Today’s update was supposed to be a full review of Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom – including photo’s, video’s and interviews – but unfortunately, the ride’s opening has been pushed back a week. That doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to share. And you can count on us to bring you full coverage of the new attraction just as soon as it opens.

The entry area for the ride looks ready. They’ve managed to keep the middle area open for people to watch the testing, which is a good thing.

The Daily Planet Newsstand appears ready

Paintball Alley has been re-purposed as the Lexcorp Weapons Training Facility. Apparently Lexcorp specializes in Sling Shots.

Instead of placing a statue or gaudy light, they’ve opted to keep the tree – which should provide shade for those opting not to ride.

The outside wall has been decorated with Lex Luthor/Lexcorp imagery

A closer look at the station. They’ve done a nice job considering the size constraints of the area.

The station as seen from the back side

You can see the water dummies on the ride, ready to drop

The queue door was open, which allowed us to get a shot of the inside.

Workers were still around doing touch-up work on the inside and outside.

The basket seen above the catch car is on both sides and is presumably for maintenance.

Directional signs pointing guests to Lex Luthor have also been placed around the park. This one is near Gold Rusher.

A flamboyant new stilt walking character was spotted in the park.

Apocalypse has some new advertising for the TNT series Falling Skies

This is appropriate advertising for the ride and really looks great

Wish they could re-do the pre-show with the cast of Falling Skies.

There is even a wrap on the trains

Colossus is also promoting a TNT show, the Great Escape

That should wrap it up for this week. Media Day for Lex Luthor Drop of Doom is scheduled for next Friday, July 6th. We will be bringing you all the festivities late Friday/early Saturday next week. Be sure to check out our reviews, news, photos and on-ride reactions to the tallest/fastest drop tower on the planet. Some of us are quite happy we have another week to mentally prepare for this ride. It may very well be a diaper inducing visit.

We still have info from Universal Studios and pics of recent
Halloween Horror Nights progress here.

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Finally we also had a great update from The Disneyland Resort on Friday

  • great update Gregg. But there is no way in hell I’m going to get on that drop ride. The one at Knott’s is too much for me. I’d probably die of a panic attack before even getting into the park. We’ll send you a box of Pampers. You’ll need them.

  • AstroBlaster

    I think it’s appropriate that it was delayed as Superman was delayed quite a bit before it opened. It was scheduled to open in 1996 but was delayed until March 1997.

  • Mike2D

    The poster of Lex Luthor looks a little bit like George Clooney.

  • Gregg Condon

    Thanks for the comments everybody.

    I was able to get video of the new ride testing today while enjoying the day at Hurricane Harbor.

  • MrsMonroe

    i want to get on that ride!!!!!

  • SpectroMan

    Thanks for doing the article…but yeah, the opening of this ride will not get me to SFMM. It amazes me all the hype surrounding it when we already did this with Freefall in the mid-80s and Supreme Scream in the 90s. Yes, I realize this is probably 2-3x as tall but drop rides are SO not new technology anymore. It would be like if Six Flags announced a new shuttle loop coaster (well, then again, yes I would come out for that 🙂 but you get my point.