hold onto at the Surf Pool, so I definitely recommend only those with tested water skills brave the deep.


Get Park Wise: The waves at the Surf Pool are definitely not gentle.  If you have little ones you are interested in the waves, be sure to keep a close eye (and probably a hand) on them at all times if they’re going in past their ankles.  Forceful water and non-swimmers (not to mention a rough pool floor) are not a great combo.

This and That

Again, the food, while not bad at all, is mostly of the counter service variety.  As at the other water park, coolers are allowed if you’d like to bring in lunch or snacks, but glass containers and alcohol isn’t.  If you purchased a refillable mug at Blizzard Beach, it can be used at Typhoon Lagoon with the purchase of a new bar code sticker (and vice versa).


Get Park Wise: Lockers are available here, too, if you need to store your cooler during the day.

Typhoon Lagoon also takes a few months to refresh herself and may not be open during your trip.  Late fall tends to see the doors gates close at this water park, so be sure to check before you load the family and head over to swim.


Rentals are available at Typhoon Lagoon (and Blizzard Beach) ranging from premium beach chair space (which includes two chairs, an umbrella, towels and a small table) to a cabana complete with refillable mug, cooler and cabana attendant.  Reservations can be made by calling 407-WDW-PLAY or inquiring at the park.

What are your favorite things to do at Typhoon Lagoon?  Any tips?