Epcot Center 25th Anniversary Gallery and Museum Part 4

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Epcot’s Salute to the American Adventure

Epcot’s 30th Anniversary is fast approaching and the plans laid out this year seem to focus on a moderately expensive (depending on the ticket price), short-lived and limited event. Back in 2007, Disney was surprised by the online community’s rally to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the park. They quickly created the gallery and museum that was around for a little more than a year.

Before we stroll up to the fourth installment of our look at the Epcot Center 25th Anniversary Gallery and Museum, I wanted to share a few photos provided by Ryan Wilson from the Main Street Gazette. He had two current shots of the exterior, including the timeline.

From what I understand, the room is being used to store Segways.

The American Adventure

Finally through those early mists of uncertainty sailed the first great adventurers. This tiny ship is the Mayflower. Carrying pilgrims in search of their dream, a dream of religious freedom. So if you’ll pardon an old man’s pride, for me, this is the beginning of the American Adventure.

The American Adventure
Located in the center of World Showcase is the host pavilion, The American Adventure. Inside the graceful Georgian-style mansion is “The American Adventure,” a show hosted by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, that takes you on a journey through American history using Audio-Animatronics, film and special effects.

The American Gardens Theater is a showcase for special entertainment events and visiting tour groups. A wide-variety of souvenirs and memorabilia with the American theme can be found ain heritage Manor Gifts. The Liberty Inn is an American-style eatery.

Celebrating Epcot’s 30th Anniversary!


Herbert Ryman created this concept sketch to illustrate the idea for the Spirits of America statues in The American Adventure finale scene. From there, small sculptures called maquettes are created to work out the fine details for the look of the statues. an interior elevation with samples helps define the look for the theatre to team members.

Carefully researched and sculpted busts by Walt Disney Imagineer Blaine Gibson are the first step to bringing historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Fredrick Douglass to life as Audio-Animatronics figures for the American Adventure.


Imagineering artists, like John Horny, help add detail and color to dimensional models like this one. Scale models help designers work out architectural details, site lines, exterior colors, massing, and relationships to adjacent structures.

The American Adventure was one of the pavilions in the museum that had the scale model on display.

The following is a personal shot is from 1985 and I like it because you can see the size of the show building and the bump out that holds part of the mechanical equipment for the show.

Looking for a great book celebrating Epcot?

Walt Disney’s EPCOT by Richard Beard is a must-have book for any Epcot or theme park fan. There are tons of concept artwork, paintings and scale models. Be on the the lookout, there are three versions of the book!

Special thanks to Brian Martsolf (of Mousin’ It Up and Walt Disney World: a History in Postcards) for the use of his photos.

What would you like to see Disney to to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot?

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  • mratigan

    What they need to do is make a museum of WDW at the resort in downdown Disney
    And same here at DLR

    • Jeff Heimbuch

      That sounds like an excellent idea!

      OR, let us into the archives. Either one!

    • George Taylor

      I wonder if people visit One Man’s Dream enough to quantify the need for a larger historical museum/gallery. I would love to see one, but I can’t imagine Disney trying to hard to appease the nerdier niche.

  • BassBone

    Sorry to be nitpicky, but his name was Frederick Douglass, with two ‘S’es. It’s a minor thing, but he’s such an important figure in the history of civil rights in the US, that he should be honored correctly.

    • George Taylor

      Thanks! I corrected the name.

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