We all know that there are two Haunted Mansions in two individual Magic Kingdoms. Some say that one is better than the other and visa-versa. So, in this episode, we ask the question: Creepy California or Frightening Florida? Cast your eerie vote in the comments section and find out who wins in the next episode!

This looks rather innocent; just another webshow on MiceChat. But there’s a twist: this webshow is HAUNTED! Based on the classic Disneyland attraction, join 999 of your closest friends as they scare you right out of your pants… or not.

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  • eicarr

    I was frightened the first time I visited the Florida one by six flags-like neighboring Liberty Sqaure area. It didn’t properly set the ghotly mood, but prepared me for future horrors like Disney/MGM and DCA 1.0. The creepy ornate vibe of New Orleans Square enhanced the experience as you visit the creepy California plantation on the outskirts of New Orleans on your way to the critter(Cajun) country. Walking through Liberty square to the ’70’s rocky horror picture show house with screaming kids playing on pre ride cue games does not get me in the mood like the surroundings of the old west haunted house in the cool Paris version.

  • Carrie317

    I wish you guys would have included Phantom Manor. That version is by far the creepiest of all of them.

  • Imagineer45

    I do not find either scary, but the Florida one is probably scarier.

  • Susan Hughes

    My vote goes for Disneyland’s because it’s haunted.