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Published on June 29, 2012 at 11:23 pm with 5 Comments

It’s the weekend before Independence Day, and we thought it would be appropriate and fun to celebrate with some images of a classic and patriotic Disneyland parade.

These oversized color photo cards of Disney’s “America on Parade” Bicentennial were sold in the Park between 1975 and 1976. The publisher and distributer are not known. All these cards are copyrighted © Walt Disney Productions.

There are eight cards in this set, not counting the variations, numbering from 0111-0590A through 0111-590H. These were sold as a package of eight and were inside a plastic package with printing on the outside. Measuring 5-3/4″ by 9″, these cards are actual pictures of the Bicentennial parade .

Special thanks to Ken Eslick for providing these images. View more at DisneylandPostcards.net.









We hope you enjoyed the historic look at Disney’s America on Parade. Patriotic and kitschy fun. How many of you have memories of this parade?

That’s not all folks, we have another installment of Weekend Update for you on Sunday and there will be four new articles for you to read on the site. So please remember to check back with us throughout the day and every day. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • indianajack

    Those are wonderful looking floats, nicely majestic and regal. Makes me miss PoD. The floats for CASP! and Soundsational are so cheap, metallic, uniform and lifeless. And I have to look forward to in parades is the Winter one now.

  • d que blog

    This parade brings several thoughts to mind.
    First, Those bobble head people are scary. Did people actually think those things were good? I guess back in that time period those were normal. But really? And why are Mickey, Minnie, etc, so small in comparison?
    Second, Are those floats tall or what? I have no comparison, but they seem to be even taller than those that were used for Parade of Dreams a few years back. How tall is to tall? Then again, I guess they had to be tall to make those bobble heads look normal.
    Finally, Would we ever do a parade like this again? Patriatic, I mean. Over that past 20+ years our culture has become much less patriotic and more multi-cultural. Would the public ever accept something so old school?

  • Eagleman

    What a parade…the Best of all Disney all disney parade’s……….

  • DisWedWay

    These are all part of the portfolio of Disney Legend and Entertainment Director Bob F.Jani’s work from back then. He is most famouse for the Main Street Electrical Light Parade. I remember when he had an office at WED, and you could see float designs in the making . I would like to think we are even more patriotic today after what our country has gone through since those floats moved down Mainstreet America.

  • victoriaskitten

    I am so happy to see these pictures. How lucky to have these bring back memories of days gone by. Thank you! I especially like the eagle.